The Tourist

Release date 01 March 2023

Exploring the boundaries of love and desire through another man’s eyes

What if you could visit other men’s lives from within, and share their passion? Could you resist the temptation to push even further, and help shape those lives?

Meet Ace, a tourist, a wandering spirit who visits the bodies of others for entertainment and to explore his own desires. But when he enters the world of Dan and his lover, Ricky, two men in a relationship already plagued by jealousy and unspoken tensions, things take a dangerous turn.

As Ace encourages Dan to be more assertive, and Ricky to shake off his dark past, he starts to discover for himself what love can bring to a man’s life. But when his hosts’ newfound happiness is threatened by someone from that dark past, should Ace move on quickly, as he so often does – or should he use his very unique talents to protect the couple from harm?

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