SPEED KILLS…OR DOES IT? How to Write Fast(er) without Going Bonkers by Ruth Harris

This article is really worth sharing, and it raises many points that resonate with me. I know I *am* a perfectionist, and I don’t like to scramble through my writing when I *know* some of it will either be messy / inconsistent / out of order, or – horrors! – using poor word choices :).

But some of the best, and most effective, times I’ve had in writing have been when I’ve forced my way through that mental barrier and just concentrated on getting things down. I let myself sink into dialogue, I ignore all punctuation (it can be added in later!) and I often don’t even finish sentences – just enough to remind me where that character’s thought and/or action was going.

At least then I have the satisfaction of seeing the end of a project in sight – and before I run out of steam!


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