Lovely review for Boys in Brief

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Review from Lena at Rainbow Book Reviews:

This is an eclectic combination of short offerings by Clare London called ‘Boys in Brief.’ Each story shows couples in a unique situation, some of which may not work for everyone; but for those involved in these tales, they find a way. Some are humorous, some deadly serious and full of angst. Even with the characters’ trials and tribulations they find a way to endure; all the stories have messages and, of course, a happy ending. Thanks, Clare for this varied anthology reminding us that there is no “right” way to love.

Excerpts from the review:

… This is a bittersweet love story reminding us that the road to love is not always paved with hearts and flowers, but whatever hardships we endure are well worth the price, making our love shine so much brighter when there are two strong, equally committed partners.

…This story helps remind us that any time we need to make a decision, our special “voice” is only a thought away. We simply have to listen.

…’Deep Cover’ reminds us that the only way to be truly happy is to be ourselves, regardless of what anyone else expects. We can’t be “under cover”, settling for anything less. As the 1980 army slogan says: “Be All That You Can Be.”

…’Dressing Down’ is humorous and witty, yet has its serious parts as well. It shows us the importance of being original, not always relying on the same things in life if we want different results. We need to be different, unique sometimes, shake up the status quo. It also reminds us not to judge a person, especially the shy, quiet ones, who may not be so reserved after all.

…This story reminds us of an old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Gerald and Stephan need to heed this advice, just as we all do. Don’t change something that works; just go with it.



Great review for Flashbulb

flashbulbLove Bytes Reviews have given FLASHBULB a lovely review, including…

“…It’s a slow process but at least both Marc and Blythe are willing to work together to overcome the stress and nightmares left after the crash. Flight HA1710 has turned out to be an incredibly thought-provoking series of books and Flashbulb is another well written piece of the puzzle that I have no hesitation in recommending to everyone I know.”


Thanks to the site, and please drop in and read their other great reviews :).


FLASHBULB is available here:        button-smashwords

The OUCH of reader choice


I just had one of THOSE reviews on one of my books :(. Not a bad critique per se – I’ve had my fair share of those! – but one of those that dismisses the writing with the lowest rating and (in my opinion as author) a badly mistaken assessment of the themes.

I don’t think I’ve ever published anything that’s beyond the pale (though I may have written it in my fanfic days *g*). It’s a fantasy story, too, so some of our more realistic, modern-day standards and mores won’t apply anyway. But the reader hasn’t given me any leeway for that *sigh*.

I’m not blogging today for sympathy :), and I’m not weeping away over here. I’m just interested – again – at the interaction of the reading/writing world. I’ve actually just written a comment on someone else’s blog about how authors can’t and shouldn’t legislate for what readers ultimately choose / ignore / like / hate. And I totally support that free choice! I’m a reader as well.

But … OUCH :).

Note: I’m with friends this week, and they all said “oh, you must reply to the review and explain that’s not what the story meant…” but of course I know my Author Etiquette Handook well, and the chapter on Do Not Engage with Bad Reviews *lol*.

Sinfully Sexy Reviews Best of 2013 – your chance to vote!

SINFULLY SEXY BOOK REVIEWS is hosting their poll HERE!

From the site:
“This genre continues to amaze me on a daily basis, there are some incredibly talented authors that deliver outstanding works of fiction and 2013 has been another AMAZING year for us M/M readers.

The M/M Team, Mark, myself and our two Guest Reviewers Macky and Tina have compiled our favourites for 2013… to be revealed on 10th January. They are the books that moved us, made us laugh, cry, squirm, cringe and definitely in my case shouting more than a few expletives at my Kindle! We have all read those books that make us feel all is right with the world and the books that you can’t bare to turn the last page knowing the end is nigh, which is far more traumatic than the excitement of the conclusion and those darn books that you just can’t put down, then end up pulling an all-nighter… yeah… you know what I mean!!!

Well now it’s your turn… enter your favourites in the categories below and let us know which books and authors ROCKED YOUR WORLD in 2013. Then enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win an M/M Kindle ebook of your choice.”


Clare: You can enter your choices at the SSBR site for:

Favourite Book of 2013
Debut Author of 2013
Author of the Year 2013
Favourite Read of 2013
Favourite MC’s of 2013
Favourite Cover of 2013

I didn’t have a particularly prolific year so I’m not pimping this for my own sake (though my God, I had some kick-ass cover art! ) but please go along and vote if you have time or interest :).