The OUCH of reader choice


I just had one of THOSE reviews on one of my books :(. Not a bad critique per se – I’ve had my fair share of those! – but one of those that dismisses the writing with the lowest rating and (in my opinion as author) a badly mistaken assessment of the themes.

I don’t think I’ve ever published anything that’s beyond the pale (though I may have written it in my fanfic days *g*). It’s a fantasy story, too, so some of our more realistic, modern-day standards and mores won’t apply anyway. But the reader hasn’t given me any leeway for that *sigh*.

I’m not blogging today for sympathy :), and I’m not weeping away over here. I’m just interested – again – at the interaction of the reading/writing world. I’ve actually just written a comment on someone else’s blog about how authors can’t and shouldn’t legislate for what readers ultimately choose / ignore / like / hate. And I totally support that free choice! I’m a reader as well.

But … OUCH :).

Note: I’m with friends this week, and they all said “oh, you must reply to the review and explain that’s not what the story meant…” but of course I know my Author Etiquette Handook well, and the chapter on Do Not Engage with Bad Reviews *lol*.