Mind the Gap: life changes ahead!

The most recent update on my life is that I’m leaving work next week. Amicably and with mutual agreement. But totally. *Ulp*.

It’s due to a combination of my employer changing location, and also the structure of the company. I can’t face the central London commute anymore, plus the content of my role would have been less challenging/interesting. Not something that’ll work for me ^_~.

I’m a *tad* too young to take early retirement (*cough*) and so I have to help support the family and house and social life for a few more years. I have lots of plans in process, including more writing – more Clare London goodness, I hope! and the launch of my Accountancy for UK Authors service – Quids & Quills.

So far, I haven’t regretted the decision to leave for One Single Moment :). But I’m going to post here now and then about how it’s going.

*takes deep breath and steps off the diving board …*