Toothgate: the saga continues

katie-price-lipsNo, I *don’t* look like Katie Price – but I had the next stage of my tooth surgery yesterday and woke up this morning with my top lip swollen *just like this*!!! Do you think someone will offer me a glamour modelling job? (PLEASE, no answers on a postcard … *g*) Here comes a long ,self-indulgent post.

Anyway, the op went well, I was just unprepared for how much of an Op it was, and how it’ll take a few days for my mouth to recover. Meanwhile I’m determined not to miss meeting Melanie Tushmore, Kat Merikan, Agnes Merikan, Aleksandr Voinov, Anna Martin ( if I remember right) for lunch today. I may just have a bag over my head and a “drinking problem” when it dribbles down my chin…

For those who blanch at these things, ignore the details that follow I’m posting for posterity!
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Because I’m worth it? A new look!

mirror degas

I’ve got myself a New Look this year! I’m launching a new website on, including the home of my blog, though I’ll still be on Facebook for those who follow me there. And I’ll also be shamnelessly scattering my news and view on Facebook and Twitter and Amazon and Goodreads….etcetera :).

I just thought it was time for a change. With much-appreciated help from Alex Corza, I’ve moved to WordPress, streamlined some stuff, and am hoping for a new launch in 2014 :).

Please feel free to browse around though I still have the address running. Looks like it’ll take me a few weeks to get myself sorted and fully transferred.