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JMS new releases for Aug 30

New E-Book Releases for August 30, 2015

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TITLE: Desmond and Garrick Book 2
AUTHOR: Hayden Thorne
ISBN: 9781611528039
GENRE: Gay Historical Paranormal Young Adult Romance
LENGTH: 75,978 words
PRICE: $6.99


As the vain and self-absorbed poets continue their campaign of destruction in Dryden Abbey, Garrick finds himself struggling in the classroom, with increasingly distracted pupils eroding all of his hard work and reducing him to using all things dead and decaying in order to keep Desmond and Lavinia’s minds on their lessons.

Meanwhile, with Phillip Priestley’s unexpected appearance, Desmond’s world unravels as infatuation, lust, confusion, and revulsion drive him into wilder mood swings. Mr. Sherbourne’s coldly distant yet attractive presence in Dryden Abbey further complicates things, prompting Desmond to do something he never thought he’d ever do: reach out to unlikely allies for help.

In the midst of the wild goings on around them, Garrick and Desmond will realize that the chasm separating them as distinct species will not only teach them important lessons of understanding and acceptance, but also forge a stronger bond of friendship than they expecte d.

TITLE: Kindred Spirit
AUTHOR: Paul Alan Fahey
ISBN: 9781611528138
GENRE: Gay Historical Mystery Romance
LENGTH: 28,806 words
PRICE: $4.99


In the summer of 1944, Leslie Atwater — feeling abandoned by his lover Edward — rushes to London to enlist in the armed services. After failing the physical, he retreats to the sanctuary of St. Michael’s rectory and to the love and support of his brother Robert.

When a bomb explodes near St. Andrew’s Home for Boys, it unearths a skeleton of an adolescent. As Leslie, Edward, and Robert set about identifying the remains, the shocking discovery stirs up an old antagonism between the two brothers and brings to light a string of repressed memories for Leslie.

With the truth obscured by the passage of years, can Leslie and Edward sift through the lies and subterfuge to track down the coldhearted killer of a kindred spirit?

TITLE: Space, Man
AUTHOR: Sharon Maria Bidwell
ISBN: 9781611528121
GENRE: Gay Science Fiction Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 21,873 words
PRICE: $4.99


Whoever said space was cold, never found love from the stars …

Some people never learn. This is the tune playing once again in Alex Beaumont’s head when he sees a vision in white attracting odd glances in the quiet little seaside resort of Padstow. He came to get away from it all, to bury himself in work, to forget every man he ever falls for eventually needs to get away … from him.

Adrift in the universe, Mani searches for a place to call home. The planet he finds is cold and inhospitable, not at all what he was expecting. He feels lost and alone, until a stranger’s smile warms him. And with that smile comes another kind of heat, one he’s never before experienced.

Love is not what Alex ever imagined it to be. They say space is infinite, but the distance between what Alex wants and what he has experienced romantically seems to be growing … until now. Like a shooting star, he’s about to fall long and hard. Will he crash and burn, or find the love he’s always dreamed of when looking at the night sky?

NOTE: This story has been edited and significantly expanded from the version originally released in 2007.



The Heat Wave hits at JMS Books!


July Marks Our 5 Year Anniversary!
We’re publishing a multi-author Heat Wave series.
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TITLE: Heat Wave: Manheim
AUTHOR: Feral Sephrian
ISBN: 9781611528206
GENRE: Gay Romance
LENGTH: 19,731 words
PRICE: $3.99
PURCHASE EBOOKThe start of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire means Wes can finally get back to his seasonal job and distract himself from his recent messy break-up. There’s plenty for him to think about at the Faire, such as his role as a wandering flower merchant, the overwhelming August heat, and Carlo, who plays a handsome knight.

Carlo is the exact opposite of Wes’s ex, Phillip, who won’t let their relationship die easily. The young knight is sweet and caring and chivalrous, but Wes has sworn to himself he’s not ready to jump back into dating yet.

When Carlo collapses off his horse during a joust, Wes has to confront his own feelings for his new friend, as well as Phillip’s constant attempts to win him back.

TITLE: Heat Wave: Sunapee
AUTHOR: Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk
ISBN: 9781611528114
GENRE: Lesbian Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 15,426 words
PRICE: $3.99


Nicole never really came out as a lesbian to her friends, family, and colleagues, and now her relationship with Katie is on the rocks. Katie is tired of being a “dirty secret” and moves out of their shared apartment on a hot Friday in August. Devastated, Nicole goes to her grandmother’s farm on the shores of Lake Sunapee, a safe place where she spent happy summer holidays as a child.

Nicole hopes for a quiet weekend to reflect, but between her gran’s new lodger, the sexy redhead Melissa, and Sally and Bud, two of Nicole’s childhood friends, she is quickly roped into an evening’s entertainment at the Lodge Saturday evening. Her well-meaning friends try to fix her up with a guy, and in the heat of the moment she blurts out she is a lesbian.

Havoc ensues. But in a conversation with her grandmother, Nicole begins to understand her secret hasn’t been hidden as well as she thought, and she learns she isn’t the first lesbian in her family.

With the new sense o f freedom that comes from being true to herself, she has only one thing to wish for, and that is to reach Katy and make amends. But is it too late?

TITLE: Heat Wave: Tuscaloosa
AUTHOR: Jeff Adams
ISBN: 9781611528329
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 17,694 words
PRICE: $3.99


Ethan is a grad student stuck in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for the summer. Though he’s thrilled about his teaching assistant position at the university, he’s not at all excited about the record-breaking heat wave plaguing the area.

In the midst of an oppressively hot summer night, Ethan meets fellow grad student Marcus. While their initial encounters are scorching, can two busy students have more than a heated seasonal fling? Or could it be the beginning of something that will last beyond the stormy southern nights?

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More JMS Books Dec releases – for your 2014 reading!

Here’s hoping you’re all enjoying the holiday period – and what better way than to settle in with a good book?!
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Dec 29-31 releases: WEEK #5 :


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