Big Gay Fiction Giveaway – open til May 29

What can I say? Over 80 FREE BOOKS to download at this season’s Big Gay Fiction Giveaway, including my own FLASHBULB. There are novels, novellas, short stories and excerpts – all in your favourite genre – and the giveaway lasts for a whole week, May 22-29.

Off you go shopping!

Most of them will ask you to sign up for the author’s newsletter, but I don’t see that as a hardship – I love reading about new releases in the comfort and leisure of my own inbox, and I’ve discovered many new favourites through these campaigns.


Note to people already on my mailing list – you can still download the book, and you won’t be harrassed with double-mailings from my every time I send a newsletter LOL. Just request the book as usual at Instafreebie with your email address and choice of format, and if you’re already on my mailing list, MailChimp will cleverly realise that, and NOT add you again.

The wonders of technology, eh?!