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The Not Your Usual Suspects blog is proud – excited? stunned? – to see we’ve had 250,000 hits since we started up! We’re so pleased our readers enjoy visiting our blog posts. We like to share writing craft, news, comment and pride in both our own books and our beloved Romantic Suspense genre.


This week we’ll be featuring a selection of delicious and delightful excerpts from our books.

Enjoy the reads and hopefully you’ll discover new and exciting authors for your To Read list.

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Teaser… or Spoiler? What’s YOUR preference?

Please drop in at Prism Book Alliance: Outside the Margins this week for my monthly post.

This month, I’m considering the relationship and overlap between a Teaser and a Spoiler in our book blurbs. Pop on over and let me know what – and how much *g* – you prefer.



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Dear Alex featured at Sinfully…’s Quick Bites


☆ Monday’s M/M Quick Bites and Giveaway ☆

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We have four great Quick Bites to brighten up the start of your week from Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow, Clare London, Kim Dare and Josh Lanyon. Don’t forget you can can also enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a Kindle eBook of your choice from this weeks Quick Bites.



Show me the Money! my monthly post at Outside the Margins

Please drop in at Prism Book Alliance: Outside the Margins this week for my monthly post. This month, I’m bandying about facts and figures about an author’s income – and concluding that most of us most definitely DON’T write for the money 🙂

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SPEED KILLS…OR DOES IT? How to Write Fast(er) without Going Bonkers by Ruth Harris

This article is really worth sharing, and it raises many points that resonate with me. I know I *am* a perfectionist, and I don’t like to scramble through my writing when I *know* some of it will either be messy / inconsistent / out of order, or – horrors! – using poor word choices :).

But some of the best, and most effective, times I’ve had in writing have been when I’ve forced my way through that mental barrier and just concentrated on getting things down. I let myself sink into dialogue, I ignore all punctuation (it can be added in later!) and I often don’t even finish sentences – just enough to remind me where that character’s thought and/or action was going.

At least then I have the satisfaction of seeing the end of a project in sight – and before I run out of steam!

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Spotlight and Free copy of my new release!




Come over to the Queer Town Abbey online magazine today where I’m being spotlighted (it’s not painful, honest!). Find out who’s really in charge of my writing process, why I especially fond of Lord Peter Winsey, and what would be the title of The Book of My Life!

And there’s a GIVEAWAY too! Join the draw for a free download of my new release NO ANGEL, due out at Amber Allure on June 15.

NoAngel250BLURB: Felix’s life is full, juggling a supportive homelife for his disabled brother, a job as a care home assistant, a brand new boyfriend – and now he’s had his arse pinched by a lewd gay ghost on the late night bus!

If only that were the end of it. But Bryn the ghost follows him home and wheedles himself into Felix’s life. That includes sharing his shameless opinions on the patronising way Felix treats his brother, on how Felix should eat more food and put some flesh on his bones, and – worst of all – exactly how Felix should be getting down to it with his seriously sexy new boyfriend Mickey! And in between all that, Bryn finds time to leer at Felix himself and make outrageous suggestions on what they’d be doing if Bryn wasn’t … well … ghostly.

Felix considers he’s a tolerant guy. But the last thing he needs now is to get wrapped up in the mystery of a missing teenage girl, the inhabitants of a local squat, and conversations with a fire-and-brimstone old preacher. However, with a nudge or six from Bryn, the help of his brother Patrick, and some cosy loving from Mickey – Felix starts to wonder how he ever thought his life was busy before!

UK Meet-ers chatting at Love Romances Cafe TODAY!


Come on over to LOVE ROMANCES CAFE Yahoo Group and meet the UK Meet team TODAY!

Ask Clare, Charlie, Jo, Liam and Jamie all those burning questions!

What’s the UK Meet? Who are you all? Can I come?

What are you working on? What’s your latest / sexiest / spookiest / most loved release?

And when you run out of questions – our fabulous hostess Dawn will have a few more to keep us occupied and you entertained!