Sparks Fly – Chapter 9

Nic felt himself slipping off the side of the couch. His right foot was caught under one of the cushions, and his left shirt cuff was tangled around his wrist. He twisted himself back up, half-laughing, and huffing, until he squashed up against the arm. He wanted to coax Aidan toward the bedroom and a more comfortable setting, but Aidan couldn’t keep his hands off him, couldn’t stop kissing and caressing him.

Nic thought he might just lie back and enjoy it instead.

“You look so good, so damn good, I want to feel it all….” Aidan’s hands were fumbling with the buttons of his own shirt, so Nic reached up to help him pull it off. The chest underneath was just as he’d imagined it, in the dark of the night—and then some. The slightest trail of hair down between the nipples, and further down over a taut belly, skin a smooth, darker, creamy hue. Muscles to die for. No, to live for…. Nic groaned loudly. Couldn’t help himself.

“You like this?” Aidan was smiling—miracle of miracles!—his lips at Nic’s nipple, licking and nibbling and flicking it with his tongue. He was lying half on top of Nic, his own legs cramped up at the other end of the couch. “The sounds you make…” he grunted. “Are you always this noisy? In the cloakroom, when you came… you called my name.”

Nic couldn’t remember being embarrassed like this since high school. “Ah. Yeah. About that night….” Did he need to apologize for the scene in the cloakroom? Hadn’t Aidan been pretty fucking eager himself? But he was finding it fucking hard to concentrate on anything except the shivers of pleasure all over his skin. After a clumsy start, Aidan was growing in confidence and in greed. His kisses were all over Nic’s naked chest, his fingers carding through his hair. Nic could feel the hot skin so close to his own, the low voice in his ear. His cock was rock hard and straining at his pants.

“It was good, Nic,” came Aidan’s whisper of reply, through the fog of his desire. “The best feeling I ever had. I wanted you so much, so much….” His voice was hoarse. “I was a prick, I know. And this isn’t about that night. It’s about much more than that. It’s about the last year—ever since I met you, first worked for you. I’ve always wanted you….”

“Uhhhn.” Nic was struggling with coherency and the pain of his swollen erection inside his too-tight, formal pants. “I can’t believe this.”

“Believe it,” Aidan hissed, and he suddenly pulled away.

Huh? All Nic could hear was his own harsh breath, which he didn’t seem to be entirely in control of. He lay back, watching with amazed delight as Aidan balanced up on his knees on the cushions and hooked his fingers into the waistband of his pants. “Show me the goods,” Nic whispered mischievously.

Aidan’s eyebrows rose and he tugged the waistband down a couple of inches. The button to his fly popped open and Nic had a quick, tantalizing view below his navel of a thin, dark line of hair running even further down to the bush below, to the sight that Nic was panting for.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned.

Aidan stared intently at Nic’s face, as if he might see there the answers he wanted—the reassurance he was looking for. He tugged again at his pants, and the zip slid down, releasing the fly completely. “Touch me, Nic.”

When Nic reached a hand out to his chest, he flinched. But only for a second. Then he grasped Nic’s wrist and pulled it tight against his skin.

“Jesus.” Remember to breathe, Nic urged himself. “You are so damned fine.” Aidan’s torso was tight with muscle and tension, with a thin, glittering sheen of sweat. Smooth over his pecs, and as strong as Nic could ever have dreamed. He splayed his hand across a nipple, his tanned fingers contrasting with Aidan’s skin. He’d had that frustrating glimpse of Aidan at his apartment the day he’d called on him, but this was another world entirely. Nic felt desire running ice-fire fingertips over his nerve ends. Everywhere….

Gently, he massaged Aidan, feeling the muscles, pressing his fingertips into Aidan’s flesh. He moved his hands slowly but steadily down Aidan’s body, down to the stomach, to the hips. Aidan looked nervous, but Nic felt the goose bumps of response spring up under his touch. Aidan’s heart hammered under his ribs: his sharp intake of breath vibrated through Nic’s fingertips.

“Good?” Nic whispered.

Aidan nodded, eyes hooded. “Very good. Give me more.”

Nic’s throat went dry. “How much more? What do you want from me, Aidan?”


But Nic persisted. He had to be sure—he needed Aidan to be sure. He knew this was critical. “You… I kind of thought you weren’t in the market for a relationship. For…” Nic winced, but he knew no other word that described what he meant clearly enough. “For fucking. That you didn’t do guys just for fun.”

Aidan shook his head impatiently. He pushed Nic’s hand lower. “I don’t do guys, whatever that ridiculous phrase really means, and not just for fun. But I want to do this guy. You.”  His impatience was growing; Nic could see him frowning again, biting at that soft, succulent lip. “Come on, Nic, don’t tease. I want to see you, without the pants. I want to do what we did in the cloakroom, again. But properly.”

Nic found himself pressed back again, against the side of the couch, Aidan’s mouth back on his, sucking and nipping. Aidan tugged at his own pants and briefs, pulling them down until they pooled around his ankles: he impatiently kicked them off the couch and away across the floor.

Fuck. Nic gazed at Aidan, now almost fully naked. His own cock throbbed at the sight of him. Aidan’s body was magnificent: slender and taut, his hips narrow and his legs long, and his cock was already fiercely erect, jutting out from his groin. There was a drop of pre-cum shining at the tip. It was a good size, though in a less volatile time, Nic would have smiled mischievously and said he’d rarely known one that was bad. But tonight, Aidan’s body was something new to him, something he wanted badly—something he knew was a gift to him.

He was desperately excited by it.

Aidan shifted awkwardly on the couch, his cock bobbing against Nic’s leg. A silvery thread of pre-cum snagged on the hairs of Nic’s thigh. Aidan scrambled to kick off his socks and shoes so that he was completely stripped, then he reached out for Nic’s waistband. He started pulling down the fine pants.

Nic winced as the fabric jerked and snagged on his painfully sensitive cock. “Hey, hold up a minute—”

Aidan didn’t.

With a yelp, Nic grabbed his wrist. “Wait, I said. You’re so aggressive!”

Aidan jerked back immediately, a stricken look on his face. “God. I’m sorry! I didn’t think—it’s unforgivable. Nic, I want you so badly.” Panic sparked in his dilated pupils. “You want me to go.”

“Christ, no! That’s not what I meant.” Nic looked into the fevered eyes of the suddenly frightened Aidan and he knew he had to let him have his way, at least this time. Or he might lose him forever. “It’s all right, I’m not going to break, am I? I’m okay with it, come here.”

With a firm touch, where Aidan had been rough, Nic pulled the other man back toward him, running his hands down as far as he could reach. Over the heaving chest, the tight skin of his hips. “Come to me, come here, it’s okay…”

It was like teasing back a frightened animal. Aidan moaned softly, both tense and eager in his arms. Nic slipped a hand behind Aidan’s back and squeezed his ass. Damned fine ass, as well! “Now,” he murmured. “Now is good. Do it.”

Aidan’s fingers peeled down the zipper of Nic’s pants more carefully, but his enthusiasm was as strong. This time, Nic let him wrench down the cloth, sliding it over his hips and thighs, boxers and all. He wriggled out of them, and fell back on the cushions, naked and aching. He gazed up at Aidan.

For a second, neither of them said or did anything. They just looked at each other’s bodies—amazed, delighted. Hungry, Nic thought. Aidan gave him one wide-eyed, tentative look, and then he leaned forward, his lips back on Nic’s chest, teasing the bony line of ribs, suckling at the nipples like before. But now both men were fully naked, and Nic could feel every hair on Aidan’s arm, every bone in his leg, every muscle in his back. He arched up underneath Aidan, grasping at his shoulders.

Damn, that feels good!”

Aidan smiled against Nic’s skin. “You taste good.” He anchored himself, hands on Nic’s hips, and began to lap his way down to his groin.

Nic’s hand wavered at his head. “Shit, Aidan, I won’t last long if you keep this up.”

“I want to suck you off, Nic. I want more of it.”

“Am I stopping you?” Nic bleated. Aidan’s desire was almost overwhelming, and if Nic had been in a less emotional state, he might have protested; tried to contribute more. But Aidan’s face was between his thighs, nuzzling his balls, and he was rather awkwardly rammed up against the furniture. Nic knew when he was beaten. He reached for the soft, wild hair on Aidan’s head, and guided him firmly to his crotch.

The next few minutes were a glorious, chaotic whirl. Nic reveled in the inexpressible delight of Aidan’s hot mouth, plunging straight down over his cock. He felt the warm cavern engulf him; clutch at him. He tried to speak and couldn’t do anything other than groan, though he did that with gusto. Aidan’s strong grip held his hips down, and he strained to thrust back into Aidan’s mouth. It was all too quick, too sweet, before the orgasm began racing uncontrollably from his groin up to the head of his cock. Aidan sucked, and licked, and as his fingers crept greedily around the base of Nic’s cock, roughly disturbing his swelling balls, Nic surrendered entirely with a shout of joyous agony. His back bowed, his head went back, and the cum spurted hotly out of him into Aidan’s waiting, hungry mouth.

Aidan! Dear God in heaven—!”

He hadn’t come so hard, or so quickly, in years.

Nic almost clung to Aidan for help walking to the bedroom, where they collapsed down together on the large, luxurious bed. The air was still charged with the tension of the last half hour; the confessions; the mutual understanding—and then the blinding passion they’d felt.

And Nic was fully aware that Aidan hadn’t come yet. When Aidan reached for his hand, he let him lift Nic’s limp palm, and draw it over to his groin. Nic grinned lazily, wrapping his fingers around the warm flesh of Aidan’s dick, throbbing with need; damp already with sweat and the pale, sticky pre-cum.

“Touch me,” Aidan hissed.

Like before, it was almost an order, not a request. Nic wasn’t bothered either way—he was going to do it regardless. He rolled onto his side, facing Aidan and supported on one elbow. Then he flexed his fingers, and fisted them around the hot, angry arousal as gently yet firmly as he could. He could feel it pulse under his fingers—he could feel the ridge of vein along its side. Aidan’s cock was big and filled Nic’s palm just perfectly. He pumped slowly; languorously.

But he should have realized that was never going to be enough. Aidan laid his hand on top of Nic’s and pressed insistently down over his careful grip.

“Harder, Nic. I want it harder! You won’t hurt me either.”

Nic watched shudders of excitement run up Aidan’s body as he started to pump more vigorously. He was fascinated. Thrilled! This whole experience was like nothing he’d ever experienced. He felt wild, out of control, yet he trusted that Aidan knew what he was doing, and that had to be good enough for him. He’d do anything to have this man, he realized.

Aidan was groaning loudly, his hips bucking up and his cock thrusting through Nic’s fist. He reached for Nic’s hair, twisting the longer strands around his wrist, getting better purchase. Nic ignored the painful tug to his scalp, allowing his head to be pulled nearer.

“Kiss me now.” Aidan moved closer to Nic, his cock still sheathed tightly in Nic’s hand, and he ran his free hand over Nic’s hip. He was insistent; demanding. Nic wriggled closer still, his own cock already stirring back to life at the touch of Aidan’s skin. He draped a leg over Aidan’s thigh and met Aidan’s tongue with his own, attacking his mouth again.

And then Nic felt Aidan’s hand reaching down to his ass, his grip on Nic’s cheek. As Nic’s fist tightened, Aidan caressed Nic’s ass: his fingers slipped in between the cheeks, began probing—gently yet eagerly—at his puckered hole. Excitement and desire swelled in Nic like a wave, and his erection was suddenly as keen as an early morning need. Instinctively, he spread his legs wider over Aidan’s body, and his whisper was hoarse with need. “Do you want me? Do you want to be in me?”

Aidan was gazing at him through heavily lidded eyes, and by some force of will that Nic would never have believed possible, he pulled away from Nic’s hand. Instead, he lifted his fingers to his mouth and he sucked them in. Nic saw the silvery trail of saliva as he drew them out again; imagined where they were going next. He shuddered.

“Please, Aidan….”

“Yes. Soon.” With a soft sound that was somewhere between a moan and a groan, Aidan reached again behind Nic’s back, under his buttocks, and pressed a wet finger firmly into him.

Oh, fuck! Nic flinched, but then the shock was over, it was fantastic and he wanted so much more. He pushed his ass into Aidan’s palm, to let him know he was willing.

And then Aidan paused. Nic gazed into his face, neck twisted awkwardly, every nerve aching, but suddenly concerned. “You want to stop?”

“No.” Aidan growled, his eyes suddenly averted. “God, no.”

“Look at me,” Nic panted. Aidan lifted his eyes, it seemed with an effort. “You sure about this? We don’t have to rush anything. You sure you want to do it? Do you really want me—like this?”

You want it…”

“Yeah,” Nic rasped, his heart hammering, his breath harsh in his throat. “I do. But not if you’re not ready.”

Aidan’s hands were shaking. His gaze was fixed on Nic’s body, flickering from his chest, to his groin, then back up again. “I want you so badly, it’s a physical pain. But—it’s been a long while. I don’t know how… if I…”

“A long while?”

Aidan groaned. “I haven’t had sex for months, Nic. You… I want to take you so hard, I won’t last any time at all. And I don’t want to hurt you.”

Even as he spoke, his finger was probing, curling inside Nic so that it teased at Nic’s prostate. Nic gasped aloud with every pure, agonizing stroke. “Jesus, like I said, I’m not fragile. Do whatever feels comfortable for you. I really don’t mind.”

And now Aidan met his eyes. He looked unconvinced.

“I don’t lie, Aidan,” Nic said, more softly. Pleadingly. “Don’t leave me aching like this.”

“I believe you.” Aidan’s voice sounded strangled. “But you’re so good… the best thing I’ve ever seen. I just….”

His words trailed away, but Nic’s patience was wearing thin. He wriggled impatiently against Aidan’s hand: he reached his mouth to Aidan’s shoulder, and nipped the skin less than gently. “Do it,” he whispered huskily.

Aidan sucked in his breath. “Turn over.”

Nic rolled over eagerly onto his stomach. Aidan ran his hand down his spine, running his nails over the naked skin, not hurting but provoking. Nic sank deeper into the soft bedding. “Do I have to beg?” he groaned, his voice muffled against the cool, cotton pillows. “Who’s teasing now? Top drawer—there’s condoms, lube.” He hauled himself up onto hands and knees, and looked back over his shoulder.

Aidan’s hair fell forward over his forehead but the dark, fierce eyes still glinted out from underneath. He fumbled for the foil packet and the bottle in the drawer beside the bed. For a moment, he sat back on his heels, holding the stuff in his hands. He stared at Nic as if wondering how on earth he had ended up here—like this.


“Your ass,” Aidan said hoarsely. “Fucking work of art.”

Nic choked back a laugh. “Hurry.” He stole a glance down at Aidan’s cock. It hung heavily between Aidan’s thighs, thick with need. A viscous bead of cum slid from its slit, and dropped onto the sheets. Nic licked his lips as he watched Aidan slide on the condom and cover it with a generous layer of lube.

“Come on.” Did he sound too pushy? He didn’t care.

On his knees, Aidan wriggled between Nic’s spread legs, pushing them further apart. He gripped Nic’s waist with one hand and with the other he spread his buttocks. And, leaning against Nic’s body, bowed over him, he pressed his cock through the tight ring of his asshole.

“Yes,” Nic gasped. “Shit, Aidan!” Aidan was big, and despite being more than eager for him, Nic hadn’t really been prepared enough physically. And he was shocked by the force. It had been a while since he’d had a guy top him. “H-hang on…”

Aidan stilled immediately, pressed to his back. Nic marveled at what control that must have taken, for he could feel Aidan’s cock hard and fierce inside him, and he could imagine how badly he wanted to start thrusting.

“I hurt you?”

“No…” Nic swallowed hard, shifting his lower body on the bed. Only half a lie. “I’m… adjusting. Go on.”

“No way!”

“I said, go on. Fuck me, Aidan. As hard as you want!”

Aidan gave a small cry, his voice muffled in Nic’s hair, and Nic knew that any control his lover had was now lost. He leaned back against Aidan’s chest to encourage him, and Aidan pushed up, sinking into Nic until his balls nudged against Nic’s thighs. Nic felt himself stretching and filling, the vibration of Aidan’s thrust through his body, the answering ripple of ecstasy in his groin. Aidan pulled out, but pushed back in immediately, even harder if possible, and from his groans, Nic knew that his orgasm was near. Aidan thrust again, and twice again, hand twisted almost cruelly in Nic’s hair, pulling his head back. Nic felt the breath squeezed from him, as Aidan’s other hand snaked around and clutched his chest.

Aidan was sheathed so deeply in him that Nic felt he was melded to him, that they’d become one body. And then Aidan reached down to Nic’s own cock, grown back to a full, aching erection. Strong fingers grasped him and pumped fiercely.

“Shit!” Nic knew he could be so much more articulate, but just right now… oh, God.

“Nic, I’m coming,” Aidan grunted into his back. “C-come with me.”

“Aidan, not again, so soon, I can’t—” But maybe he could, he realized to his aching amazement, and anyway, he didn’t think Aidan was listening to him now. Aidan’s hips were crushed against his ass, fingertips clutching and marking Nic’s soft flesh. He was climaxing up inside Nic with a succession of jerky movements, and a deep keening issued from his throat, a moan of ecstasy that both their bodies were singing to.

Who’s the noisy one now? thought Nic with wild amusement, his mind reeling, his vision blurring into shards of white light. He heard a yell of agonized delight and realized it was his own. His legs almost gave out: he was only held up by Aidan’s strong arms as he shook, and the cum spat out of him over the sheets below.

Whatever you want, Aidan, he cried to himself, shuddering, unable to utter any real words. I’m all yours!

“Stay the night.”

“I can’t… I have work to do. Nic, I was a disappointment, I know—”

“Stay the night.”

“No. Look, I was too fast, too aggressive, you said so yourself….”

“Aidan.” Nic sighed. “Shut up. It was fucking fantastic.” He should sound more forceful, should be more eloquent, but his energy levels were wrecked. In the most perfect way, of course.

“Too fast….”

“Never. Not when there’s plenty of time for more.” Nic smirked, his eyelids drooping. “Plenty of time to practice, eh?” He rolled over slightly, to gaze into Aidan’s troubled eyes. Satisfied—but troubled. “Please shut up,” he murmured, softening it with a smile. “Please stay. I need you to.”

Aidan might have argued more, but the pressure of Nic’s hand on his side seemed to calm him. He must have been as exhausted as Nic. As they snuggled up closer in the bed, Nic’s breath whispering complete, but soothing, nonsense into Aidan’s ear, the other man’s eyes slid closed. And Aidan slept.

Nic lay awake a little longer, marveling at the sight and feel of Aidan in his bed. Beside him. A sight he’d never thought to see! Asleep, the other man’s face was clear of everything, his limbs in a state of unusual relaxation. Nic thought his deep breathing might become a snore, and he grinned like a mischievous child at the thought.

But what a night it had been! He’d told Aidan it had been fantastic, and it had—but he also felt rather disorientated. He gingerly touched his side and winced. He knew bruises were already rising there, from where Aidan had gripped him so hard. He couldn’t remember having such fast, aggressive sex in all his life. Or coming so fucking hard! His cock gave a stir at the memory, though he knew it was only a half-hearted gesture.

He watched the flicker of dreams under Aidan’s pale eyelids. Putting a hand to Aidan’s forehead, he pushed a loose, dark curl out of the way. Who the hell was Aidan West? Was his fucking always like this, so furious and desperate and vigorous? Nic yawned. He wanted the chance to find out, whatever the reason. And—dammit—the chance to show Aidan other ways it could be. How it could be tender as well.

And ignoring the physical, Nic felt a deeper change in some way: he felt shaken emotionally by the experience. Aidan had come to him willingly, and he’d told him things about himself that Nic doubted he’d told anyone else. He wanted Nic badly—he admitted that. But there’d been no tentativeness in the sex; no submission. They’d both vented anger; they’d exposed their strength and their aggression to each other. Was the whole thing nothing more than lust and desire?

What more do I want? Nic wondered. He did want something more, didn’t he?

Sharp on the heels of that thought came another one, tinged with surprise and a little bitterness. What I want counts for nothing. His hand rested on the warm, smooth skin of Aidan’s hip. For nothing… he mused.

What mattered, he realized, was what Aidan would want.

The early hours of the morning arrived, dusky and quiet, with a sliver of pale dawn leaking under the hotel room blinds. Aidan stirred, and for a startled second, he couldn’t remember where he was. Then he did, at the same time as he was conscious of the warm body in the bed beside him. Their covers had been thrown off long ago, and the remaining crumpled sheet smelled musky beneath him. Deliciously so.

Aidan felt Nic’s breath on his thigh like a warm dream. Still half asleep, he felt the tongue lapping around his groin, almost idly; the seductive, sucking sound of his right ball being gently drawn between warm, soft lips. He yelped quietly. “I hope to God that’s you, Nic.”

“Nah, it’s a morning ghost,” came a mumbled reply. “You must still be dreaming.”

“Okay. Whatever.” Aidan grinned and reached casually for his cock. He was hot and very hard, and he needed the release….

“No!” came a sharp reply. “That’s mine this morning.”

The mouth had left his balls and he felt the tip of its tongue slide up the underside of his cock. “Shit. I don’t know,” he sighed. “Feels too real to be a ghost. Please, whoever you are… go faster.”

But Nic was ignoring him, it seemed. His licking remained slow and agonizingly teasing.

“Faster, Nic!” Aidan moaned. It was agony. The ache in his balls was deep and excruciating, and he wasn’t used to this torture. “Go down on me, take it all—” He reached a shaking hand to Nic’s head, but it was knocked sharply away.

“No,” Nic muttered in reply, muffled around a mouth full of Aidan’s genitals. “I don’t want to rush it. I don’t want you to touch anything.”

Aidan suspected that Nic was communicating something other than just torment, but he couldn’t think straight. All he knew was that he wanted desperately to reach for something, to bring on the climax. Either Nic’s head, to speed up his sucking, or his own cock, to bring himself off.

After all, that’s what he’d always done in the past.

“Don’t touch,” Nic warned in a low, sexy voice. “Or I may stop altogether, and you’ll never know how it was going to feel… will you?”

The tone made Aidan’s skin crawl, but in the most sensual way. And he didn’t dare disobey. Nic’s tongue was rough on him now, drawing its length up the side of his cock, over the top, dribbling into the slit, and down again to where his dick strained up out of the hairs at his groin, now damp with sweat.

“I can’t bear it. What are you doing?” he moaned.

Nic didn’t reply. It appeared he was too busy licking around the base of Aidan’s cock, then trailing his wet lips back up to the tip. Aidan stilled, holding his breath—he was completely out of his depth here, for he’d never had anyone savor him in quite this way. And at their own pace, not his. His head swam, and his balls ached from his belly to his ass. He was, quite simply, petrified.

Softly, succulently, Nic lowered his mouth over him. At last! And then—Aidan couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe the strange and glorious feeling—Nic began a gentle, rhythmic hum, that vibrated all around him, all through his groin. And he sucked. Relentlessly.

Aidan nearly wept.

The end came swiftly and too, too fiercely. He cried out incoherently, unable to stop his hips lifting from the bed as the sticky ropes of cum burst out of him. He was aware of almost nothing but his all-consuming climax. It was an agonizing ecstasy—a pleasure like he’d never had in his life. His whole body shuddered; he experienced a humiliating loss of control over his flailing limbs. And through all this, Nic stayed close, his mouth wrapped around Aidan’s cock, swallowing the cum, milking it all.

When Aidan regained some of his wits, he reached for Nic. He needed to taste Nic the same way, he needed to return the favor.

But Nic wasn’t next to him anymore. He’d wriggled away and was kneeling up at the end of the bed, facing Aidan and grinning. The daylight was stronger now, though he’d not drawn the blind yet. The rays breaking through the slats crept over his body in thin, smudged lines, lighting him from behind.

Nic Gerrard without clothes was a thousand times as gorgeous as with them on. His skin was smooth and lightly tanned, not a white mark in sight except for a thin, tantalizing strip around his hips that hinted at some kind of minimal beachwear thong. And he moved like a cat—Aidan watched him as he eased himself into a more comfortable position. He stretched luxuriously, he balanced with absolute poise, and he almost purred. Like a panther, as he’d described himself once. Aidan remembered it, with a rush of amusement and thrill.

He could see a couple of glistening drops of his cum still on Nic’s lips, watched the broad chest rising and falling, jerky with short, excited breaths. Nic pushed his tousled chestnut-colored hair back off his forehead, and from around his ears where it brushed his reddened cheeks. He had his other hand loosely around his cock, stroking it.

Despite being wiped out by what Nic had just done to him, Aidan could feel a fresh stab of arousal at the sight.

“Aidan,” Nic murmured, every syllable erotically charged. “You look so fucking beautiful when you come.”

Aidan flushed. He was almost scared of this fabulous creature in front of him. “Nic? Come here. I want you here.”

“Hush,” Nic whispered. “You can’t touch anything this morning. Not yourself—not me. Just watch.”


And Nic started to stroke himself a little harder, again and again, firm, familiar movements, up and down his engorged dick. “Watch…” he repeated, still in a whisper. “Haven’t you ever just watched?”

Aidan shook his head slowly. He thought that his face might be permanently flushed. His skin might never recover from the excitement, from the embarrassed delight of this man’s behavior.

Nic obviously appreciated the shocked and lustful expression that must be passing over Aidan’s face. His eyes widened with increased excitement. “Sometimes I like to talk in bed, Aidan, as well as in company.”


“I’d like to excite you, provoke you. With words as well as sights. Like, the muscles in my thighs are aching right now, but this position shows my cock to you best.” He gave a small grimace, still stroking. “I can’t tear my eyes away from you, from that frown over your nose, those lips. The need in my groin is a coil of agony, tightening, growing. Just looking at you asleep beside me, naked, was enough to make me hard, even without that taste of you. That oh, so delicious taste of you! In fact, if you’d decided to sleep in until noon, I would have had to wake you, regardless.”

“I wouldn’t—”

Nic’s chuckle was strained. “I know. Let me talk.” He wriggled nearer to Aidan, the deep mattress sinking beneath him as he moved. “What do you want, Aidan?”

Aidan couldn’t take his eyes off Nic’s cock, swollen and blood-red, sliding up out of his fist, then slipping back down, slowly and tortuously. “I—don’t know what you mean.”

“Tell me.” Nic ground out the words. He hesitated, tightening his hand around the base of his cock, probably trying to hold back from coming. “Tell me what you want right now.”

What did Nic want him to say? Aidan felt a momentary chill of distress. Then, idiot! his inner voice snapped, there’s no right answer. Nic just wanted it to come from him—a genuine response. To say what he felt. What Aidan felt was a shudder throughout his whole body, and he opened his mind to his instincts. “I want to watch you. I want to see you come all over me.”

Nic drew in a sharp breath. “God, but that sounds fantastic in that low, clipped tone you have.” He shivered. “What else?”

Aidan moved nearer Nic, balancing on his knees on the bed. His eyes were now on a level with Nic’s, and their kneecaps only a foot or so apart. He put his hands down on the bed, one on either side, to keep himself steady. When he spoke again, he could hear how hoarse his voice was. And he didn’t know where the words came from, for he’d never said anything like it in his life. “I want to watch you come, and I want to jerk off as you do it.”

He was rewarded by Nic’s broad smile: it was triumphant, delighted, and pained, all at the same time. “You’ll have to hurry, gorgeous man. I’m very close.”

“Oh God…” Aidan’s breath sped up as waves of pleasure surged through him. Nic started to pump again and his back bowed, his free hand falling back onto the bed to help take his weight. The position pushed his cock even higher, even nearer to Aidan’s body. And still he stroked, his long-fingered hand molded perfectly to the flesh, drawing out the agony, teasing up the desire—straining for satisfaction. Aidan found his hand clamped around his own cock, almost without realizing. And he was pumping away like he hadn’t shot his load all over Nic’s tongue and tonsils just minutes ago, and thought he’d never have the energy to come again this side of the holidays.

“Yeah…” Nic murmured in his purring voice, eyes fast on Aidan’s straining erection, his expression full of mischief. “I want you to come for me. Loud, angry, like the tiger you said you wanted to be.”

“Stupid game…” Aidan was caught between a laugh and a groan. “I can’t—won’t make it—” He thought that the pressure in his chest might kill him, that a critical organ might burst out, that so much excitement could only be a hallucination, as Nic moved his fabulous body toward him, stealing up on him like a true predator, and then leaned in against him, lips licking at his ear….

“Yeah, you will,” Nic whispered. “For me.”

And Aidan came—hard, painfully, deliriously, and almost against his will—with trails of hot seed spewing out over his hand and his over-sensitive cock and onto Nic’s thighs, as his seducer knelt opposite him. He shouted Nic’s name, he was sure he did, but he didn’t seem to have any control over his voice. He reached out a hand to grasp Nic’s shoulder, to hold himself up, and he felt the other man also shaking, jolting with gasps of pure, blissful suspense.

“This is for you, all f-for you, Aidan.” Nic grabbed at Aidan with his free hand in return. They clutched each other, braced upright, and Aidan watched through eyes misted with the aftermath of climax as Nic’s hand slid away from his cock, his hips bucked, and he climaxed all over Aidan’s lap. Warm, spurting cum, dropping into sticky streams that Aidan watched trickle down to his inner thigh and join with his own mess.

Aidan.” Nic spent another minute still shuddering, his breath heaving. Gradually, it slowed. He pushed his sweaty hair back off his forehead and his eyes gleamed at Aidan with pure, astonished delight. “Shit, I’ve never come like that before in my life!”

An hour or so later, Nic had slipped back into a doze, but Aidan was still wide awake. He gazed down at the man beside him and wondered what the hell had just happened. Last night had been just sex. Of course it had. They almost couldn’t help themselves.

But today, in the sneaking light of dawn? He frowned to himself. He pulled himself up to sitting, tugging a pillow behind his back, trying not to wake Nic. What had that been?

More of the same, he thought; he smiled inside at the thrill that still teased at him. Being touched—aching for it—suffering—watching …. It had been incredible.

But no, wheedled his inner voice. It was something much more than that, wasn’t it? He was still trying to absorb things, to savor the whole experience. He’d never had sex like it before—nothing even approaching it. No penetration, not even touching Nic’s cock, but still the most intimate, exciting time he’d ever had. Slow, sexy—making him smile. Finally, it had felt like a surrender, and one he was happy to make. That admission was a shock to him. And crying out Nic’s name as he came… what was that about? He’d never done that before with anyone.

No, he’d never known sex like that before, he repeated to himself.


Aidan couldn’t go back to sleep, despite the fact it was still early. He tried to be quiet, but clumsily dropped one of his boots as he was getting dressed.

Nic rolled over sleepily, his hands reaching for Aidan where he sat on the edge of the bed. “What’s up? Are you leaving?”

“I have to go.” Aidan cleared his throat. The rustle of the sheets as Nic moved, the smell of Nic’s skin… It was distraction personified. “The office will be opening for business in an hour or so. I have work to do today. For the hacker—to find him for good.”

He knew what he’d see if he turned round: a naked Nic, skin flushed, maybe with cum streaks on his belly. Aidan knew they’d cleaned themselves after sex, but he could still imagine the trail of it glistening in the pale morning light, rippling with every panting gasp. Nic yawned. He was stretching those athletic limbs—maybe reveling in a similar memory. Probably smiling that smile

Nic’s fingers snagged the hem of Aidan’s shirt. “Stay the day… at least stay and have breakfast. Stay and shower with me.”

Aidan could hear the wicked temptation in Nic’s sleepy voice. But when Nic’s fingers sneaked down inside the waistband of Aidan’s pants, Aidan quickly tugged himself away, pulling his shirt roughly together across his chest. “No, I can’t.” He felt Nic tense up behind him. Heard his breath pause.

“Aidan.” Nic didn’t say any more, but he sighed. He rolled closer to Aidan’s back, to spoon up against him. His lips touched briefly on Aidan’s pale shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

“What for?” Aidan knew he’d snapped, moved away too abruptly, but he hadn’t meant to. “It’s work. It’s nothing to do with this. With you….”

“With us, you mean?”

Aidan was silent for a second. He knew that Nic was still sleepy, he was sure Nic wouldn’t notice the hesitation. “I have a call out to the UK, to a contact there. An expert on hacking. I need to take that call as soon as possible. This needs to be settled, Nic.” Silence from Nic now, as well. From the sudden chill on his back, Aidan knew Nic had rolled away from him again. “I still have a program to protect. And don’t you want your company’s reputation back? Your own? I want to do all I can to make that happen for you.”

In a sudden, fluid movement, Nic rolled off the bed, sweeping the coverlet artlessly around his waist to cover himself. He stood up in front of Aidan. The advantage was back with him, for Aidan was still sitting, trying not to feast his eyes on the tanned skin, flushed with sex, creased and dimpled from the sheet they’d slept on. On Nic’s bright, searching eyes; the tangled, coppery hair pooling carelessly on his shoulders, wisps of it clinging to his cheeks. Everything so warm… so tactile…. Nic stared hard at him until he flushed himself.

But Nic didn’t snap back at him. His voice was soft. Caressing. Almost pleading. “Will you come around again tonight?”

Aidan dropped his eyes, pretending he was concentrating on his zipper. “I don’t know how it’ll go. Hackers don’t keep office hours, you know. I’ll report back this afternoon.”

“I don’t mean about the hacker.” Nic’s voice seemed rather distant now.

Aidan nodded and stood up, buttoning his last shirt button with fingers that trembled very slightly. Again, he hoped that Nic wouldn’t notice. “I know. I’ll—I’ll call.” He looked around distractedly for his jacket, knowing it was still on the couch, but afraid to meet Nic’s eyes and have to explain himself further. He sidestepped the other man, crossed the bedroom quickly, then moved through the living area, scooping up his jacket as he went. He kept his eyes on the door of the suite, knowing his legs didn’t feel altogether steady. Just a few steps and he reached it. A few steps more, and he was out into the corridor.

That was all it took.

The door shut behind him with an unusually loud click.

Nic sank back down onto the bed, staring out of the open bedroom door and into the empty living area, all the way through to the door that Aidan had just rushed through. He heard nothing but the cool silence of a new day starting: the hotel was extremely exclusive, with residents who rarely bumped into each other, and who both preferred and paid for it to be that way. He knew the corridors would be deserted outside his suite. No one would have seen Aidan go—no one would have hindered him.

He glanced back around the bedroom, his eyes narrowing. There was barely any evidence left of the other man’s visit. Beside the bed was a towel they’d discarded after sex and a crumpled foil condom package. Looking back into the lounge, he could see a pile of his discarded clothes on the floor beside the couch, and a lone, half-empty glass on the table.

Nic let his body fall back on to the mattress, his heavy exhale bursting out as a groan. “Shit!” He rolled over on his sweaty, cooling sheets and he groaned again. “Shit!”

And this time he couldn’t ignore the angry moisture in his eyes.


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