Sparks Fly – Blurb and Notes

Welcome to the serialisation of my MM romance novel SPARKS FLY.
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April 2020

BLURB: Nic Gerrard is this year’s brightest young entrepreneur, charming and charismatic, with time for everyone. Aidan West is his cleverest programmer, fiercely committed to his work and with no time for social politeness. Together they created the successful dating agency, Sparks, with a new and refreshing approach to matching people.

A year later, their lives are very different. Nic has all the trappings of success and as much company as he wants: Aidan is solitary and disapproving of such a lifestyle. When Nic decides to update the agency’s unique matching program, he and Aidan must work together again. Neither can ignore the attraction between them – however hard they try.

As they deal with a malicious hacker, and Sparks faces a dreadful crisis, they somehow have to find a way to put their differences aside and save the agency they both love.

Nic and Aidan have secrets to keep, and whether they’ll admit it or not, they each need something – or someone – to help Sparks fly.

READING NOTES: (no, there won’t be a test LOL).

I wrote this book over 10 years ago, and it has been published in ebook and print before. I have re-edited it now, because I’ve learned a lot about my craft since then! But please forgive any old-fashioned-isms. I know things have moved on a lot since those days, especially in the world of computers. Many thanks to my pre-readers George and Paul for catching most of my slips!

It’s written in American English, which isn’t my current style, but fits this book.

And if you have any other feedback, just let me know!