Romancing The Wrong Twin (Audiobook)

How tangled can a romantic web get?

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When gruff arctic explorer Dominic Hartington-George seeks sponsorship for his latest expedition, his London PA insists on a more media-friendly profile—like dating celebrity supermodel Zeb Z. Zeb can’t make the date, so he asks his identical twin, Aidan, to stand in for just one evening. Aidan, a struggling playwright, shuns the limelight to the extent people don’t even know Zeb has a sibling, but he reluctantly agrees.

When the deception has to continue beyond the first date, Aidan struggles to keep up the pretence. Dominic likes his sassy, intelligent companion, and Aidan starts falling for the forthright explorer. But how long can Aidan’s conscience cope as confusion abounds? Will coming clean as “the other twin” destroy the trust they’ve built?

This story offers you a gruff anti-socialite, an introvert whose good nature gets taken advantage of, the glamorous world of London modelling, fake boyfriend, a charmingly hotch-potch theatre group, a heart-to-heart at the top of a mountain, and a mischievous pair of blue briefs!

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