This is our home now.

Once upon their time, the singles were here in large numbers—loud, heavy-footed, over-enthusiastic, like the pets they called puppies. Laughing, loving, cowed, despairing. All manner of responses gathered here. All of them still individual at the end of their day. All of them earnest with their desire for community and salvation and belonging.

When that lay beneath their feet all the time.

They understood procreation: they understood family. Respect and devotion was practised hard, instead of it flowing naturally, as it does now, without even conscious intention.

They were well-meaning, at least most of them. They tended to both physical and emotional needs, never realising the unmeasurable, unattainable task in hand. Balance was always something they sought, not relaxed into, not subsumed by.

They needed to study us more carefully.

We work and exist together: we are a community the minute we spring to life. We come from that life to begin with. Gratitude, appreciation and total commitment come from the very seed. It never requires conscious thought, or dedicated action.

We do what they could never have done, hampered as they were with their naive and limited materials. Hindered by their own agenda, their struggles, their disagreements. Outcast by their very singularity.

We are what they call nature. We do not need a name because we are.

And so we make salvation more accessible, even more obvious.

Even more beautiful.



© Clare London