Rich and Tangy


© Clare London / 2011




“Back off.”  Kyle’s eyes narrowed.  He took an unsteady step backward.

“No way.”  Jason backed him up against the table and stared him out.  Blue eyes, glittering, dark with anger and…yes, hunger.

Yes way,” hissed Kyle.  He tried to turn his head away but Jason’s breath still brushed his neck; it was hot.  Fuck it, Jason was hot, Kyle knew it too well. The hairs on the back of his neck rose.

Jason leant forward and placed his hands on the table edge, either side of Kyle’s trembling body.  His eyes drifted down to Kyle’s mouth and then back up to his face.  His eyes widened.  “So you did it – despite all you promised.”

Kyle felt the sweat springing up on his palms.  “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

“You swore to me you had integrity – patience – self-control.”

Kyle snorted.  “For fuck’s sake, what are you, my mother?”

Jason growled.  Kyle felt the vibration against his chest and his legs instinctively shifted apart, trying to take up a steadier position.

“No, I’m not your mother,” Jason muttered.  “Else I’d have taken you in hand way before now.”

Kyle started to laugh.  “This is ridiculous.  I’m a grown man.  I can do what the hell I like.”

“Not any more.”  Jason took hold of Kyle’s left arm and pressed his hand palm down on the table, beside him.  He did the same with the right one.  He put his own hands over them, and applied pressure.  The careful way that he moved was deceptive.  “You’re mine, now.”

Kyle caught his breath.  He tensed slightly against the grip and found it firm. What the fuck?   He looked down, to left then right.  He felt his cheeks heat up.  He hated blushing, made him look like some kind of …

“Gorgeous.”  Jason’s voice was low, like a purr.  “That flush.  Dear God.”

“Let me go,” Kyle said.  What was he, some kind of prisoner?  Jason was only a guy.  A big guy.  A hot guy.

Jason raised his eyebrows, but he lifted one of his hands off Kyle’s.  Then he took half a step nearer, his knee nudging between Kyle’s spread thighs.

Kyle had no idea why he didn’t just shove Jason out of the way.  His skin shivered.  Dammit, no idea at all.  Instead, he glared back into Jason’s face.  “So you reckon you could?”


“Take me in hand,” Kyle snapped.  “Huh?”

Jason’s voice got hoarser.  “You’re the one broke your promise.  It’s the only way you’ll ever learn.”

“Give me strength.”  Kyle started to protest but he paused when Jason’s head brushed against him, and a rough tongue flickered out against his cheek.  Kyle gasped.

Jason moved his head across and licked at Kyle’s other cheek.  He moistened his lips and licked again – this time along Kyle’s jawline.  He ran his free hand through Kyle’s hair and grabbed it at the back of his head.

“Ouch.  Don’t do that.  I’m having a bad hair day, as it is.”

Jason snorted.  “You want me to do it.  You want me to give it a tug.  Demand the confession from you.  You want me to push you, up and beyond your limits, make you beg to tell me the horror of what you’ve done.” And he tugged.  Hard.

Kyle bit back a yelp.  He let his head fall back, baring his throat.  “You’re making a big deal of this.  It’s crap.  You’ve no proof of anything.”

Jason laughed, softly.  “I think not.  What about this?”  His tongue swiped across the end of Kyle’s nose – “and this?”  He suckled at Kyle’s Adam’s apple, nursing its convulsions as he swallowed.

“Crap.”  Kyle knew he was repeating himself.  He seemed to have lost the will to use mental word search.  “It’s all circumstantial.  I’ve nothing to be ashamed of.  Besides, it’s every man for himself in this world, Jason, you should know that.”

Jason shook his head and his dark hair brushed silkily against Kyle’s ear.  “Maybe.  But that’s going to change.  For us.”  He was leaning in so close that his shoulders pressed against Kyle’s, bending him back over the table..

“Look.”  Kyle despaired of himself.  What was that plaintive tone in his voice?  “Let’s talk some kind of compromise.”  He let Jason nuzzle at his throat, the damp lips planting soft, sucking secrets along the line of his veins.  “Maybe I don’t want to be dictated to like this.  I have my pride, you know.”

Jason released the other one of Kyle’s hands and slid his own palm down Kyle’s leg.  He followed the thin fabric of Kyle’s pants into the curve of the inner thigh, and squeezed.

Kyle groaned.  “Hell.”  His cock jerked, hungrily.  Oh God.

Jason was smiling, Kyle could feel the shape of his mouth in the curves of Kyle’s neck.  “So much for pride.  Tell me, Kyle.”

“No.”  Kyle’s voice sounded way too weak.  “Fuck off.”

“Tell me.”  Jason slid his hand farther up Kyle’s thigh and into the warm, shadowed valley of his groin.  His forefinger nudged against the zip of Kyle’s pants and it started to roll itself down with a soft, easy buzz.  Traitor, Kyle thought.  Jason slipped his other fingers into the cloth as it peeled aside, like a predator seeking his prey.  “Now.”

Kyle moaned.  Whatever control he had, his hips seemed to be surrendering it, thrusting out against the caress.  Jason tugged down one side of his boxers and when Kyle glanced down, he could see Jason’s dark wrist sliding down under the white fabric.  “I won’t do it again.  Is that what you want to hear?”

Jason shrugged, and his hand nestled in under Kyle’s balls.  His fingers curled round Kyle’s cock and stroked lazily.  Just twice.  Then it stalled.

Kyle turned his gasp into a growl.  “Bastard.  Is this what you mean by taking me in hand?”

Jason chuckled.  From him, it was a strangely sinister sound.  “You will never – never – do this again.  Do you understand?”

Kyle scowled, but he could feel his eyes getting heavy lidded.  He shuddered as Jason started to stroke again, firmly and deeply, from root to head and back again.  He lifted one hand from the table and gripped at Jason’s arm.  His lips ghosted against the other man’s neck.  “Sure.  Whatever.  Though why the hell I’m always your prime suspect…”

Jason nipped sharply at Kyle’s neck.  His hand was speeding up, and Kyle’s hips arched painfully back and forth against the edge of the table.  He didn’t seem to be able to do anything but cling on to Jason and pant.  Loudly.

Jason was grunting, too, with soft, animalistic noises.  He took hold of Kyle’s hand and placed it on his own groin.  Kyle had to spread his fingers to take hold of the fierce swelling.  They rocked together, legs entwined, arms linked, thrusting against each other.  Jason pressed his lips against Kyle’s mouth and licked again.  “A-ha!  There’s the evidence.” He sounded smug.


Glazing,” Jason hissed.  He licked again, along Kyle’s top lip, and a stray sugar crystal shone in a drop of saliva.  “And there was a lemon one in the box.”

Kyle started to laugh, then hiccupped as it mixed with his body jerking and the racing excitement in his veins.  “How the fuck can you tell?”

Jason laughed.  “This close, I can tell.”

Kyle could hear moaning and was horribly afraid it was his own.  “This close?”

“Very close,” Jason gasped.  His pupils were very dilated.  “You’re a greedy bastard.  You promised you’d always share…”

Kyle felt a surge of triumph.  “Not really talking about donuts now, are you?  Not even Lemon Krispy Kremes?”

Jason whimpered.  “Shut up.  Oh God.  Harder.”

Kyle bent a little at the knees and thrust back up against Jason. Frottage against the kitchen table.  Dear God, what a recipe. “Smooth.  Sticky.”

“Plump.  Tasty.”  Jason grunted out the words.

Kyle nodded, grinning.  He was having trouble focusing, but the game was worth it.  “Lick me.”

Jason’s eyes widened.  His breath was harsh against Kyle’s throat, but his tongue slipped out again and he lapped along Kyle’s jaw.

When his mouth pressed on to Kyle’s, Kyle could taste the remnants of the glaze. “Love the taste of it on your lips.  Sweet.  Lingering.  Hunger.  Greed.”

You,” Jason groaned.  His hips were locked tight against Kyle’s and his body was starting to shake.  “I just want what I’m due…”

Kyle smirked.  He gripped tighter.  “So I’ll make sure we share them next time, okay? The soft dough, holding it tight in your fist.  The filling, thick and sweet, bubbling out…”

“In my mouth.  Spurting.  Dribbling.  Oh fuck, what you do to me…” Jason could only mumble, starting to climax.

Kyle knew too well the movements of his lover’s body.  He started laughing, Jason gradually joining him.  They both cried aloud as they came.  The kitchen table creaked underneath them.  The empty donut box that had been hidden under the kitchen cloth skittered and dropped off the end of the table, rolling to a halt by the fridge.

No one was interested any more.

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