It Says


© Clare London



“The paper says – a shocking, often violent study of a fractured modern life and escalating moral turpitude. Certificate parental guidance. That’s a hell of an interesting concept, right?”


“Will, pay attention. This is your evening in, too. If it says I need parental guidance to watch this movie, who am I meant to ask?”

“Don’t be a fool. You’re a fully-grown, card-carrying adult now, I think we both had physical confirmation of that last night.”

“More than once, I’d say…”

“Right.  Don’t get me on to that, or there’s going to be no movie watching tonight at all, just my hands down your pants and your mouth on my dick. And don’t say that works for you because hey, that’s another given.  The movie doesn’t sound particularly entertaining, though. What else have we got?”

“Hmm. As the burning meteor draws closer to the vulnerable, terrified earth, only one man has the courage to leave the ones he loves and launch himself into its infernal path.

“Right. I’ll pass on that, too. What about the later programs?”

“There’s a couple look promising. A zany, screwball comedy sequel –

“Enough already. What about the other?”

A satirical, tense, suspenseful thriller –

“Hm.  Not tonight.”

“That’s not what you said earlier.  You know, in the shower.  On that tense, suspenseful, fuck-me-already theme…”

“Don’t be…”

“… a fool. I know. What about… Hardcore gay sex and scandal meet in this brilliantly hot and funny whodunnit.


“Will? The look on your face is a movie in itself, you know.”

“What else does it say?”

“Well, well, well. No, I wasn’t smirking – just interested in what interests you, if you know what I mean. No, put the paper cutter down, I’m reading, I’m reading, OK? Blackmail, religious and police corruption, a dizzying network of spy holes and secret passages mark this hilariously hardcore debut by a major new talent.

“Major new talent?”

“Well, maybe they’re referring to the size of his holy poker rather than his acting skills, but yes, he looks pretty cute. And there’s an attempt at a plot, Will.  You know you like plot.”

“I do watch things purely for entertainment, as well.”

“Hmm. Like my ass. I was talking about movies.”

“Cute. So was I. Your ass isn’t always the special feature.”


“We’ll discuss that later.”

“Yeah?  A tense, suspenseful later…?”

Yeah, as you say.  Or should I say, smirk. Look, just book the movie and let’s get the popcorn ready.”

“And you’re OK with that?”

“With what?”

“OK with an evening in with just me in my sweats, no drama, no glamour, and some soft porn? Sure you’re not tempted by the option of gratuitous violence and the uglier side of reality? No anguished tension and cliffhangers – no wacky, high school practical jokes? None of that highbrow angst you like to suffer through -”

“Turn on the movie or I’ll make you sit through ‘The Seventh Seal’ with me again.”

“Consider it done! You know me so well, lover.”

“Right,” smiled Will. He watched Mitch lope about the room while he settled back down in the couch, the smell of sweet popcorn drifting in from the kitchen. He felt warm inside, a strange but not unpleasant feeling, as if he’d swallowed a cup of tea too quickly. Mitch flung himself back down beside him, dumped the bowl of popcorn on the side table and swung his socked feet up on to Will’s lap.


Will looked down at them, then back up to Mitch’s grinning face.

Yes, he realized, with a frisson of surprise.  He was very OK with that.