A novella

Only something as timeless and fearless as the sea can bring both peace… and passion.

Anti-terrorist agents Evan Riley and Adam Nolan couldn’t be less alike. Evan is easygoing, sharp-witted, and sociable, while Adam is the determined and coolly controlled leader of the operation. No one was sure at first whether the team could stand the friction, but now the operation’s over, and the result successful. The team is expected to go their separate ways. But after nine tense, claustrophobic, and sometimes dangerous months with his team in a safe house on the English south coast, Evan’s come to see much more in Adam. And to treasure it. His teammates think Adam is especially tough on Evan and, for the moment, Evan’s keeping his protests silent. Because he knows different.

For Adam, the sea holds bitter, shocking memories that haunt his days and nights. He lives with them on a daily basis, trying to bury them in his fierce commitment to work, fearing the time when he’ll decide it’s no longer worth the struggle. But despite his stubborn refusal to allow himself to live in any other way, he can’t help letting Evan in under his guard.

And Evan is determined to be the one to help Adam face his personal demons… and the promise of a future together.

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