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A few years ago, I celebrated January – my birthday month – with a month full of invited visitors, and blog posts covering chat, information, opinion, discussion and pimpage! I thought I’d keep a record of all the posts here if anyone wants to dip in after the event.

NOTE: most pictures were chosen by me and credited where known, others may have been used without direct permission, please contact me with any queries/concerns.



Today’s Quote:
“One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things.” John Burroughs

Today’s Daft Google Searches for ‘Clare London’:
“Improve Your Work Life Balance And Get More Out Of Life “ sums up the start of most years for me, really… 🙂


Catch up with the fiction and links on my FREE FICTION DAY(S) through THIS TAG.

Find all of 2012

Jan 01: luscious_words shares some fabulous icons.
Jan 02: Jordan Castillo Price shares her experience of re-releasing books.
Jan 03: Mara Ismine wonders how important is continuity in fiction?
Jan 04: Jen shares her favourite Rom Com movies.
Jan 05: Karenna Colcroft introduces her unusual werewolf.
Jan 06: Stevie Carroll takes us on a pictorial tour of her favourite locations.
Jan 07: Tinnean quotes Jack Benny on age.
Jan 07: Josie makes a brave leap into a scary sport.
Jan 08: Elin Gregory finds inspiration at every turn.
Jan 09: Lee Rowan shares her healthy resolution.
Jan 10: Rowena Sudbury and the beauty of a blue moon.
Jan 10: Sandra Lindsay and her WIP characters.
Jan 11: Shelley Munro and a tour of bedrooms through the ages.
Jan 11: Dany Sirene and her love of Goth characters.
Jan 12: Sarah Madison and her decision to stop competing.
Jan 13: Alix Bekins shares her love of kink.
Jan 14: Janis Susan May on writing one word at a time.
Jan 14: Charlie Cochrane watches movies with hankies at hand.
Jan 15: Megan Derr and the inspiration in fairytales.
Jan 16: Sasha L. Miller making magic happen.
Jan 17: H. B. Pattskyn shares a free short story.
Jan 17: Becky Black on what can really happen after publishing.
Jan 18: Blaine D. Arden on keeping it close to her heart.
Jan 18: Tam battles with IKEA – and wins!
Jan 19: Toni Anderson shares her love of romance novels.
Jan 19: Poppy Dennison introduces the Boxer Falls m/m serial.
Jan 20: Erastes shows us life from a horse’s-eye view.
Jan 21: Anna Martin shares a beautiful and provocative ballet.
Jan 21: Andrea Speed shares snippets from Diary of the Damned.
Jan 22: Anne Barwell introduces her new WW2 m/m romance drama.
Jan 23: J.L. Merrow and Josephine Myles discuss the better part of UST 🙂
Jan 24: Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan on their Cup-o-Porn Blog’s birthday celebrations.:)
Jan 25: Mickie B. Ashling on the pictures that have inspired her Muse.
Jan 25: Chrissy Munder on finding Twitter a whole new experience!
Jan 26: Isabelle Rowan on the meaning of home, on Australia Day.
Jan 26: Ellis Carrington on seeing the world through perv-coloured glasses 🙂
Jan 27: Cornelia Grey on matching the best music to her writing mood.
Jan 28: Bookmark the posts on this tag for links to free fiction 🙂
Jan 29: S. A. Garcia on the art of obsession.
Jan 29: Jaime Samms asks, on the occasion of her new release, what is real life?
Jan 30: J. B Lynn and a love of soundtracks
Jan 30: L. J. LaBarthe and inspirational photos
Jan 31: lil-1337 shares a romantic free story, set on a cruise ship

Find all of 2011
JAN 01: A FREE short from me, revisiting Nic and Aidan from Sparks Fly.
JAN 01: Delicious m/m icons from layla_aaron.
JAN 02: Why I want to be a Bond villain! by Chrissy Munder.
JAN 03: The world of inspiration between ‘historical’ and ‘contemporary’ with Stevie Carroll.
JAN 04: Some fascinating Swedish proverbs from 1more_sickpuppy.
JAN 05: A round-up of a great year just gone from Angela Stone.
JAN 06: The countryside and history that inspires author Sandra Lindsay.
JAN 07: The challenge of trying to balance edits, with Dianne Fox and Anah Crow.
JAN 08: A great new novel and sequel from Mickie Ashling.
JAN 09: Fiction and beautiful illustrations from essayel.
JAN 10: Forthcoming menage release from LC Chase.
JAN 11: Fabulous mix of SF and erotic romance from Sloane Taylor and Robert Appleton.
JAN 12: Follow the bizarre photographic history of Wind in Hair Guy with Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos.
JAN 13: When only your family understands the joke, with Charlie Cochrane.
JAN 14: A top 10 of gay books you should read from Erastes.
JAN 15: Favourite worldwide travel with cdn_tam.
JAN 16: 10 cautionary tales from ZA Maxfield!
JAN 17: The business/pleasure balance of writing from Libby Drew.
JAN 18: Why M/M? And who wants to know? from Jordan C Price.
JAN 19: What makes fiction short and sweet for Jenre.
JAN 20: The pursuit of beautiful things by wrenboo.
JAN 21: Bawdy and brazen humor in the new release from Rick R. Reed.
JAN 22: Sexy or sweet, men in fiction? asks dontkickmycane.
JAN 23: The release of my short story THREADBARE at JMS books.
JAN 24: Where are all the star-crossed lovers? asks Josephine Myles.
JAN 25: The release of the anthology WISHING ON A BLUE STAR at Dreamspinner Press.
JAN 26: The ornery muse who plagues bittermint!
JAN 27: The exotic illustrations that inspire author Cornelia Grey.
JAN 27: The 5 favourite tropes of tracyrae.
JAN 28: FREE FICTION DAY, including new stories and links to plenty of others. Follow my LJ-tag “free fiction day” to find all 13 posts.
JAN 29: The scene-stealing delight of a well-written secondary character, by Lee Rowan.
JAN 30: What do I love about M/M? by Jessewave.
JAN 31: Romantic fiction from lil_1337.

Find all of 2010
Jan 01 : The New Year brings the release of the Immortal Fire anthology IN PRINT.
Jan 02 : author Chrissy Munder asks if current affairs in fiction is delightful or just dates us.
Jan 03 : author Madeleine Urban describes how her characters hijacked her brain.
Jan 04 : author Theda Black’s inspiration reaches from a bionic penis to the power of Pan.
Jan 05 : author Josh Lanyon shares some exceedingly good books with us.
Jan 06 : author K. Z. Snow questions what all the fuss is about authors ‘making shit up’.
Jan 07 : Josie aka 1more_sickpuppy compares her life and friends online and off.
Jan 08 : Jessewave wonders – tongue in cheek – where the less shiny guys are!
Jan 09 : Anne Cain shares her art and encourages a show and tell!
Jan 10 : My latest release Upwardly Mobile is out at Amber Quill today.
Jan 11 : Author Lee Rowan discusses why love should not be a garotte.
Jan 12 : Author Jaime Samms asks if readers prefer short or long stories.
Jan 13 : Author Erastes explains why her submissions keep aiming for the stars!
Jan 14 : Author Daimeryan Rei describes the rewards of writing both fan and original fiction.
Jan 15 : Jen of Well Read savours the memory of food, and seeks it in her fiction!
Jan 16 : Author Mel Keegan tells us why we should all be visiting the GLBT Bookshelf.
Jan 17 : Author Cassandra Gold discusses the wonderful world of the romance sub-genre.
Jan 18 : Author Wren Boudreau asks “Who am I…and am I okay with it?”
Jan 19 : Author Jenna Hilary Sinclair confesses her addiction…to writing!
Jan 20 : Author Dakota Flint discusses the fascination of the Epilogue.
Jan 21 : Author Janey Chapel treats us to pictures of her favourite kink!
Jan 22 : Author Jordan Castillo Price wonders “what if” she hadn’t been a writer?
Jan 23 : Author Syd McGinley asks Is Dr. Fell a Gary Sue?‏
Jan 24 : Author Angela S. Stone tells us about her ‘Bunnies’ and offers Free Fiction.‏
Jan 24 : Author Lori Toland tells us about the rock ‘n’ roll of her new release.‏
Jan 25 : Author Rowena Sudbury talks about inspiration and its spark in her fiction.‏
Jan 26 : Author Anne Brooke shares her new release “A Stranger’s Touch”.‏
Jan 27 : Author Chrissy Munder suggests we examine our assumptions.‏
Jan 28 : Author Dusk Peterson talks about the highlights and challenges of historical fantasy.‏
Jan 28 : FREE FICTION from me – just a shortie, Give and Take.
Jan 29 : Author Elle Parker talks about the fun of bouncing ideas off the ones she loves.‏
Jan 30 : Author G. S. Wiley asks how much do we like reality in our historical romance?‏
Jan 30 : Author Cat Grant ponders the place of reality in our contemporary romance.‏
Jan 31 : Author Merith shares with us her love of words and the need to treasure them.‏

Find all of 2009
Jan 01 : the Cheeky Cherubs welcome us to 2009 with the threat of piercings.
Jan 02 : sweet, sexy fiction from lilzazu, all about the tricky problem of a sticky shift.
Jan 03 : excellent editing tips for all authors, hosted by jolilightner.
Jan 04 : Clare pimps the fabulous I DO anthology, all proceeds to Lambda.
Jan 05 : Z A Maxfield ponders the changing role of Romance in society.
Jan 06 : FREE FICTION from me and my friends!
Jan 07 : Jordan Castillo Price discusses what tempts us to try out a new author.
Jan 08 : Clare rambles on about perceived plagiarism and posts excerpts of her Torquere titles.
Jan 09 : ravensilver describes the challenges of independent manga publishing.
Jan 10 : Kit Zheng talks about Kink.
Jan 11 : Chrissy Munder shares the struggles of writing, NC17 penguins and mantyhose.
Jan 12 : 1more_sickpuppy bares her soul about confessing her love for m/m fiction.
Jan 13 : Erastes talks about taking that leap from fanfiction to the ‘original’ world.
Jan 14 : meet my Muse, the ‘man’ who has way too much power in my writing house.
Jan 15 : Sloane Taylor heats up those chill new year nights.
Jan 16 : Jenre discusses what she loves best about m/m fiction..
Jan 17 : Clare posts YouTube frippery and her brief skirmish with a recording career..
Jan 18 : report from the prestigious *cough* OTP Con UK 2009..
Jan 19 : Emily chats about the principles of good reviewing.
Jan 20 : Josh Lanyon talks about the proper place for your green-eyed feelings..
Jan 21 : Sharon offers great advice and support for all of us trying to live a healthy life..
Jan 22 : Merith writes about the slow but steady epiphany of love.
Jan 23 : Jaime Samms protests the use and mis-use of labels.
Jan 24 : Clare pimps the imminent release of FREEMAN.
Jan 25 : Ginger Simpson shares an interview with her latest fictional heroine.
Jan 26 : Dakota Flint confesses to the irresistible lure of research.
Jan 27 : the Blog is hijacked by my lippy Muse.
Jan 28 : Clare muses on the ups and downs of getting older.
Jan 29 : K Z Snow discusses the challenges of fantasy fiction.
Jan 30 : Charlie Cochrane describes scaling the cultural mountain of publication.
Jan 31 : Marquesate writes about the glory and sexiness of love in the military setting.

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