I remember reading my very first Clare London short story in the Dreamspinner Sindustry anthology back when I first started reading m/m fiction. I was charmed by her lively prose, likable characters and great banter, and put her down on my list of authors to read again. I then met Clare in person—almost two years ago—at the very first UK Meet in Ely library. She struck me at the time as being an incredibly warm, friendly and helpful person, with a great sense of humour. She also gave me a lovely hug after signing a book for me, which I’ll always remember.

Since then we’ve met up numerous times, and I’ve stayed the night at her place after an evening out in Soho. We’ve worked together on the UK Meet anthologies, the Winter Warmers anthology and organising this year’s UK Meet. You wouldn’t believe how hard this talented woman works, and somehow manages to stay cheerful :D

I’m now happy to include Clare in the list of people I consider friends in real life, not just online. She’s the only other author I know to have called round for a cup of tea at my house, and she’s an absolutely terrible gossip on the phone! Oh, okay then, a good gossip ;)

I can’t say I’ve managed to read all of Clare’s books just yet – her backlist is long, as befits someone who’s been writing in this genre since the early days. However, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the books I have read, and I still believe she gives the best hugs ever!

Coming up today will be a guest post from Clare at midday, and my reviews of a few of her stories at 2pm. I’ll also be posting the blurbs for her latest trilogy of short stories in a moment. Clare will be popping by to respond to comments, so do come along and say hello :D


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