CIRCLE OF FRIENDS ~ February 2018 #gayromancenovels #mmromance

via CIRCLE OF FRIENDS ~ February 2018 #gayromancenovels #mmromance

Nic Starr chats about some of her favourite reads this month. Have you read any of these? Do you have some favourites of your own to share? They don’t have to be BecauseTwoMenAreBetterThanOne authors :).


Exciting changes are coming!

I’ll be joining a Fab group of authors on this blog for regular fun, updates and guest posts from us all. Watch this space 😀

Because two men are better than one!

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The Two Men blog is evolving!

The blog is now home to a dozen of your favourite m/m romance authors who will be visiting regularly. You can look forward to exclusive guests posts, exciting news, behind-the-scenes insights, giveaways and much more.

I’m excited to introduce you to the new Two Men authors, so watch this space over coming weeks to find out who will be joining in the fun. 🙂

Nic xx

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Romancing the Ugly Duckling delight :)

When did I sign up for Pronoun? What is this mystical site whereby I received the gladdeous news today:
Your book is in the top 4% of all books in:
Literature & Fiction > Fiction > Gay
#1060 in category.

Happy, nonetheless – and Hugely Grateful to all who’ve bought it, shared the news, supported my latest book, and just generally held me upright when needed!


Release Day Review by Gillian: Romancing The Ugly Duckling, by Clare London

There have been such heartening reviews so far for Romancing the Ugly Duckling! I’m pretty thrilled to have offered up a book that readers just *enjoy* :D.

Just Love: Queer Book Reviews

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Romancing The Ugly Ducking Clare London

Romancing The Ugly Duckling, by Clare London
Series: A Dreamspun Desires Novel
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: June 15, 2017

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Romancing the Wrong Twin in audio

Romancing the Wrong Twin is now available in audio!
Listen to the excerpt HERE for the USA, and HERE for the UK.

How about *listening* to gruff Dom and bemused Aidan?! Hear how a mild deception to help out his twin lands Aidan in hot water, and Dom in an emotional place he never thought to go! :).

As a special promotion offer, I have a FREE CODE for the book for 2 lucky commenters, here on the blog or on Facebook – one for a US reader *plus* one for a UK reader. Comment with what you love about audiobooks, and whether you’re in the US or UK. I’ll announce the winners on Feb 8.

Here’s where you enter, and good luck! :

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Flight by 110 various authors #LGBT #Review #Queer Sci Fi #Short Stories

We were given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I was given the opportunity to read this book and to be honest I was just a bit intimidated by the idea of reading 110 different authors in one book, but since it was something I had never read anything quite like this before I was also excited to try.This is an amazing collection of 110 authors put together into their own categories as they are best represented by genre. I’ve been wracking my brain as to how I was going to review 110 authors, but of course that just can’t happen. Instead, I will review those  parts as they are listed in the Table of Contents. That’s the only way I can fairly represent every person writing in this book. Science Fiction Part 1~The stories that are in this section of the book definitely have the flavor of space, science and an amazing amount of imagination. I was blown away by the thought that something so Sci Fi could also feel so much like poetry and still only be 300 words. This is absolutely an amazing discovery for me. I gave this category a 10/10 Pots of GoldFantasy Part 1~Amazing fantastical stories of flight that left me wanting more. The first story in this chapter is Stronger Than Flight by Tray Ellis and I was surprised that this author could make me feel so much so quickly. This is just the first example I’ve given of the many in this book that I would say capture my first thoughts when reading these stories. So much feeling put into so few words.Horror~I was very impressed with these very well written horror stories all with the theme of flight. It takes me completely out of my comfort zone to read horror and I didn’t even know that I could be frightened with such short stories. Turns out I can.Paranormal~This is a favorite trope of mine and I especially love any paranormal that involves flight. These short stories are especially vivid. Some are heartrendingly beautiful. I hope the authors consider writing more about these characters and their stories. Fantasy Part 2~Absolutely beautiful and touching stories that were again like poems to me. I love these so much!Science Fiction Part 2~Again, this second act in the Science Fiction Trope has an amazing amount of imagination. Some of these stories don’t have happy endings yet they are still beautiful and I find myself creating many different scenarios that could happen during the before and the after of these shorts. This was a brilliant way to end this book, with the same flight of imaginative magic that it began with. Final Thoughts~I was surprised to find how easy this book was to read. The stories are short yes, but so well written that before you know it you’ve read a dozen or more. It was a book that was out of my comfort zone to read, but I can’t tell you how glad I am that I’ve expanded myself a little bit and took the chance on these stories. They are amazing and I hope that the authors will get the chance to tell us more about some of these characters and their stories because I would love to read more about many of them. I said earlier that I was amazed at the amount of feeling that was put into these 300 word short stories. Just think about how much thought must go into the creating of that! They all had to have not only the theme of flight, but they were also all LGBT. I really am in awe of these authors. they did a marvelous job and I enjoyed this book very much.

Source: Flight by 110 various authors #LGBT #Review #Queer Sci Fi #Short Stories

Guest author – Derek Farrell

Lovely post from fellow author and great guy Derek Farrell 😀

Charlie Cochrane - Mysteries with a dash of slash, romances with just a pinch of spice

I got to know Derek through those two crazy kids Clare London and Liam Livings. Am dead chuffed to have him as a guest.

What inspired you to start writing?

Writing – story telling – isn’t really something I was inspired to do. It’s just something I have always had to do. Like breathing, or smiling at kitten videos.

My first memories were of the library my dad used to take me to. I learned that stories were magical things that could help transport you to another place, or make sense of the place you were in.

And I’m Irish – my whole family are story tellers. We talk to, over, around and into each other. Even a trip to the butcher could – when my mother told it – become something funny and exciting.

So writing was just a way to record the stories my head was filled with…

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