Clare’s collections

I never collected much of anything as a child. I have NO IDEA where the desire comes from now, as an adult. But I collect LOTS! And so I’m sharing some of the pretty, to stop Hubby from boxing it all away in the loft when he gets tired of it around the house :).

And there’s more… Coffee Cups.

These were a stylish set from another Spanish holiday. I’m a sucker for the black saucers! I also like an unusual cup shape, though it’s not always easy to drink from LOL.

SPAM damn damn

Dear God. How often do I have to think… why don’t you get a life, you malicious, stupid, mean-spirited, obstructive, speculatively greedy spammers?!

I’ve been hit with a HUGE number – not just Hot P*rn* XXX and She Wants You to Call her with Your Hot Wang Ready Right Now!!! (okay, so I may have paraphrased there) – but this rather nasty financial scamming threat (part example below the cut).

I’ll be turning off comments on my blog and website for a time, see if I can starve it out.

And PLEASE don’t be scared if you get any of this sh*t too! Just turn off your comments options until they give up and stomp off to sulk in their dirty little virtual corner.

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