UK Meet 2020 tickets – are you an Interested Party?

This is just a happy reminder that the UK Meet 2020 is next September, but tickets will start to go on sale THIS October.

****Yes, that’s only weeks away!!****

If you’re interested in going, you need to check through the following steps:

(1) check on the website to see if it’s something you’re interested in
(2) read our approach to ticketing here
(3) join the Mailing List (if you’re not there already). There’s no obligation to anything else, but tickets will be issued to list members FIRST.
Note: if you’re not SURE you’re on the list? Join anyway. It’ll tell you if you’re already included:

UK Meet – last minute places available


We have had a couple of people who’ve had to pull out at the last moment, so have a couple of places that we’ve offered to our remaining waiting listers, without take up. (Same thing happened last year!)

So, if you’d like to take advantage of one of those places, please reply to ME HEREFirst come, first served.

And if you’re a waiting lister who doesn’t think they’ve received a place offer please contact us as a matter of urgency.

Is it September yet?

From the UK Meet team – Charlie, Clare, JamieElin, Liam and Cathy

UK Meet – important dates

Coming to the UK Meet in September? Get your diary in hand and note any of these dates that may apply to you! 🙂



As  usual, we have a number of publishers ready to hear pitches from established and aspiring authors. This year Bold Strokes, Ylva, Manifold and Dark Hollows have all confirmed they’ll be taking pitches. If you’re interested in booking a slot with one of them, let us know.


These are the key dates we have ahead  – we’ll be reminding you of them as they get closer. In chronological order:

Saturday evening Rainbow dinner : deadline July 21st. You can  book directly at the website.

Full payment of delegate fees: July 31st.

Spotlight fair/author signings: spotlight delegates who want a table at one of these, let us know by July 31st.

USB  stick: Spotlight delegate content for the USBs, to Petronella ) by August 3rd

Stein Garten Friday evening social event: August 31st deadline. Booking is open to all delegates and their partners/guests. Full details and  booking links here.

Titanic themed walk: 1st September or when we have 25 places booked, whichever is first. (10 places left.) Contact us for places.

Is it September yet?

From the UK Meet team – Charlie, Clare, JamieElin, Liam and Cathy

Wrap Up of the 2015 UK Meet


Better late than never, right? 🙂

Here’s a brief report that I recently posted at the Rainbow Romance Writers Chapter of RWA (are you a member/would like to be? contact me if you want any more details).

The whole joy of the UK MEET for me is the opportunity to meet other fans of LGBT fiction. It doesn’t matter in what capacity you attend – ANYone is welcome, and we operate a strict first come-first served basis for allocating tickets. This year, most of our active waiting list managed to get tickets in the end, as well.

Our attendees generously give their time for the panels, and for helping with the organisation of the weekend. I love the relaxed, “village” atmosphere! We also made sure there was plenty of break-out space and time for attendees just to chat.

The weekend started on Friday afternoon at the Bristol Royal Marriott Hotel, right in the centre of the lovely city, with registration. Attendees are offered a choice of lanyards, to identify whether they’re happy for their photo to be taken and potentially featured on social media or not. Registration is run by new and “old” attendees and it’s a great way to meet people and ease yourself into the event.

That was followed up by a guided Pirate Walk around Bristol, then an evening welcome event at the local Queenshilling bar/club. We had exclusive use of the venue up until 10pm, with buffet food and a visit from our special guest – our HRH Queen Elizabeth lookalike! This month, our Queen became the longest serving monarch ever, so we thought we’d celebrate that.

Panels on Day #1 included a chance for readers to read and discuss their favourite book openings, the use of tropes in writing, mystery myth and magic, and then open “zones” where up to 7 topics were hosted for both readers and authors. Examples included YA, creative writing, cover art, worldbuilding, menages and building author voice. At the same time, TJ Masters ran a BDSM workshop for those who were interested – totally non-threatening, and very interesting to all.

Panels on Day #2 included more entertainment and useful guidance on writing humour, writing sex scenes, character-building, writing dark fiction, and how to write romance *without* explicit sex (my panel, for which I drew deeply on my inner resources…. *g*).

Saturday night’s dinner in the fabulous Palm Court restaurant included entertainment from the superb Sing Out Bristol Choir (still wiping away a tear…), the drag act Cherry Poppins, and a return visit by the (in)famous Butlers in the Buff. We awarded prizes to some attendees, thanked all those who attended and contributed to the organisation, and praised the fact this is the 6th annual Meet!

In other news? The swag bags this year were eagerly appreciated. Also, throughout the event, publishers kindly took pitches from authors, Temple Dragon offered photography services, RRW badges and leaflets were available to all, mini/fun contests were run for attendees, and a raffle raised nearly £500 from our generous attendees for the Albert Kennedy Trust for homeless GLBT young people.

Our keynote speakers were Elizabeth North who gave a very inspiring talk on our responsibility to take our writing out into the world, and the many individuals she’s connected with who have thanked Dreamspinner – plus other publishers – for providing more romance fiction for and about them.

KJ Charles spoke entertainingly and frankly about her work experiences in the publishing industry, and the progress of her career, both as a best-selling author and a freelance editor – with some useful tips on how/how not to get noticed in the slush pile!

At the end of the event, we held a get-together to discuss what had gone well, and what could be improved for next year. We can’t announce the venue yet but it’s likely to be held in Sept again. Follow the newsletter – you’ll hear it there first! There’s a subscribe button in the sidebar of the website.

We could never have done so much without the generous help of our sponsors. A list can be found here and a special thanks goes to Riptide Publishing for the swag bags, Dreamspinner Press for the folders, Pride Publishing for the ID lanyards, and Manifold Press for sponsoring the programme.

Now I just need to grab a few weeks’ rest until the next year’s planning starts! And I’m still populating the photos page on the website here


UK Meet 2016 – Important news from the team

There’s been some confusion regarding our mailing lists so we’re clarifying things – we will say this only once!
Check your latest newsletters from us if you’re on the 2015 DELEGATE mailing list.
However, this is NOT our main Information newsletter list i.e. the one that will tell you all about 2016 and when tickets are available! 
We used to be able to migrate details across but have had issues with data protection/spamming so now you have to sign up for that main newsletter yourselves.

You can find a link on any page of our website, on the right hand side. The system will tell you if you’re already signed up.

Not even saying nuffink about whether it’s 2016 yet…

From the UK Meet team – Charlie, Clare, JamieElin, Liam and Cathy

UK Meet 2016 – info about tickets

UKmeetSquare_LGNo, they’re not on sale yet! DON’T PANIC 🙂

But if you want to benefit from the chance to book them before they go on general sale you MUST be on the main newsletter list. You can find a link on any page of our website, on the right hand side. You’ll need to actively sign up rather than assume you’re on it.

Not even saying nuffink about whether it’s 2016 yet…

From the UK Meet team – Charlie, Clare, JamieElin, Liam and Cathy

Thanks from the 2015 UK Meet team!


Just a few words to finish off, before we get into UK Meet 2016.

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who stuffed bags, helped on the desk, did panels, said hello to newbies and made them welcome and generally made the weekend go smoothly. What a fantastic atmosphere you created; we couldn’t do this without any of you. Also, a heartfelt “well done” to all who bought raffle tickets – we raised £494 for Albert Kennedy Trust.

Thinking ahead

We’re collating all your feedback on the world’s biggest spreadsheet; that really clarifies what we need to tinker with. We’re aware we need to revisit quality control for panels to ensure they’re all up to the standard you expect and we’ll need to do a bit of work about better embedding our event values, but all of this is eminently doable.

Make sure you’re on our big newsletter list (sign-up linked from any page of our website) if you’re interested in next year’s event.

Not even saying nuffink about whether it’s 2016 yet…

From the UK Meet team – Charlie, Clare, JamieElin, Liam and Cathy

Meet a spotlight author – Clare London

Oooh look, it’s all about the memememe on the UK Meet blog today …. LOL

UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet

This time it’s the turn of Clare London, fellow UK Meet organiser, to introduce herself.

1) If you wrote an autobiography, what would its title be and why?
I may have to go for several volumes, because the title would change over the course of my life! For my 2015 life, it’s “That’s on my To Do list.” Need I say more? :).

2) What has your writing/ blogging journey been like from the start until now?

An epiphany, an eye-opener, an exhaustion, an empowerment.

I’m grateful and amazed at the pleasure I’ve found writing and joining an online community. I’ve had some success, some disappointment, some anguish, some Squee moments! I’ve also learned a lot about human nature, the publishing industry, social media, software / applications – and American English :).

3) What do you hope to get from UK Meet that’s different from other conferences?

The absolute joy…

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