Important announcement about my Dreamspinner books

This one-off announcement is to let you know the publishing rights for all the books I have previously sold through Dreamspinner Press will be returning to me over the next few weeks. Some are already back with me, others are still in the reversion process. So, for a while, you may not see them for sale as usual.

ALL the titles affected are shown below in the comments. And also any short stories I’ve published through them in the past, especially those at Christmas. Yes, it’s been sobering for me, too, to see how many there are!

Over the next few months, I’ll be deciding whether and which ones to republish, hopefully when I have time and resources to do so. And I will still continue publishing new books under my own company, Jocular Press.

💜 The MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to know? If you have ANY queries about my books, please feel free to contact me any time. I’m still here, and so’s my fiction. And I’m very happy to deal with you direct on any queries or book purchases.

Many thanks to all my online and real life friends for being with me through all this.