New serial from Sue Brown at Patreon

Are you following this witty serial from the talented author Sue Brown? I’m loving it :).

Are you already one of her fans / do you like one or more of the books she’s written? This serial’s a special treat, only available at the moment through her Patreon group.

Personally speaking, I subscribe to a few Patreon accounts, for authors, bloggers and artists I’m interested in knowing more about, and want to support beyond buying their public work. Obviously none of us have money to waste nowadays, but I reckon for the price of (yet another *g*) ebook a month, I can help them build the funds to keep going with what they – and I – love.

There is NO obligation at all, but if you’re encouraged to invest in a truly talented and hardworking author’s work – and get all kind of sneak peeks at work in progress LOL – you can join up for Sue’s account from HERE.

(PS and how fabulous is that graphic, from the equally talented Meredith Russell???)