My New Release – TIMESLIP

Can an impossible crush become a dream come true?

Available in all formats and bookstores HERE.


Kevin knows his crush on his gorgeous but impossibly aloof boss Marcus isn’t going anywhere. So it’s a huge shock when Marcus mysteriously appears one night in Kevin’s bedroom. Kevin has just enough time to enjoy Marcus’ attention and warm familiarity, then Marcus vanishes.

And then it happens again the next night.

And the next.

Meanwhile, back in daylight office hours, Marcus is as cold as ever with no obvious recollection of his night-time visits.

What’s really happening? Kevin’s emotions run deep, but so does his confusion. He’s wary of believing they have a chance together, yet his body and heart respond too joyfully to ignore.

It will take a twist of fate, a break in the routine, and a bizarre time trip to bring them together properly and, hopefully, for real.

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Is this just wedding day nerves for Patrick – or something much more important?

OUT TODAY and available at Amazon HERE.
Also available in other formats at JMS Books and from other online retailers.


Although he’s nervous on this, his wedding day, Pat is still taking all the stresses and mishaps in stride, until his mother announces that Nicky—his first boyfriend—is at the door. Unexpectedly.

While his mum and sisters fuss around with family crises and preparations, Pat lets his mind wander, remembering how he met Nicky, their growing friendship, and the closeness and love that led to so much more. The fun and sexy passion they shared—and the painful fights.

But why is Nicky here, at the house? And why is Pat so worried about it? As he goes downstairs to face Nicky, his family waits with bated breath to find out whether there’s another disaster looming—or whether Pat and Nicky’s story is something far more romantic.

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New Release news + 40% off today at JMS Books

I have a new book coming out at JMS Books, and it’s on pre-order with a Special Discount TODAY ❤

It’s JM Snyder’s birthday – and mine! – so we’re all celebrating. There’s 40% off ALL books at the store, but only for today. Yes, go run over there …… LOL

BLURB: Although he’s nervous on his wedding day, Pat is taking all the stresses and mishaps in stride until his mother announces that Nicky — his first boyfriend — is at the door. Unexpectedly.

While his mum and sisters fuss around with family crises and preparations, Pat lets his mind wander, remembering how he met Nicky, their growing friendship, and the closeness and love that led to so much more. The fun and sexy passion they shared … and the painful fights.

But why is Nicky here, at the house? And why is Pat so worried about it? As he goes downstairs to face Nicky, his family waits with bated breath to find out whether there’s another disaster looming … or whether Pat and Nicky’s story is something far more romantic.

BUY LINK (at JMS books, all formats):

NOTE: this is a re-edited and Extended version (now double the story!) of a book I originally published at Dreamspinner Press in one of their Daily Dose series.

NOTE 2: Non-US readers can certainly order from JMS, so don’t be put off by the warning message when you enter the site. Just order as usual, and rather than an immediate download, the file will be emailed to you – often just as quickly! ❤

Here’s my page at JMS Books, if you’re tempted by any of my books ;).

Stocking Stuffers – my Amazon whoopsie

What can I say?! I’m having one of Those Weeks and uploaded the wrong file to KDP yesterday. We haven’t officially launched Stocking Stuffers yet, but it is up on Amazon and KU earlier than expected, and it is WRONG :(.

I’m putting the correct file through *as we speak* and it should update today (Tue 12).

***If you’ve bought or KU-borrowed a copy, please try downloading again in 24 hours and/or let me know and I’ll make sure you have a REAL copy.

*goes away to hide back under my rock until Fate stops picking on me*

My New Release – ZEST

Did you read The Accidental Baker? Were you intrigued to know what happened to each of the four couples who got together over Donnie’s accidentally spilled Easter chocolates?! Or does that just sound like your kind of story, anyway LOL?

Well, now is your chance to read more, starting with … Donnie and Will.

When Donnie met Will, it looked like a real recipe for love. But Happy Ever After took just a bit more work.

OUT TODAY and available at Amazon HERE.
Also available in other formats at Smashwords and direct from other retailers.


Donnie’s new romance with silver fox veterinarian Will looks like a real recipe for love. But first he has to deal with the problems of his job, his friends’ demands, and worries about Will’s privileged background. To say nothing of Donnie’s thwarted dreams of a catering career—and baking something that doesn’t come out a disaster.

Will is fascinated and entranced by Donnie. A mature, professional businessman, he’s far less confident in romance—and in the bedroom. Yet his eagerness to look after Donnie and show him a better life are misguided, and have a disastrous effect of their own.

Donnie is everyone’s friend. He’ll help anyone out. But who’s there to help him when he needs it?

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New Release – MF erotica CALL ME

The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30 Volume 3

OUT TODAY and available HERE.

Including my sexy short CALL ME.
“… I can imagine him now, the designer suit pants creased with sweat, the silk necktie loose, his other palm flat on the desk, holding himself in check. Handsome, unruly, black-sheep man. Throat tight, eyes rolling.
Waiting for my order….”

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New Release – Inside Man


A new sexy paranormal short story from me (also previously published in the Myths, Moons, and Mayhem anthology, now with some extra word count).

BLURB: “There’s that joke, where the ghost doesn’t go to the party because he has no body to go with?

Well, I’m in no position to find it funny. Nowadays, I’m caught in a spirit limbo, unable to touch, and my only entertainment is to watch lovers together.

Like this cute couple Jake and Benjy, having a few problems with their relationship. Nothing some honest talk and good loving wouldn’t put right, I reckon. I follow them home, led selfishly by curiosity, mischief, or maybe just loneliness.

But I stay around for far more personal reasons.”

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New release – Hidden Hearts

HIDDEN HEARTS – Bad Valentine 3
Releases Feb 1 and now on pre-order
Details, Blurb, the Other Titles, and an Exclusive Excerpt

On pre-order today, available at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited:

BLURB: Accident-prone Ethan has a dating history that reads like a disaster movie script. Strong and silent Kel can’t seem to master the necessary small-talk on a proper date. When they both get signed up anonymously for a Valentines’s night event—”for those with an adventurous spirit but an open diary”—they never imagined they’d be matched. They never imagined the romantic sparks would fly. To be honest, they never imagined they’d survive the week.

A catalogue of disasters dogs the footsteps of their blossoming romance, including a coffee date with food allergies as an added extra, an intimate dinner that strays too close for comfort to chopped chillies, and a sensual massage with hot wax candles that threatens to alert the local fire brigade.

But if they can hold tight to their sweet, surprising, yet single-minded attraction – they might just survive this Valentine’s Day with something very special to look forward to.

BAD VALENTINE is the brand new series of lighthearted Valentine’s Day shorts by four different authors, each story written with the same opening line: Nothing good ever came of a Valentine. FIND LINKS TO ALL THE STORIES HERE.

Hidden Hearts by Clare London (Contemporary MM Romantic Comedy, 15k words) Ethan’s dating history is one long catastrophe, until a mis-matched Valentines date with Kel brings the hope of new love. That’s assuming the romance survives a few more disasters!
Love Magic by Jesi Lea Ryan (Paranormal MM Romance, 10k words) The day I met Derrick while playing my violin in the Park was magical. Unfortunately, love and magic don’t always mix.
Quill Me Now by Jordan Castillo Price (Paranormal MM Romantic Comedy, 25k words) Dixon Penn’s family wasn’t terribly shocked when he announced he was gay. But they were devastated to find out he’s the only one without the gift of Spellcraft.
Temporary Dad by Dev Bentham (Contemporary MM Romance, 22k words) A one night stand that should have started a love story and the stupid lie that got in the way. Add a disruptive seven-year-old and mayhem ensues. For Nick and Dylan, there are plenty of twists on the road to happy ever after


Ethan glanced over at table eleven, as he’d been directed to.

Oh my god.

Ethan’s last few boyfriends had all been very much like him. Reserved, modestly dressed, with an office job. The guy at table eleven was… something else.

He was really big. Huge shoulders. Fabulously straining pecs. Wasn’t that shirt way too small for him? Ethan reckoned he’d be at least four inches taller, too. The red scarf looked tiny around that neck. A thick but smartly clipped beard and moustache. Large hands, resting flat on the table. Very calm, very still. Very large hands.

And. Oh my God, again. Were those tattoos?

Ethan felt a bit faint. He took a clumsy step forward, knocked into a table and sent a chair and all the cutlery flying. He took a full minute apologising to the waitress who came to help, and when he stepped away, he winced as he felt the little vase and flowers crunch to pieces under his boot.

The man had stood, facing Ethan’s approach. He was probably a good six inches taller than Ethan. It was totally inappropriate, but Ethan had a sudden, vivid image of being scooped up by that thick arm and pressed against that big body. Hard.

“Hi. Kel,” the man said. His eyes were very bright, alert.

“Hi. I’m Ethan. This is bloody ridiculous, isn’t it? I mean, this whole set up. I don’t expect you imagined you’d get stuck with a skinny, boring accountant.” Whose voice was that, rambling on? Jesus, it was his.

“Are you?”

The guy was watching Ethan’s mouth. Was he deaf, maybe? Ethan had learned sign language at one time when he had a hearing-impaired friend at university, but he wasn’t sure he could remember much more than the alphabet and the sign for bullshit. Yeah. Also totally inappropriate. “Well. I’m skinny, at least.” Ethan smiled ruefully.

Kel’s beard crinkled at the edges of his mouth when he grinned. “Lovely smile,” he said.

“Oh. Thank you,” Ethan replied. He felt himself blush. And smiled again.

Kel pulled out a chair and Ethan stared at it for a moment until he realised it was so he could sit down. What good manners. He sat on the edge while the waiter brought them water and a small bowl of nachos.

“Have some,” Kel said.

Ethan wasn’t sure if it was a question or an order, but he was bloody hungry and the nachos smelled great. So much better than a bowl of nuts, which he usually had to avoid because of his occasional reaction, or those pretzel things that he once chipped a tooth on, or crisps that got stuck in clumps on his soft palate and made him cough. He hadn’t eaten all afternoon, because he’d been too nervous about tonight, and too angry with Pips at signing him up for something he knew nothing about.

“Me too,” Kel said.

Ethan flinched. From the amused look on Kel’s face… “I said that aloud?”

Kel smiled. “No problem.” He reached over and pulled a couple of nachos off the plate, dragging a long, delicious string of cheese with them.

Ethan pushed embarrassment aside and all but fought Kel for the rest of the bowl’s contents. He chatted about anything and everything whenever the table fell silent, which was most of the time, though Kel seemed content to listen.

When they both grabbed for the last chip, Kel lifted his hands away and sat back. “Yours. Good to find someone who likes his food as much as I do.” He watched Ethan chewing away as if he had all the time in the world, smiling with a gentle twist of his mouth all the time. It was very sexy.

“Sorry.” Ethan swallowed the last strands hurriedly. “I mustn’t talk with my mouth full.” He’d sprayed crumbs and spittle all over a date’s face before now in his rush to be both fed and charming. “This would be a poor date then, wouldn’t it?”

Kel shrugged, but for the first time he looked uncomfortable. “Honestly? I’m a poor date on my own. I don’t talk enough.”

Ethan waited for more elaboration but it never came. “Well, talking’s not everything. My flatmate says I can talk enough for two. Or maybe five.” He laughed nervously.

To his surprise, Kel laughed too. “I like that. You know a lot of things. And you don’t expect me to chat a lot about myself.”

Ethan snorted. “That’s my problem, not yours. I’m going to confess up front, I actually know nothing about F1 motorsports. My flatmate lied on my profile.”

Kel looked bemused. “I watch every championship, but I wouldn’t expect you to as well.”

“But I think that’s why we’ve been paired. By shared hobbies.”

Kel nodded slowly, realisation dawning on his face. “You in international finance?”

Ethan blinked at the bizarre question. “Hardly. I am an accountant, though. Ah!” The penny dropped. “That’s what was on your profile?”

Kel nodded. “My sister-in-law’s fault. It’s also a lie.”

Far from feeling cheated, Ethan felt tremendously relieved. “Pips also put ‘gourmet food lover’ on mine. I love eating, as you can see, but that’s as far as my involvement goes. I can barely scramble an egg.” Well, he could cook basic dishes, but Pips said they invented smoke alarms as a timer for Ethan’s cooking, considering how often he set off the one in the flat.

“I cook.” Kel didn’t expand on that but a flash of pride lit up his eyes, in a sudden burst of warmth. “But I don’t read poetry.”

“Poetry…? Oh, another of your sister-in-law’s economic use of the truth.” Ethan chuckled. “I read a lot, but romantic fiction, mainly.”

Kel’s mouth twisted in that lovely lopsided grin. “Car magazines, in my case. I run my own garage.”

“That’s fascinating.”

Kel raised his eyebrows. “Only if you like cars.”

Ethan burst into laughter. “I suppose so. But it’s exciting that you have your own business. I’d like to know more about that, whatever you want to tell me.”

Kel looked disbelieving, but his eyes sparkled with pleasure in the reflection of the table candle. The same candle that Ethan had nearly upended when he reached for the menu, until Kel moved it out of harm’s way without further comment or tease. Now he haltingly explained a few of the things he did at the garage, what his customers needed. Which cars were his favourites to work on. How he maintained the fleet of many small delivery businesses.

Ethan watched his animated expression, his slow but deep smiles of pride, his hands as they carefully sketched out several mechanical processes. He took the time to explain things to Ethan without assuming Ethan understood anything to start with, yet without patronising him. It was very refreshing, and Ethan was astonished at how captivated he was.

That was why he knew he had more to confess….

Best Gay Erotica – the authors exposed!

Much like a fine wine the Best Gay Erotica series just keeps getting better with each passing year—and this year’s volume is no exception!

A selection of its authors talks about their inspiration and what drives their stories.

“Eight Nights” by Richard May.
Hanukkah on All Fours.

My stories are almost always inspired by a visual. I see a photo or a painting or a person, and a story starts telling itself to me. “Eight Nights,” my story in Best Gay Erotica, Vol. 4, was inspired by two visuals. One was a friend’s photo from the Folsom Street Fair of a bare chested man in black leather pants leading another man by a leash. The man on all fours was dressed like a dog, completely in black leather. The second visual behind my story was the face of a man I worked with years ago. We never had sex, and I’m not into leather, but then my story is fiction, not history.

Richard May’s Amazon page

“Foursome” by Gregory L. Norris.
A young blue-collar construction worker finds fulfillment in exploring polyamory.

In the summer of 2013, I woke from an incredible dream about four handsome, young men making love. But the love was the most telling part of the dream, not their sweaty connection. I remember thinking that the emotion was palpable, beautiful. I dashed down notes on a card about this dream, and the card went into my catalog of unwritten story ideas. Flash ahead four years. Quite often, ideas in that metal recipe box—what I think of as my own personal treasure chest—seem to howl at me for attention, jump to the front of the line, and demand to be written. Such was the case with “Foursome”.

I write all of my first drafts longhand. Though years had passed between the dream and my putting pen to paper for “Foursome”, the passionate energy resonated as I wrote the pages. Those four characters loved one another as much then as in the dream. More so, because now they were alive in an actual, completed draft.

Nightly, I go to bed thinking about my muse, who is a man (sorry, Terpsichore and Sisters), the previous day’s writing adventures, and those that will greet me the next morning. And often, I’m rewarded with wonderful new stories in my dreams. “Foursome” was one such dream and a joy to pen.

Gregory L Norris’ website

“Appetite” by Jordan C. Price.

A vampiric-virus tour de force.

The characters that live in my head don’t necessarily stop what they’re doing just because I’ve typed the words THE END.

Case in point, the sexy short story I’ve titled Appetite, which is a cut scene/alternate ending from my vampire thriller, Hemovore. Writing novels is tricky because every scene needs to contribute something specific to the shape of the story. Sometimes scenes that are yummy in themselves need to get cut for length or tone or plot reasons. While adding another love scene in Hemovore would have really cemented the development of the characters’ relationship. I felt it took the punch out of the main event – the fact that despite the deadly Hemovore Virus, the characters could find a way to come together at all.

Still, the chapter that became Appetite is a deliciously dark sex-and-blood scene that stands well on its own, so I’m thrilled it’s found a home in BGE4.

Jordan C Price’s website

“Open Up” by Clare London
Does the deepest fear taint or thrill the deepest desire?

BGE4 (Clare London)

Open Up came to me as an idea to mix something very sexy and very raw, but with a twist of dark humour, almost horror, based on one of my own fears – the dentist’s chair! The siren call of sensual need so often hovers right on that edge. Our visceral reaction can be as strong toward passion as it is toward panic… can’t it?

I just mixed it all up a bit *wink*.

Clare London’s website


Available NOW: find all BUY links at Cleiss Press website here.