40% off today at JMS Books

Here’s my page at JMS Books, if you’re tempted by any of my books ;).

New Release full of cheek!

I can’t describe how much I love this cover LOL.

My cheeky book about a week in the life of perpetually horny, uninhibited, risk-taking Beckett and Doug – and their cheekily-sloganed T-shirts – hits the shelves at JMS Books on 29th Sept. Not that they’ll take time off from making out with each other to even notice!

WHAT NOT TO WEAR is now available at Amazon at somewhere around $1.99 (who knows with Amazon?!) but also on special price at JMS Books at only $1.59 in all formats.

It’s a story just for fun, I warn you *wink*.

BLURB: Beckett and Doug work together, travel together, live together … and play very enthusiastically together. They’re easily and cheerfully distracted by their desires, wherever they happen to be, whatever they’re officially meant to be doing.

The work week starts normally for the newly promoted Beckett, but that’s soon disturbed by his lover’s sexual provocation. As each day of the week passes, Doug’s behaviour, and the slogans on his daily T-shirt, get increasingly outrageous.

With the recipe of Doug’s unruly libido, Beckett’s masochistic tendency to surrender to it, and their shared fascination for sex in risky places — it’s inevitable their career prospects are soon completely out of control. But measured up against the love they have for each other, the question is … are they really bothered by that?

*Note: you may have read this serialised on my blog, or even in a much older version at Torquere Press. Please don’t feel obliged to re-buy it if so, even with a spiffy new edit. Though if you’re anything like me, and you can’t find that original version… well, just imagine what you’ll rediscover behind *that* cover!!