The Love Grape

lovegrape2Well. well, well.

I found this strangely-shaped grape in my fruit bowl last week and thought how appropriate! The heart shape for my dear online friends XXX.

Hubby took one look at the said fruit (no offence intended) and hasn’t stopped laughing since.

I blame it on his schoolboy humour… 🙂


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Brave Author faces Horror of Installing Printer…!

brave authorYes, here I am, scrabbling on the floor to install my new printer, watched by a sniggering goldfish (I can tell, you know *g*) but I AM VICTORIOUS!

Don’t ask why the printer has to be in a low cupboard, anyone who’s seen me working in ClareSpace will understand the restrictions I work under LOL.

So… very chuffed with myself!!! I’ve printed pension stuff for supporting my son’s student loan application, several blank tax forms, and Hubby’s tickets for the Ramblin’ Man festival this weekend.

What shall I print next? Oh yes, I’m meant to be working today … LOL

asterisk-by-digium1NOTE: I’m transferring my blogging to my website at the moment, so I hope this comes through to all the usual places. If you ever followed me at LiveJournal, please feel free to follow me here instead. The LINK is on the home page of my website, half way down the right-hand-side. You’re *very* welcome :).

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Mind the Gap: life changes ahead!

The most recent update on my life is that I’m leaving work next week. Amicably and with mutual agreement. But totally. *Ulp*.

It’s due to a combination of my employer changing location, and also the structure of the company. I can’t face the central London commute anymore, plus the content of my role would have been less challenging/interesting. Not something that’ll work for me ^_~.

I’m a *tad* too young to take early retirement (*cough*) and so I have to help support the family and house and social life for a few more years. I have lots of plans in process, including more writing – more Clare London goodness, I hope! and the launch of my Accountancy for UK Authors service – Quids & Quills.

So far, I haven’t regretted the decision to leave for One Single Moment :). But I’m going to post here now and then about how it’s going.

*takes deep breath and steps off the diving board …*

The Perfect Swag – a step too far?!

I found the most perfect item of swag recently, JUST what I’d love to bring along to UK Meet, GRL, and/or wherever else I may join in this year. It’s cute, light, relatively inexpensive, declares a love for London (i.e. me!) – and fits my personality (and desires) very well.


I can only get hold of 8 of them! *arrgghhhh*

LondonShoe1 LondonShoe2

Back to the quest on Ebay, I suppose …. 🙂