Listen and love… my joy of audiobooks!

I don’t have many audiobooks out there yet – I’ve never been a big enough Name to be front of a publisher’s queue when the format started taking off, and never had the dosh to have them done for my self-published titles (though I’m working on that in 2018 with Joel Leslie, I hope!). There are all the other issues too, of writing titles set in Britain, but with many of the currently popular narrators being US, and not as confident doing Brit voices, especially sustaining it over the whole length of a book (am working on that, too… *g*).

But it’s been a joy to ADD so much to the story of Romancing the Ugly Duckling by having a fabulous audio of it! Joel Leslie did me proud, and it was like the fun of writing it all over again.

In addition, I’m thrilled with the latest audiobook review for my Duckling at Love Bytes Reviews.

Excerpt… “This whole story hit me in the feels. I absolutely LOVED it and everything about it. I am so glad I put aside my reticence at the trope and gave this one a try. I truly enjoyed the story and the message it conveyed. Oh and the romance was great too! This was a fantastic addition to the Dreamspinner Desires line and I will be listening to this one over and over.”

And as for Joel’s narration? “Joel Leslie’s performance of this story was excellent. Most of his accents were exactly what I expected them to be and he really did a great job bringing out personalities and emotions and the anxiety when the story turned tense. His rendition of Perry really captured his character perfectly and I think his narration took this story to the next level. I highly recommend it!”

New Release – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE is now on pre-order at Dreamspinner Press, #5 of my London Lads series of short novellas, and their Perchance to Dream line, where they showcase books set in the UK.

And over at Two Chicks Obsessed today you can see the lovely COVER revealed, plus an exclusive excerpt and GIVEAWAY!

During a 10-hour delay at Glasgow Airport, a hapless Garry discovers the harsh truth of the saying “it’s the company you keep”…

Garry’s at the end of his tether. He’s waiting at Glasgow Airport to meet his friend Will, on their way to a holiday in a Scottish Highlands hotel. Now there’s a ten-hour delay to incoming flights, the seat in the lounge is more like an instrument of torture, and he’s beyond tired of airport food.

He’s also dreading having to apologise for the pass he recently made at Will, his colleague at a London bank, under the influence of too many beers and a long-held crush. Now Will’s been offered a new job offer on a continent thousands of miles away, Garry realises it may be the end of their close friendship—let alone anything more.

To add to Garry’s stress, he’s treated to the company of Emily and Max, two young people who think he needs educating in the ways of the world. Struggling with their well-meaning help and the startling mess from spilled ketchup and noxious-smelling sweets, he’s encouraged to re-examine how he feels about Will and to decide what kind of journey he’d really like them to take together.

Dreamspinner Press 10 years – follow the offers!

From Dreamspinner Press: “May 28, 2017 is the 10 Year Anniversary of our very first publication. A full-year Dreamspinner Press Extravaganza will kick off with Tweetaways, 10 for $10 sales based on the first year an author published, and a whole-store anniversary sale May 28-31.”

Follow Dreamspinner Press on Twitter or join our Facebook Group for freebie announcements during our 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Thank you for being a part of the 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Romancing the Ugly Duckling – Cover reveal, prize gift, and pre-order!

A mouthful of a header, right?! But I’m excited to announce my next Dreamspun Desire title ROMANCING THE UGLY DUCKLING will be released on June 15 at Dreamspinner Press. You can pre-order it now HERE. That’s if you’re not already a subscriber to the whole delightful Dreamspun line.

And P.S.? It’s on its way in audio, too :D.

There’s also a special cover reveal post over at TwoChicksObsessed, where I talk about the themes of the book, and also offer a £10 Amazon token to one lucky commenter. The offer will finish at the weekend, so dash on over there in the next couple of days, if you have time.

Exciting times!!


New Release – A Good Neighbour

It’s not that I FORGOT I had a new release this month… but, yes, I almost did :).

A GOOD NEIGHBOUR is out at Dreamspinner Press, part of my London Lads series of short novellas, and their Perchance to Dream line, where they showcase books set in the UK.

A secret affair can’t go on forever.

Dylan Philips admits it himself: he’s a relentlessly single man in a small suburban town, both proud of and resigned to being a good teacher and a devoted nephew to his mischievous Great-Aunts.

When the Aunts take a hand in matchmaking him with Josie Whitman, the girl who lives along the street, Dylan doesn’t tell them what kind of soulmate he’s really looking for—and the fact that he’s already found the man in question. It’s not Josie who’s travelling from London every month to her town property, but her journalist brother Neal. And Dylan meets up with Neal whenever he can.

But decisions must be made for their future. Dylan is risk-averse to everything from overseas travel to coming out, whereas Neal embraces adventure–and now he wants to take Dylan with him.

Horrified that his chance at love will move even farther out of his reach, Dylan realises it’s time for him to own up to what kind of man he really is. He needs to find courage and compromise. And who knows whether the Great-Aunts will be a help or a hindrance with that?

All the BUY links are HERE, just a mere click away ;).

A morning of startling joy

Morning all :). Unaccustomed as I am to tooting my own horn… no, seriously.

I received note of three lovely reviews last week, on two of my titles. I cannot describe how much that made my day(s)!

In my writing and publishing journey so far, I’ve had great reviews, I’ve had bleahh reviews, I’ve had downright weird, incomprehensible ones :). And I reckon I’ve developed a pretty sanguine approach to them now. (though let’s not talk about how long that’s taken LOL….)

But to read a thoughtful, carefully and individually penned commentary, laced with enthusiasm and appreciation of the story and the characters….

WOW. Always a startling joy.

 Thank you, all those who read, love and SHARE.

/end of rather slushy post. It has been a rather grim start to the year for me, is all I can say in my defence, albeit nothing to do with writing.

Oh, and the reviews?!

How the Other Half Lives at Boy Meets Boy Reviews
and Hearts on Fire Reviews

A Good Neighbour at OnTopDownUnder Reviews
(currently on pre-order at Dreamspinner Press)

I love Paris in the (nearly) springtime… :)


Dreamspinner Press will be at the Paris Book Fair in March – and so will I!

72-heuresI’m signing books on Sat 25th March – including my new French release of 72 Heures, now available at Dreamspinner on PRE-ORDER.

PLUS…. yes, there’s more!

From February 10 to 17, all Dreamspinner paperbacks are 25% off. In addition, there is free shipping available to those who choose to pick up their paperbacks at the Paris Book Fair when they use the coupon code PARIS17. (The Paris Book Fair takes place March 24 to 27, 2017.) Sales are set to begin and end based on Eastern Standard Time.


*******Happy reading!!******

Last day for Clare London audio giveaway!

It’s the LAST DAY to enter the giveaway for a free audio copy … 🙂

perf4.250x7.000.inddRomancing the Wrong Twin is now available in audio!
Listen to the excerpt HERE for the USA, and HERE for the UK.

How about *listening* to gruff Dom and bemused Aidan?! Hear how a mild deception to help out his twin lands Aidan in hot water, and Dom in an emotional place he never thought to go! :).

As a special promotion offer, I have a FREE CODE for the book for 2 lucky commenters, here on the blog or on Facebook – one for a US reader *plus* one for a UK reader. Comment with what you love about audiobooks, and whether you’re in the US or UK. I’ll announce the winners on Feb 15.

Here’s where you enter, and good luck! :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“Bite Night” – the Seasonal Month starts here :)

Dreamspinner Press’s Advent Calendar series are always hugely successful – and my contribution this year kicks off the month’s reading!

bitenight_fbprofile_optizimedforfeedBITE NIGHT:
Creatures of the Night and Santa’s Christmas duties don’t mix. Every myth and bedtime story tells you so. But on Christmas Eve, when the Elves walked off the job over pension rights, it was time for me – Irwin, the only vampire on Santa’s payroll, despite recent diversity initiatives – and my trusty team to help out. Just deliver a few parcels, Santa asked me. Just help out on your local patch. Just for one night.

Armed with my reluctance to face all that human sentimentality and accompanied by a wise-cracking werewolf and an unruly fairy with a taste for vodka, I did my best. Honest. But we were heading for disaster until I came face-to-face with cute babysitter Benny. It’s Santa’s Number One Rule—no interaction with the clients. But Benny somehow managed to upset my appetite, inflame my libido, and restore my faith in the Christmas spirit, with one cheeky smile and a tasty body piercing.

It’s Christmas, and the show must go on!

BUY LINKS: DSPlogo2015  ARe_logo  amazonlogo
Whole Advent Calendar HERE

“Irwin?” came a harsh whisper from behind me, at the window. “You eating all the cookies, you greedy bastard?”

With a rush of hot breath and prickly fur, Wulf burst into the room and skidded to a halt beside me. On all fours, of course, with his sack clutched in his teeth. He’d leaped the fence and approached through the back garden. I could only hope he’d kept his claws sheathed: they wreaked havoc with clients’ lawns.

“I don’t eat cookies,” I said to him. “As you very well know. The food is for you, and the milk or juice for Zilith.”

“Any sherry?” The mention of her name—and the promise of booze—had brought in the third person on my team. There was a swish of air as her butterfly-sized wings fluttered past, followed by a trail of glittery pink light from her miniscule toes. It never ceased to amaze me how she could also carry a sack a hundred times her personal size.

“Drinking on the job must be moderated,” I quoted from Santa’s handbook. Did I love being Mr. Human Resources, or what? Or maybe that should have been Mr. Inhuman Resources…. “You’ve had three sherries and a whiskey already from this street. Luckily, there’s only milk left out here.”

Zilith’s disappointed sniff expressed her opinion of the word “lucky.”

“Artificial tree. Huh. It’s a modern disease.” Wulf had finished the plate of cookies already—an expensive, organic brand, I noticed—and was prowling around the tree.

“Don’t you dare!” I snapped at him.

“What?” His body was long, lean and lupine, but the eyes were all mischievous bad boy.

“Piss up that tree,” I hissed. “I’ve seen you do it before, remember?”

“That other household wouldn’t have noticed.” Wulf yawned, his bright, white canines reflecting the twinkling tree lights. “Didn’t look like they’d cleared anything away from the previous Christmas. And did you see what their own dog left on top of the TV remote control? A delightful nugget of steaming—”

“Enough!” This was only the beginning of a long, long night, and I was already losing patience with the pair of them.

And then the guy walked into the room. We all stopped dead, him included. He looked to be in his early twenties, blond and blue-eyed. Mussed hair, barefoot, and dressed in loose jeans and a thin T-shirt that showed off some modest muscle definition and a couple of really tight, luscious nipples. One had the shape of a tiny metal bar threaded through it.

My mouth went dry.

“Bollocks,” Wulf growled, his hackles rising.

“Hush. Maybe he won’t see us.” Zilith’s best baby-girl voice tinkled in my ear.

The guy looked from her to me, to Wulf. And then back to me, probably because I was the one nearest his own height. The bowl of popcorn in his hands dropped to the floor with a crash.

“Pass on that, princess,” Wulf growled to Zilith.