Boys in Brief

Boys in Brief front cover.

A collection of Clare London stories full of sweet, sexy romance, and boys seeking friendship, fun and inspiration.

SALT ‘N VINEGAR: Brighton in the summer is a great place to be for Joe, a young, gay man looking for a good time with no strings, but something makes him want to take it slow with gorgeous chip shop regular Steven. The trouble is, Steven’s shy smile hides a dark secret, and his past is about to come back to bite them both.

THE BETTER PART: Chas’ growing up is fraught with trouble but it’s always been accompanied by his own irreverent humour and determination – and the continuing presence of his lifelong companion and friend, Adam. While Chas stumbles on through delights and disasters, life and love, Adam remains wise and supportive and… never changing.

DEEP COVER: As a decorated soldier, Max is doing all the right things, as is his lovely socialite girlfriend, Elisa. Max’s one grand passion, though, is for fellow soldier, Ryan. Will he live his life the way he wants, or will he and Elisa be forced to do what people expect?

DRESSING DOWN: When Joey takes his boyfriend Gaz to their friend Chris’ unruly “Tarts and Vicars” party, they cause an unholy stir. Why is Joey so proud of Gaz – why can’t their straight friend Vincenzo take his eyes off Gaz’s costume – why is Bren’s cousin Ginger so obsessed with waxing – who sat on the archbishop’s mitre – and just how much alcohol did Chris put in the punch?

METHOD ACTING: A young man receiving the most intimate teaching from his mentor and crush… but in Gerald and Stephan’s hands, is that scene really what it seems?

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