Where’s Santa?

Chris has been hired as the new Santa at Danny’s store, and he’s just the guy Danny wishes he had on his personal Christmas gift list.  When Chris has a crisis of confidence and Danny finds him hiding in the stock room, it looks like Danny’s Christmas wish will be granted by a Santa who’s very real.

This story is 6,000 words in length.

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© Clare London

“I can’t go back on duty,” he groaned.  “It’s inhuman cruelty.  I quit, as of now.”

“Tell that to Mr. Stevens,” I said.  “And he’ll tell that to your college board.”

“Fuck.”  Chris looked very dispirited.  “What can I do?”

I really wanted to put my arm around him, but I was worried it’d be taken the wrong way.  Well, taken the right way, was more likely, but that might cause me even more trouble.  I cleared my throat.  “Just keep quiet for another half hour or so.  Then when Mr. Stevens goes for his late lunch, you can smuggle your way out.  Leave the suit here, and you’ll never be recognized among all the customers.”

Chris looked down at his pants.  “I can’t leave these.”

I looked down at them, too, I couldn’t help myself.  I was starting to feel uncomfortable, particularly in my own groin area.  It was delicious in its own way, but not when I was trapped in my work pants and realizing I should have gone for the loose fit pair this morning.  “Maybe I can find a pair of shorts for you from the summer stock, you can quickly change into them.”

Chris stared at me and there was a mischievous sparkle in his eyes that wasn’t there before.  “I’m commando today.  No boxers.  Thought I’d be too hot in these stupid thick pants.”

“You’re…too hot…no boxers.” I couldn’t seem to manage a whole sentence.

“Danny.”  He said my name very softly and a bit nervously.  “I wouldn’t mind changing in front of you, though.  Do you know what I’m saying?”

For maybe the first time in my life, I wished I’d listened more carefully to my friends’ dating advice.  “I guess so.  But me…?”

Chris laughed and reached for my hand.  His grip was strong, like I noticed before.  “I’m sorry if I read it wrong, but you were looking at me.  That way, you know?”

I nodded, not knowing at all, but damned glad someones gaydar was working at full capacity.

“You’re very cute.”  He looked flushed, I could see the darker shade on his cheeks.  “I wanted to talk more to you this morning but we didn’t have time.  I’m a bit shy about this stuff, really, but you looked like you knew what you wanted.  Looked keen.”

I was too shocked to reply.  My mouth opened and closed again, like a surprised goldfish, and his gaze was on me, his eyes following the movement.  His tongue slipped out and he licked around his lips, quickly.

Suddenly it seemed the loose fit pants would have been a really good idea.

But before I could reach down discreetly and try to adjust my swelling cock, Chris lurched forward.  I stepped back, startled, and shredded packaging floated up from the floor, attaching to the fabric of my pants.  My nose itched, too: I’d dislodged one of the cobwebs on the nearby shelf and its sticky tendrils were clinging to me.

Then Chris kissed me and I forgot all the mess and confusion.