New Release – Dish of the Day

Now on sale – a brand new version of my shamelessly sexy MMM story, DISH OF THE DAY!

Three men together. Diverse tastes… one common love.

Richie Morton’s sunk all his hopes and savings into a new restaurant in South London promoting British ingredients and recipes. Yet on opening night, it all seems to be heading for disaster. Lost ingredients, manic chefs, no sign of the customers … he’s in despair. And where are his best friends Craig and Ben, who’ve been helping him set up the new venture? The least they could offer is moral support.

When they do eventually step in, though, they offer support of a very different kind. They tell Richie some home truths — that he pushes himself too much, and must learn to share and trust his life with others. With them, specifically. And then, when Richie’s still unconvinced, they decide to let actions speak for their love instead. They’ll help him relax and dish up a caring, sexy, and far more intimate menu.

Please note: this story has also been published in the Brit Boys: on Boys anthology, and also self-published for a time at Jocular Press.

On sale at Amazon HERE and in all other formats HERE, including an excerpt.

Early reviewers are enjoying the read 😀

“… It has all the right ingredients for a great read: three long-time friends turning to lovers, a disastrous grand opening of a new restaurant turning to an evening full of surprises and discoveries, entrees, main courses and delicious deserts, whip cream and great wine. What else do you need for a couple of hours of relax and enjoyable read!…” Alexleo at Goodreads.


Flash Fiction – September 2017

I’ve joined Helena Stone’s Flash Fiction Group on Facebook, and you note my bold header? implying I can deliver lots of them in monthly instalments! 😀

This one was a LOT of fun… just click the MORE links to read it all!



The room is warm, the water in the bath laps against the sides, leaking around the side of his hips. I want to draw a big, sloppy heart in the condensation on the mirror, but this isn’t the time for frivolity.

“You’re sure about this?” His voice is low and a little too rough.

The lid of the plastic bottle is fiddly to open with gloved hands, and I have to lean my hip against the bathroom sink to keep my balance. “Of course I am.” ……………..


New release – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Number #5 of the London Lads series is on sale at all your fave retailers :D.

Garry’s at the end of his tether. He’s waiting at Glasgow Airport to meet his friend Will, on their way to a holiday in a Scottish Highlands hotel. Now there’s a ten-hour delay to incoming flights, the seat in the lounge is more like an instrument of torture, and he’s beyond tired of airport food.

He’s also dreading having to apologise for the pass he recently made at Will, his colleague at a London bank, under the influence of too many beers and a long-held crush. Now Will’s been offered a new job offer on a continent thousands of miles away, Garry realises it may be the end of their close friendship—let alone anything more.

To add to Garry’s stress, he’s treated to the company of Emily and Max, two young people who think he needs educating in the ways of the world. Struggling with their well-meaning help and the startling mess from spilled ketchup and noxious-smelling sweets, he’s encouraged to re-examine how he feels about Will and to decide what kind of journey he’d really like them to take together.

Amazon buy link HERE and all other formats HERE, including an excerpt.

Early Reviews have been very enthusiastic!

From Diverse Reader: “…And you’ve got to feel kind of sorry for him.  He has a lot going on, all at one time, and the last thing he needs it babysit two little kids that he doesn’t even know.  But through the forced entrapment, through the messy candy and French fries with ketchup, the kids help him untangle the mess that his life has become.  Who would have thought that kids had the ability to help with very adult issues.  But sometimes kids see things in far simpler terms than adults, and sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones…”

From Dog-Eared Daydreams: “…Clare London’s collection of novellas entitled London Lads, originally released through a different publisher several years ago before being re-published this year by Dreamspinner Press, has reached its end and she certainly left the best one for last. Each of the novellas has a unique feel to it, but it’s book number five, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, which has stood out. Maybe it’s the fact that most of the book has the main character in the company of a seven-year-old and a ten-year-old, but there’s a quirkiness to it that I found endearing and absolutely entertaining.”

Writing Sex Scenes – tips and teases!

Alina Popescu is currently harnessing the experience and expertise of authors with a weekly series on important writer topics. My latest one is on that elephant in the room WRITING SEX SCENES! (go on, you know you want to/don’t want to… LOL)

Come over to the post and see if any of the tips can help you. And check in on the other great posts in the series while you’re there!

On the Red Carpet – Looking for Jesse by Lisa Worrall

An exciting new release from well-loved author Lisa Worrall!


Life is full of decisions and it’s the split-second ones that change your world forever.

Nick Shepherd made such a decision on the day his son, Jesse, was taken from a Christmas market in Naperville. The woman looked normal and had a son of her own, and he was only going to be a minute. But that minute was all she needed. His son was gone.

A year later, the task force is being downsized and they are no closer to finding Jesse than they were the day he disappeared. At his wits end, Nick is given a number and a name by the lead on the case.

Ex-detective Frank Ford has issues, several of them. Two steps shy of a full-blown alcoholic, all he wants is to bury himself in the bottle. He’s doing a pretty good job of it, too, when Nick Shepherd asks for his help. Does Ford want to help? No. Is Ford going to help? Hell no. Until four words resonate deep within him.

“She took my son!”

Book Info:
Word count: 62000
Genre: mm/mystery/thriller/kidnap
Publisher: Self-Published
Cover: Book Cover by Design

Half an hour later there were only three people ahead of them and Nick sent a silent prayer of thanks heavenward. He’d stopped feeling his fingers fifteen minutes ago, and the sky had begun to darken as evening approached. After Santa, they could take one more trip around the lot, pick up a few decorations and the quilt Jesse had spotted for Nick’s mom before heading home. Nick’s stomach rumbled loudly and he suddenly realized they hadn’t eaten since the giant pretzel’s and hot chocolate when they first arrived. The Disney Channel and takeout pizza was the way to go. They were down to two in front when Jesse announced.

“Aww nuts.”

“Excuse me?” Nick stared down at him with a raised eyebrow. Although Jesse didn’t notice because he was too busy hunting through his pockets.

“I lost my mitten!” Jesse looked up at him, one of his multi-colored Christmas mittens clutched in his fingers.

Aww crap!

Anna had bought him those mittens last year at this very market and Jesse had scoured his closet last night looking for them. Wearing them today had been important and Nick got it, he really did.

“Where did you have them last?” Nick asked, dropping down to his haunches to look his son in the eye. His stomach rumbled again and Nick had a lightbulb moment. “Were you wearing them when we had hot chocolate?”

“Yes!” Jesse exclaimed. “But I took them off to hold the cup. Maybe I left it there.”

“Okay,” Nick said. “When we’ve seen Santa, we’ll go back and look for it.”

“But what if someone takes it while we’re waiting?” Jesse’s voice rose and Nick could hear that tears were on their way. “We have to go now!”

“Jay, we’ve been standing in line for thirty minutes, dude, and Santa’s gonna be closing up shop soon. If we go now, you’ll miss him.” Nick tried to reason but Jesse was on the verge of meltdown and people were beginning to stare at them.

“I… need… my… mitten!” Jesse wailed, sobs building in his chest and he threw his arms around Nick’s waist.

Double crap!

Nick looked at the woman in front of them with her son, then over at the seating area where they’d had their hot chocolate and pretzels earlier—then back again. It wasn’t that far…. If he sprinted, he could get to the wooden tables, check if the mitten was there and get back before it was their turn. Jesse would be okay just for a minute—wouldn’t he—of course he wouldn’t he’s only seven—but it’s only for a minute and there are people everywhere—but—? Nick didn’t have time to finish the conversation with himself because Jesse wailed again. Tapping the woman in front of them on the shoulder, Nick made an executive decision.

“Excuse me,” he said as she turned around. “My son left his mitten at the seating area over there but I don’t want him to miss his turn. Would you mind watching him for a minute while I run over and find it?”

The woman’s kindly brown eyes took in Jesse’s tear-soaked face and the length of the line then smiled. “Of course,” she replied. “But be quick, I think they’re rushing the kids through so they get in as many as they can before closing.”

“Like there’s fire coming out of my as—sorry, butt—sorry.” Nick stumbled over the words but she only laughed and waved her hand.


“Thanks,” Nick said gratefully and quickly hugged Jesse to him. “I’ll be right back, buddy, okay? You just stand here with this nice lady and I’ll be so quick you won’t even notice I’ve gone.”

Jesse looked at him warily but the woman smiled and said, “He’ll be fine with me and Marcus, won’t you?” Jesse gave a hesitant nod and Nick hit the ground running.

The mitten Gods must have been smiling down on him because he found it under the table where they’d been sitting almost immediately. He heaved a huge sigh of relief and dashed back to Santa’s Grotto, mitten held high like a victory torch so Jesse could see.

Nick made good on his promise, he was back in just over a minute, if a little out of breath. Promising himself he’d tell Daisy to stop bringing in donuts to work, he headed to the front of the line. He smiled as he slowed his approach, not wanting to slip on the frozen ground. Nick was surprised to see Jesse still held the woman’s hand. Although Jesse was an affectionate kid, he was also very cautious and took a while to warm up to new people. A hand tightened around Nick’s heart. It had been a long time since Jesse had felt a motherly touch. Even when they’d sat on the couch watching TV, Jesse’s hand had always been curled around Anna’s.

“I got it, dude!” Nick said jubilantly, putting his hand on Jesse’s shoulder. “It was right whe—”

The words caught in his throat as the boy turned and so did the woman holding his hand. “Hey!” she yelled, pulling the boy toward her.

“I’m sorry.” Nick held up his hands. “I thought you were… my….” He spun on his heel, his gaze flitting all around him. “Jesse!” His name echoed on the cold evening air. “Jesse! My son? Where’s my son?” Nick grabbed the woman’s forearm and her eyes widened in horror. “My son!” he repeated. What was wrong with her? Why was she looking at him like that?

“Hey, man, take it easy.” That came from a big, bald man a couple of spaces down the line.

Nick ignored him and shook the terrified woman. “My son, he was here. Right here. Where is he? You must have seen him!”

“Sir, is there a problem?”

Nick looked at the woman dressed in a short-skirted elf costume and the burly security guard behind her. He dropped the frightened woman’s arm and ran shaking hands through his hair. “My son,” he said again. Why was no one listening to him? “He was right here! Where is he?” He turned back to the dark-haired woman who now clasped her son to her tightly. “You saw him. You must have. He was with the other woman and the boy. I just went to find his… his mitten.” Nick waved it pathetically, the woolen mitten still clutched firmly in his fingers. “I found… it.”

“The little blond boy?” the elf asked.

“Yes!” Nick tried not to scream but panic, raw and heavy bubbled deep within him. He tried to push it down, but he could taste it in the back of his throat. “He was here. Right here. I was only gone—”

“She left.”

“She left?” Nick shook his head. “What do you mean she left?” He grabbed her forearms. Where. Is. My. Son?”

The elf turned her concerned gaze on the security guard, who stepped forward and put a firm hand on Nick’s shoulder. Spots dotted Nick’s peripheral vision as his brain tried to force him to accept what she was saying.

“Sh-she said there was an emergency. That they had to go.”


“I-I thought you were together,” she stuttered. “Oh, my God. I didn’t know. I thought you were toge—”

“Where is my son?” Nick knew what the answer was going to be, but he had to hear it. “Where is my son!

“Sh-she took him.”


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Author Bio:
My home is in Leigh on Sea, a small seaside town just outside London on the coast of Essex, about ten minutes from Southend, which boasts the longest pier in the world. I live with my husband and two ever-growing children, who I let think are the boss of me; along with two dogs who actually are.

As the wonderful Beatrix Potter said, “There is something delicious about writing the first words of a new story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.” I know exactly what she means and hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Website: | Facebook: Lisa Worrall Author
Twitter: Lisa_Worrall | Email: | Google+: Lisa Worrall


Listen and love… my joy of audiobooks!

I don’t have many audiobooks out there yet – I’ve never been a big enough Name to be front of a publisher’s queue when the format started taking off, and never had the dosh to have them done for my self-published titles (though I’m working on that in 2018 with Joel Leslie, I hope!). There are all the other issues too, of writing titles set in Britain, but with many of the currently popular narrators being US, and not as confident doing Brit voices, especially sustaining it over the whole length of a book (am working on that, too… *g*).

But it’s been a joy to ADD so much to the story of Romancing the Ugly Duckling by having a fabulous audio of it! Joel Leslie did me proud, and it was like the fun of writing it all over again.

In addition, I’m thrilled with the latest audiobook review for my Duckling at Love Bytes Reviews.

Excerpt… “This whole story hit me in the feels. I absolutely LOVED it and everything about it. I am so glad I put aside my reticence at the trope and gave this one a try. I truly enjoyed the story and the message it conveyed. Oh and the romance was great too! This was a fantastic addition to the Dreamspinner Desires line and I will be listening to this one over and over.”

And as for Joel’s narration? “Joel Leslie’s performance of this story was excellent. Most of his accents were exactly what I expected them to be and he really did a great job bringing out personalities and emotions and the anxiety when the story turned tense. His rendition of Perry really captured his character perfectly and I think his narration took this story to the next level. I highly recommend it!”

Romancing the Ugly Duckling delight :)

When did I sign up for Pronoun? What is this mystical site whereby I received the gladdeous news today:
Your book is in the top 4% of all books in:
Literature & Fiction > Fiction > Gay
#1060 in category.

Happy, nonetheless – and Hugely Grateful to all who’ve bought it, shared the news, supported my latest book, and just generally held me upright when needed!


On the Red Carpet – Elin Gregory’s new release

Elin Gregory’s writing is like the best kind of chocolate – rich, layered, subtle, and pure, tasty delight. Witty, too, but I couldn’t make that work with the chocolate analogy ;).

The Bones of Our Fathers released today!

Malcolm Bright, brand new museum curator in a small Welsh Border town, is a little lonely until – acting as emergency archaeological consultant on a new housing development – he crosses the path of Rob Escley, aka Dirty Rob, who makes Mal’s earth move in more ways than one.

Then Rob discovers something wonderful, and together they must combat greedy developers and a treasure hunter determined to get his hands on the find. Are desperate measures justified to save the bones of our fathers? Will Dirty Rob live up to his reputation? Do museum curators really do it meticulously?

Answers must be found for the sake of Mal’s future, his happiness and his heart.

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As Mal trotted down the narrow stairs from the attic to the lower landing it suddenly occurred to him who might have been making Betty giggle and who she might trust enough to let them loose on the upper corridors of the museum. So he wasn’t altogether surprised to glimpse a yellow hard hat through the wrought iron of the bannisters.

“Hey.” Mal leaned over the rail and grinned as Rob looked up at him. “Didn’t think I’d see you again so soon. No pool table but I can make you a coffee.”

Rob gave him a beaming smile. “Tea and you’re on,” he said and followed Mal into the little room they had set aside as a staff kitchen.

Mal took a couple of mugs down from the cupboard and turned on the kettle. “I think I thanked you all for last Thursday, didn’t I? It was good fun.”

“Yeah,” Rob’s grin sounded in his voice but Mal turned to look at him anyway just for the pleasure of it. Rob had taken off his hard hat and put it on the window sill and was leaning against the edge of the window, hands in his pockets and looking out over the patch of grass and shrubs that was all the museum could afford of a garden these days. With his high vis jacket and coveralls undone to show a bright segment of printed tee shirt—Mal could see the “-oun-arm-lu” of “Young Farmer’s Club” and a bit of a bull logo—and with long legs in rigger boots crossed casually at the ankle, he looked both wildly out of place and very much at home. Mal really envied his ease. Here was a man who knew exactly what he wanted and was confident of getting it.

And what he wants right now – apart from tea – is me!” Mal found that a very satisfying thought.

The kettle whistled and Mal poured the boiling water into the mugs, soaking the special pyramidal bags that Sharon insisted made much better tea than any other variety. Mal stooped to open the fridge.

“Milk?” Malcolm asked. “Sugar?” Rob had stopped looking out of the window and was watching Mal. Mal could feel it.

“I never say no to a bit of sugar. Bit o’ milk too. Just enough to take the edge off.”

Mal grinned and made the tea then turned and offered Rob his mug.

“Thanks,” Rob said then lifted the mug a bit to read the printing on the side. “Museum curators do it meticulously? Oh. My. God. I hope that’s true.”

Mal snorted. “It’s part of the job to keep the paperwork in good order.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

Mal just smiled his agreement. “Come through to my office,” he suggested.


Elin’s bio:

Elin Gregory lives in South Wales and has been making stuff up since she learned to talk. Writing has always had to take second place to work and family but, slowly, she is finishing the many novels on her hard drive and actually trying to do something useful with them.
Historical subjects predominate. She has written about ancient Greek sculptors, 18th century seafarers but also about modern men who change shape at will and how echoes of the past can be heard in the present. Heroes tend to be hard as nails but capable of tenderness when circumstances allow.
There are always new works on the go and she is currently writing more 1930s spies, adding to a series of contemporary romances and doing background reading for stories set in Roman Britain and in WW2.
logo by Catherine Dair

Website: Blog:

New Release – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE is now on pre-order at Dreamspinner Press, #5 of my London Lads series of short novellas, and their Perchance to Dream line, where they showcase books set in the UK.

And over at Two Chicks Obsessed today you can see the lovely COVER revealed, plus an exclusive excerpt and GIVEAWAY!

During a 10-hour delay at Glasgow Airport, a hapless Garry discovers the harsh truth of the saying “it’s the company you keep”…

Garry’s at the end of his tether. He’s waiting at Glasgow Airport to meet his friend Will, on their way to a holiday in a Scottish Highlands hotel. Now there’s a ten-hour delay to incoming flights, the seat in the lounge is more like an instrument of torture, and he’s beyond tired of airport food.

He’s also dreading having to apologise for the pass he recently made at Will, his colleague at a London bank, under the influence of too many beers and a long-held crush. Now Will’s been offered a new job offer on a continent thousands of miles away, Garry realises it may be the end of their close friendship—let alone anything more.

To add to Garry’s stress, he’s treated to the company of Emily and Max, two young people who think he needs educating in the ways of the world. Struggling with their well-meaning help and the startling mess from spilled ketchup and noxious-smelling sweets, he’s encouraged to re-examine how he feels about Will and to decide what kind of journey he’d really like them to take together.