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Good news from the RNA

Good news from the Romantic Novelists Association on supporting more diverse romance in their New Writers Scheme. Full article here.

EXCERPT: “The Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) has announced a raft of inclusivity initiatives, including the launch of 10 new bursaries aimed at supporting a more diverse range of romantic fiction writing.

As part of a wider drive to ensure the RNA is inclusive of members, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, social background, nationality, income level and disability, seven new “writer diversity and inclusion” bursaries will fund one-year places on the RNA’s New Writers’ Scheme (NWS).”

Happy Christmas MM Blogshop!

Well, the excitement of Christmas anticipation has overcome me, and I’m launching my Christmas Blogshop/Shopfront of MM seasonally-themed books earlier than I planned LOL. There are already 55 titles to browse, from almost as many authors, from stars to those rising to stardom! Novels, novellas, shorts, humour, drama, bittersweet, fantasy, paranormal, historical – and a lot of romance.
Readers – Hop on over and take a look at the books already on display, and I hope others will be added all the way up until Christmas.
Authors – if you would like your Christmas title(s) added, new or backlist, just comment on Facebook, here on my blog, or email / message me with your BUY link and I’ll be happy to add you within 24-48 hours. This is a mutual promo opportunity and the more the merrier!!
ALL I ASK is that you promote the page wherever you go, to share the news ❤
And don’t forget, the Halloween page is still live too, on all the same terms!

Why self-publish?

If you ever wondered…

There’s a good summary on ALLi today (the Alliance of Independent Authors) which offers an explanation of some or all of the reasons authors choose self-publishing nowadays, either as their sole route to publication, or as an additional option to working with a publisher (as I do).


Halloween is for readers…

Do you enjoy reading MM books with a seasonal theme? Halloween isn’t just for pumpkins, ghosts, and horror trains. This season’s reads can also be spooky, scary, funny, sexy, weird, horrific, thoughtful, melodramatic, shocking, redeeming, and overall romantic…

Whatever it means to you, whatever you like to read, come and take a look at the MM books in my blogshop window. There are books from many authors in this genre.

This page will be live from today to November 30.

CLICK HERE for all the info, then click on to Halloween 2018.

And shop from the comfort of your e-reader 😉


NOTE #1: This ISN’T a giveaway, it’s a collection of books you can buy, but all in the seasonal spirit, together in one place. I’m just offering the page as as joint promotion – and to offer readers a delicious wallow in the weird and wonderful ;).

NOTE #2: Authors, would you like a book included? Email me from any of my social media or on You can be added at any time during the

LGBTQIA+ instafreebie giveaway

This LGBTQIA+ giveaway is still running over at Instafeebie running from Oct 7- 22. Click this link or the banner to go there.

It includes my book Pluck and Play, # 5 in the With A Kick series (though like all the others in the series, it’s a standalone romance).

And the giveaway? All the books are an optional check-in to the author’s newsletter i.e. you won’t be automatically subscribed. That said, if you want to join mine, the link is HERE *wink*.

BLURB: Everyone knows Curtis Wilson around the Soho business scene: a hard-working, budding young entrepreneur, who can get you supplies of whatever you need, and always with a joke and a laugh. Only Curtis knows that’s a purely public persona. Secretly, he’s still licking his wounds after being beaten up by his ex-lover, and he’s not about to let his guard down again.

Handsome Riley Richmond was born to be a cowboy, on his father’s side at least. But after his parents’ deaths, he finds himself stranded this side of the Atlantic, an anachronism in the bustling capital, and without financial capital. His consolation is his music, albeit he’s not a very successful busker and he loses his only decent piano gig after standing up for Curtis against a homophobic bully.

After that, they keep meeting, partly by accident, partly by Riley’s design. He’s smitten, and doesn’t mind letting Curtis know. Their music brings them together – Riley’s guitar playing and Curtis’ sharp, sexy poetry are a powerful combination. But Curtis still has some unfinished business with his ex-lover that he’s struggling to handle on his own. Riley intends to be the man Curtis calls on for help, whether he likes it or not. He’ll do whatever it takes to show Curtis that people can still be trusted to be honest and caring – even if it means walking them both into danger.

The day is here!

Andrea Demetrius

Celebrate Bisexuality Day is here, and so is the first MY VOICE, MY STORY Anthology put together by editors Mariëlle S. Smith and Sìne Máiri Ní Alpín.

Representation is vital. No matter what we identify as, we need role models we resonate with. In fiction, we need to read stories about people who are like us, written by people who are like us.

In this first My Voice, My Story anthology, Mariëlle S. Smith and Sìne Màiri Ní Ailpín have collected a variety of stories by and about bisexual characters. From King Arthur’s court to the black snowfields of one of the nine colourful queendoms, and from a Malaysian suburb to the red clay of Prince Edward Island, Subatomic and other stories by and about bisexuals has a story for everyone, bisexual or not.

You can get a free copy at the editor’s site M.S. Wordsmith

  • For Kobo, click

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