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“What has fanfiction ever done for you?”

I’ve written another in my occasional series on “fanfiction to publication” over at the SubRosa Writer blog.

In The Writer’s Playground I ask – what has fanfiction ever done for you?? and then proceed to list the things in details and with enthusiasm LOL.

Please feel free to comment and share your feelings – I’m enjoying writing this series a lot!

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The SubRosa Writer is a resource for fanfiction writers or any passionate writer that must write in private while balancing other public priorities such as work and family. Join our community and experience resources in:

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You write fanfiction every day for free, on your own time, and deserve to have resources at your fingertips. Let me be that resource.

New Release – A Good Neighbour

It’s not that I FORGOT I had a new release this month… but, yes, I almost did :).

A GOOD NEIGHBOUR is out at Dreamspinner Press, part of my London Lads series of short novellas, and their Perchance to Dream line, where they showcase books set in the UK.

A secret affair can’t go on forever.

Dylan Philips admits it himself: he’s a relentlessly single man in a small suburban town, both proud of and resigned to being a good teacher and a devoted nephew to his mischievous Great-Aunts.

When the Aunts take a hand in matchmaking him with Josie Whitman, the girl who lives along the street, Dylan doesn’t tell them what kind of soulmate he’s really looking for—and the fact that he’s already found the man in question. It’s not Josie who’s travelling from London every month to her town property, but her journalist brother Neal. And Dylan meets up with Neal whenever he can.

But decisions must be made for their future. Dylan is risk-averse to everything from overseas travel to coming out, whereas Neal embraces adventure–and now he wants to take Dylan with him.

Horrified that his chance at love will move even farther out of his reach, Dylan realises it’s time for him to own up to what kind of man he really is. He needs to find courage and compromise. And who knows whether the Great-Aunts will be a help or a hindrance with that?

All the BUY links are HERE, just a mere click away ;).

Autism Awareness

I’m pleased to be taking part in a blog tour for Autism Awareness, the master post is HERE at RJ Scott’s blog. Find all the links to many other fun, informative, intriguing, caring and thoughtful posts on the topic. Please read, enjoy, and learn.

Sesame Street's Julia to make Sesame Place debut

I’ve been reading this week about the Sesame Street initiative to bring in a character with autism, Julia – “See amazing in all children”.

“We felt that creating a character who was autistic would allow children to identify her but equally important, it would allow us to model for all children the differences and commonalities of a child with autism. It was an opportunity to help explain autism and to help increase awareness and understanding.”

Sesame Workshop said it consulted with more than 250 organisations and experts over a five-year period, ahead of unveiling the character. The puppet is handled by a mother of a child with autism, and Sesame Workshop also backs up the character launch with a website with plenty of resources on the subject for children and adults.

Both my Sons had friends in their school class who had autism of some degree. I suspect many people would admit they can identify someone with it, even if they never knew before what to call the condition. I’ve always believed the route to integration of any individual or group into society is one of respect, understanding and familiarity. Without going too deeply into the Sesame Street plans, I applaud wholeheartedly the intention to include all kinds of people in a much-loved, high-profile children’s series.

Because all people should be included in life, right?

Many need help to grasp all life’s opportunities, to communicate with a complex and confusing world, and to express themselves without harsh and unfair judgement – because their Amazing is not the same as another person’s Amazing. And for them and their loved ones, that deserves as much respect and acceptance as any other path.

So many of us spend a lot of life trying to fit in, to toe the line, to be the norm. When really, shouldn’t we be celebrating the wonder of uniqueness?!

Feel free to join me as I take that as my aim in daily life – See amazing in all! 😀

First keyboard crash of the year!

It’s no good – I can’t manage the I/O and K/L and E/R any longer without any guidance!!! The keys have all worn off on my keyboard. So I’ve invested in a new one.

Via Ebay, because unfortunately official suppliers have stopped supplying my favourite Microsoft Curve 2000, so it’s become a shifty, underground, brown paper-wrapped parcel in exchange for cash under the counter, kind of purchase LOL.

But… the writing must go on, right?! It’s my own favourite addiction…  🙂 (though PS, I think we’ll keep a watch on how long this one lasts, right?!)


Free short story: for picfor1000 at LiveJournal

I’ve posted before about the great LiveJournal site picfor1000 which runs a challenge every year for authors to write a short story in EXACTLY 1,000 words, based on a random picture the Mods give out. I love this challenge LOL! Apart from the fact I like writing short, and thrive on restriction *heh*, I also love the chance to write something different from the rest of my year’s production.

This year’s challenge was based on a theme of “singular”. Many of the fics are written in popular fandoms, so hop on over and browse to your heart’s delight. It’s open to non-LJ account holders. All stories are due in by March 31, so there’ll be a rush of them in the next couple of days.

Don’t feel obliged to read and/or comment on mine, as I’ve had tremendous fun meeting this year’s challenge regardless. It’s not MM, it’s not romantic, though it is hopeful :). But if you do read it, I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the picture I was given this year, and my story in response.


“Come down from there,” Galen called up into the tree.

High above him, the skinny youth made no reply. Perched on the junction of bare branch and trunk, he hugged himself to the smallest he could.

“Best fucking mates?” Galen gave a snort intended to be heard. “You won’t even answer me. I’m freezing my bloody balls off here for you, y’hear? This ain’t my favourite pastime of a Sunday morning.”

No answer, though maybe there was a small rustle of movement.

“My tea’s getting cold indoors.” Galen darted a gaze around the base of the tree, wondering how hard the ground was, this time of a cold winter morning. “And Paula’s worried about you. She’s crying all over the breakfast table.” He gave a short, harsh laugh. “Never been keen on salty cereal, me.”

Yes. There was a soft sound from above. A snigger, maybe, then a creak from the branch as overwhelming misery resettled the boy’s body. Galen had been there, done that. But you didn’t stop trying, right?


Pic courtesy of:  Alone, by Ghaith AL Ajmi

A morning of startling joy

Morning all :). Unaccustomed as I am to tooting my own horn… no, seriously.

I received note of three lovely reviews last week, on two of my titles. I cannot describe how much that made my day(s)!

In my writing and publishing journey so far, I’ve had great reviews, I’ve had bleahh reviews, I’ve had downright weird, incomprehensible ones :). And I reckon I’ve developed a pretty sanguine approach to them now. (though let’s not talk about how long that’s taken LOL….)

But to read a thoughtful, carefully and individually penned commentary, laced with enthusiasm and appreciation of the story and the characters….

WOW. Always a startling joy.

 Thank you, all those who read, love and SHARE.

/end of rather slushy post. It has been a rather grim start to the year for me, is all I can say in my defence, albeit nothing to do with writing.

Oh, and the reviews?!

How the Other Half Lives at Boy Meets Boy Reviews
and Hearts on Fire Reviews

A Good Neighbour at OnTopDownUnder Reviews
(currently on pre-order at Dreamspinner Press)

On the Red Carpet: R.J. Jones’ new release + Giveaway + Excerpt

Welcome today on the blog author R. J. Jones and her new release set in the town of my birth – Brighton, England. Hurrah for a romantic read by the seaside!

She’s also offering an excerpt, plus a GIVEAWAY. Please use the Rafflecopter link below to enter.


A sea change could be just what the doctor

Doctor Scott Penney used to be a Paediatric Oncologist—until he burned out. Watching children suffer and die took its toll on his mental health. To cope, he used anonymous sex as an emotional crutch, thinking it was better than hitting the bottle. But that inevitably destroyed his relationship with the man he loved.

With his tail between his legs and a year’s worth of celibacy under his belt, Scott accepts a position as an Accident and Emergency consultant, leaving his career in oncology and London behind.

Ben Jenkins is a paediatric nurse who loves his seaside city, his job, and his faithful old Labrador, Happy. When he meets the new doctor, Ben falls for Scott’s kind-yet-reserved personality—not to mention his good looks. Scott is great with the children who come through the hospital, but Ben senses there’s more to Scott than meets the eye.

Scott tries to resist Ben’s sunny charm—Scott’s not boyfriend material, after all—but it’s impossible not to fall in love with the sad looking old dog and his charming owner. As Scott and Ben get closer and the weather heats up, tragedy strikes and Ben is left wondering how much of Scott’s history he actually knows.

For them to move forward, Ben must show Scott that no matter what happened in the past, a beautiful day can always start after the sun sets.

**This can be read as a standalone**


Goodreads | Amazon

available only on KU


Excerpt four

When I went outside to the courtyard to eat lunch, Ben was sitting on the bench. His legs were spread out in front of him, his head turned up to the sky, and his eyes closed. A slight smile playing at the corner of his mouth made me want to kiss him in the weak sunshine, just to see if he tasted as warm as he looked.

He must have sensed me staring at him. He lifted his head and opened his eyes, and when they locked with mine, his slight smile grew broader. “Hey, Doctor Penney. I was hoping to catch you.”

I gave myself a mental shake. “Can I join you?”

Ben sat up. “Of course.”

Sitting next to him, I couldn’t help but think of Friday night and the relaxed and easy way I’d been able to talk with him. “What did you need?” I asked around a mouthful of salad sandwich.

Ben blushed, the crimson snaking its way up his neck to his cheeks before he looked away. “I just wanted to make sure we were okay after the other night. I didn’t want you to think I was coming on to you, and then when I didn’t see you down the beach, I thought…”

“You mean you weren’t coming on to me?” I managed after swallowing.

Ben chuckled half-heartedly. “Well. I was, but… it kind of blindsided me… my sudden attraction to you. When I thought you were hot yet straight, you were off-limits so I didn’t think about it, but then I find out you’re gay and…”

I shook my head. “I’m still off-limits, Ben. Not because I’m a doctor and we work together, but because I can’t have a lover in my life right now.” I paused, wondering how much personal information I should tell him. I decided on the abridged version. “I came to Brighton to get away from a few things—one of those things was oncology and one was the mess I made of my life and my last relationship. I need to be by myself for a while.” Taking a deep breath, I looked straight ahead at the brick wall while I willed away the knot in my stomach. “I used to like myself, but the Scott Penney who lived in London was a selfish arse who didn’t deserve a second chance, let alone a third one. I’m trying to get back to the me I was before.”

Ben eyed me. “Is that why you didn’t come down to the beach?”

“Partly. I didn’t wake up till lunchtime, so I wouldn’t have made it. Anyway, I saw you running on Saturday evening, so I assumed you didn’t go in the morning.”

“Oh, God, this is going to sound desperate. I ran twice hoping to see you. Happy was beside himself even though he crashed earlier on the second run.” Ben frowned. “Where were you? I was keeping an eye out but didn’t see you.”

“I was walking toward the marina but was up on the road. Now I know the redheaded runner is you, you’re not hard to pick out.” I laughed.

“I wish you’d stopped me or something.”

I shook my head. “Like I said, I need a friend more than I need a lover right now. I hope you understand.”

Ben’s wide grin was back in place. “Of course. We all need friends, and we don’t really know each other anyway.”

It was good to know he hadn’t taken my rejection too harshly.



a Rafflecopter giveaway


RJ Jones

RJ started as a reader and eventually made the progression to reviewing. It wasn’t until two men popped into her thoughts, insisting on telling her their story that she started to write. It started with one scene. A hot and dirty one in the shower.
RJ’s initial thought was if she could write their scene then they’d shut up and allow her to concentrate on other aspects of the day. That shower scene was 3000 words long and three hours of work.  But they didn’t shut up.  They told her their entire story and she didn’t sleep for days.  Sometimes she couldn’t keep up with what they were telling her and she had to keep a notebook by the bed.
Whilst RJ was writing their story a side character decided he needed his story told too. Then other characters followed suit.
You see the problem? If RJ ever wants to sleep again then she needs to write.
RJ is a wife and a mother to two boys. Even her dog is a boy.
She is surrounded by males.

RJ writes emotionally charged, character driven romances. Her guys will always get their HEA, but it will never be easy.


Where to find me 

Facebook –
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On the Red Carpet: Skythane by J. Scott Coatsworth

skythane8-1Welcome to J. Scott Coatsworth’s exciting new release, SKYTHANE, released this month!


Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: J. Scott Coatsworth
Cover Artist: Anne Caine
Length: 85K
Format: eBook, Paperback
Release Date: 2/17/17
Pairing: MM
Genres: sci fi, mm romance, gay sci fi

Jameson Havercamp, a psych from a conservative religious colony, has come to Oberon—unique among the Common Worlds—in search of a rare substance called pith. He’s guided through the wilds on his quest by Xander Kinnison, a handsome, cocky wing man with a troubled past.

Neither knows that Oberon is facing imminent destruction. Even as the world starts to fall apart around them, they have no idea what’s coming—or the bond that will develop between them as they race to avert a cataclysm.

Together, they will journey to uncover the secrets of this strange and singular world, even as it takes them beyond the bounds of reality itself to discover what truly binds them together.

Rain hit the plas and ran downward in little rivulets, separating and rejoining like branches of time as the storm whipped itself into a frenzy over Oberon City.

Xander Kinnson lay on his bed, head thrown back, watching the tempest with a laziness that belied his inner turmoil and pain. Alix had left him and gone missing. A year had passed, and still he had a hard time accepting that simple fact.

His dark wings with their jet-black feathers were stretched out lazily to each side of his supine form, their tips extending past the edge of the bed. His chest heaved slowly up and down, and he breathed easily, as if he were utterly relaxed.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. Below the surface, under the deception of skin and sinew, his heart beat at a thunderous pace, and his mind raced for answers to Alix’s fate that slipped beyond his grasp.

The handsome trick he’d brought home rested his warm hands on Xander’s thighs, his hot mouth engaged elsewhere. Xander smelled the deep, masculine musk of him, slipping a hand absently through the man’s dark, tousled hair as the rain increased to a thundering downpour against the plas. The drops glistened, each an individual universe of shimmering light before running quickly out of sight.

A flash of lightning illuminated the room, thunder indicating how close it had been. As the heavy rain pounded against the arco’s walls, Xander rode the wave of pleasure higher and higher. Despite himself, he rose quickly toward climax, drawn up on the tide as the trick worked his cock. Unable to stop himself, he thrust his hips almost angrily upward into the man’s willing throat. Closer, closer….

He reached the crest, a pleasure so intense it burned through him like phosphorous, a white-hot fire.

Lightning flared again across the wet, black sky, followed by thunder so close it shook the bed. The storm had reached a fever pitch outside, and he arched his back in the air one more time, his wings rustling beneath him. As if in concert with the storm, Xander came, the release of his orgasm radiating from his hips along his spinal cord and down through his toes and the tips of his wings.

The rush of elation washed away his cares for a few brief moments. Xander shuddered, shivered, and shuddered again, and it was over.

For a while, he drifted in an oblivion that was blessed in its emptiness. The rain fell in a steady beat against the window, and he forgot to wallow in his pain. His mind floated free, with no responsibilities, nothing to worry about for those brief moments between sex and real life. This was what he needed. This lack of thought, this pleasurable oblivion where he could just be.

When he opened his eyes at last, the nameless trick was staring down at him, expectant.

“You’re still here.”

“I can do more, if you’d like,” the man said with a grin. Like Alix, he had no wings—a lander man.

Xander glared at him, annoyed. He was handsome enough, tall, dark-haired, with blue eyes and a light complexion. Strangely, he reminded Xander of Alix. The hair and eyes were wrong, but there was something about him, and that annoyed the hell out of Xander, for reasons he didn’t care to examine too closely. “Get out,” he said with a dismissive wave.

The man frowned. “I thought—”

“Oh right, your pay.” Xander took the man’s arm and slitted him a hundred crits from the wrist reader embedded in his own. Then he waved the trick away. “We’re square. Now get the fuck out of my flat.”

The man gathered his own clothes, but Xander didn’t give him time to put them on. Instead he hustled the trick out of the irising door, palming it closed on his hurt and angry expression.

I really have become a bastard, he thought, staring at his dim reflection in the shiny black door. It had been a long year.

He tapped the cirq in his temple with his left hand, and called out to his PA. “Ravi, any messages for me?”

Buy Links Etc:
Dreamspinner – eBookDreamspinner – paperbackAmazon – kindle |
Amazon – paperbackBarnes & Noble | KoboiBooksGoodreads | 

Author Bio:j-scott-coatsworth
Scott has been writing since elementary school, when he and won a University of Arizona writing contest in 4th grade for his first sci fi story (with illustrations!). He finished his first novel in his mid twenties, but after seeing it rejected by ten publishers, he gave up on writing for a while.

Over the ensuing years, he came back to it periodically, but it never stuck. Then one day, he was complaining to Mark, his husband, early last year about how he had been derailed yet again by the death of a family member, and Mark said to him “the only one stopping you from writing is you.”

Since then, Scott has gone back to writing in a big way. He has sold more than a dozen short stories – some new, some that he had started years before. He is currently working on two sci fi trilogies, and also runs the Queer Sci Fi ( site, a group for readers and writers of gay sci fi, fantasy, and paranormal fiction.

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