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On the Red Carpet – Cheryl Headford + SL Danielson’s new release

Authors: Cheryl HeadfordS.L. Danielson
ISBN: 978-1-4874-2523-4
Page: 344
Word Count: 114271
Published By: eXtasy Books

Series BUY LINK: Upstaged #4
Categories: ContemporaryLove StoryGayGLBT,

You can read this as a stand alone but there will be a lot of referral back to previous books

You think you’re holding someone close, but if you’re not paying attention, they could slip right out of your arms and fall.

Asher and Erik are getting married, but Asher isn’t happy about the pressure being put on him by their families and unwittingly by Erik himself. Issues that have plagued him for a long time come bubbling to the surface and threaten to overwhelm him. Although he cries out for help, no one hears; instead they write it off as Asher throwing a tantrum again. Only Angel sees the cracks, but it’s too much for him to handle on his own, although he tries.

The pressure builds, and even though there are breakouts, still no one sees the extent of the problem until the night before the wedding, when Asher is confronted by Erik in front of all their family and friends, and bolts.

Fortunately, Asher is rescued by Vince’s Uncle Tony, who makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

The Band heads off to London for a three-month tour, and not everyone is happy about it. Vince is stressed out and worried that Angel is not being entirely faithful. Should he say something? Then Connor meets an old friend, just when he starts having doubts about his relationship with Angel, and the fur starts to fly.

Will any of the couples survive?

Read on for an Excerpt and all about the authors! Continue reading

Backlist Bitz

A series of Exclusive Excerpts from my backlist – which always needs some extra love *wink*. Today it’s HIS GIFT: paranormal (very) erotic romance, with an ending that you may say is HFS (happy for some…).

Available here:
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BLURB: Steven Macklin wakes up in a ditch one morning in foul, wet weather with no idea where he is or how he came to be there. Seriously injured, he struggles across bleak heathland to find shelter. The only house he finds is weather-beaten and deserted, although he’s too sensible a guy to fall for the cliche of a haunted mansion. Isn’t he?

When he collapses and is taken in by the handsome Eliot, Steven finds himself in a very disturbing situation — and in the bed of this strange, possessive man.

EXCERPT: I stumbled over the edge of another path that wound away from the road, and that’s when I saw the first sign of habitation, the remains of a barn half hidden by the trees. For a second, my hopes were raised, but then I saw that the roof had fallen in and most of the walls were broken. There was no shelter for me there. I took a few steps onto the new path, regardless—where else was there to go? My body ached and my mind was thick with misery.

The vegetation thinned out as I faltered on, the smell of pine and damp soil getting stronger in my nostrils, the uneven surface gradually easing beneath my feet. Then the road twisted around to the left and stopped being a country path, transforming instead into a driveway leading to a large country house.

It was totally unexpected. Was I hallucinating? I was light-headed from my efforts and still confused about what had happened to me. But even after blinking several times, the structure was still there. I was a few hundred yards away, and obviously, until my path had changed direction, it had been hidden by the trees. A rough stone wall ran around its perimeter, and a large iron-barred gate was set into the brick, right ahead of me. It was wide open. Continue reading

Clare’s Collections – coffee cups signing out!

I never collected much of anything as a child. I have NO IDEA where the desire comes from now, as an adult. But I collect LOTS! And so I’m sharing some of the pretty, to stop Hubby from boxing it all away in the loft when he gets tired of it around the house :).

And there’s more… Coffee Cups.

This is the last for a while – not that I’m stopping collecting LOL just that I’m wary of wearying you all with my personal obsessions. This is another charity purchase, a full set of 4 cups, from the wonderful Saturday market in Lymington, when we were there for the weekend last year.

Do you browse charity shops and fairs? What’s your favourite thing to collect?

Summer reads in Gay Romance – Giveaway

The sun’s out (somewhere in the world LOL) and there’s nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a good book!

A bunch of glorious HEAs for your summer reading! Visit Summer Loving Guys, running from the 7 – 21 July 2019.

Including my Home Sweet Home, and a whole host of other great books :D.

The attraction between Chaz and Ryan is as strong as ever but they’ve taken a relationship break, frustrated by each other’s lifestyle. Chaz is a drifter, casual to the point of careless. Ryan is a control freak, preferring order and organisation. It just wasn’t working between them.
When Chaz moves apartment yet again, the project is fraught with chaos and plenty of breakages. Despite Chaz’s determination to be independent, Ryan comes to help out. And Chaz admits he’s grateful for the friendly support. Or at least, that’s how it starts.
He realises just how much he’s missed Ryan: just how much the other man’s care added to his life. Maybe it’s not too late to make some changes. Maybe there can be a middle ground for two such different men – because the reward is worth it.
*10k words.




Backlist Bitz

A series of Exclusive Excerpts from my backlist – which always needs some extra love *wink*. Today it’s BLINDED BY OUR EYES: an erotic crime story set in the London art world, with suspense, murder, and an ending that is satisfying for the crime, and HFN for the romance.
BLURB: London art dealer Charles Garrett has devoted his life to appreciating and acquiring beauty, both in art and in his companions. His fashionable life is rocked to the core when he discovers the body of a young artist, Paolo Valero, in a pool of blood in his gallery.

As Paolo’s mentor, Charles is haunted by the horror of his violent death. Seeking closure, he investigates Paolo’s past and soon discovers a tangled web of motives and potential suspects, some closer to home than he ever imagined. He’s drawn to Antony Walker, an aggressive, handsome sculptor with unsavory ties to Paolo. Charles is unsettled by Antony’s forceful nature but irresistibly attracted to his passion and his art.

When the evidence points toward Antony’s guilt, Charles is thrown into emotional turmoil. Has he lost his heart to a killer?

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The interview room at the police station was small and bleak. A smooth coat of off-white paint and a selection of plastic furniture made no concessions to comfort. I’d been brought a cup of tea but I hadn’t touched it so far. I hadn’t been handcuffed or cautioned, and I didn’t think anyone was watching me through a one-way mirror, but the officer’s attitude was harsh, nonetheless. Suspicious.

“I just found him like that.” I bit back the nausea. “I told you everything already.”

“You don’t live over the shop?”

I frowned. “You mean the gallery? No, I have a flat in Bayswater.” They had the address, didn’t they? I was sure they’d written it down at some stage.

“But you called in to the gallery, so late at night. Ten-thirty, or thereabouts. What was the reason for that, sir?”

“I wanted to check out the displays. I’ve been away for a couple of days.” I wasn’t going to tell this man how attracted I felt to the gallery, at any time of day or night. It was always a pleasure to go there, for whatever reason. Or at least, it had been until tonight.

He glanced down at some sheets of paper in front of him. His hair was trimmed to just above his collar. Dark brown, tousled. His shirt looked clean but lined, as if it had only just come out of the packet. “Yes. We’re checking that with the airline.”

I started to shake my head then stopped myself.

“No one called you? Asked you to come around? Maybe you had an arrangement to meet someone on your return. At the gallery.”

“No. Nothing like that. I just dropped in. I didn’t expect…” I swallowed hard. My throat was dry, but the tea didn’t look any more inviting than it had before. “I didn’t expect anyone else to be there.” I glanced down at my shirt. There was a smear of dried blood over the lower buttons from where I’d held Joseph.

The policeman fanned out the papers, then shuffled them back together. “You have other tenants, though?”

“I rent out the art studios above the gallery.” There were just a few rooms but they were very popular with artists who didn’t have facilities themselves. It also gave the gallery a certain unique character. That helped with the promotion, of course, with getting established in a challenging market. “But they don’t often work at night, and it’s usually with prior agreement. They’d need a key.”

He tensed up very slightly. “And who has a key?” Continue reading

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