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Browse through my Christmas-themed short stories for a fun, seasonal read!
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Frankie Faraday is a promising young salesperson at Mason’s Emporium. Bill Mason is his boss, the son of the store’s founder, and the object of Frankie’s long-suffering, deeply devoted crush. Bill is steady and sober; Frankie is frivolous and flaky. Or so they seem to each other, until the night of the annual inventory, when they’re trapped together in the Seasonal Gifts storeroom, with nothing but candy and peppermint schnapps to sustain them until they’re rescued. And then the real truths—and something definitely more intimate—emerge!

PLUS two Special Christmas Shorts:

 Andy Jackson always knew that class 2C’s help in preparing for the annual Christmas Fair would be a mixed blessing. Then he’s paired up on the Lucky Dip with Greg, the man who dumped him but now can’t keep away, the pupils are either lecturing him on his lovelife or losing bladder control, and no one’s fixed the broken handle on the storage room. It may all be one whoopee cushion too far for him!

SECRET SANTASeb and Jamie argue over most things, even in the season of presumed good will. When a totally unsuitable “Secret Santa” present for each of them causes even more tension, the hostility threatens to ruin the pleasant Christmas meal they had planned with friends. But there are strange forces at work tonight and both of them seem to be acting out of character. They find they’re working together in the kitchen, sharing confidences, and admitting to feelings they never dared before – and cooking up something rather more exciting than food!

Creatures of the Night and Santa’s Christmas duties don’t mix. Every myth and bedtime story tells you so. But on Christmas Eve, when the Elves walked off the job over pension rights, it was time for me – Irwin, the only vampire on Santa’s payroll, despite recent diversity initiatives – and my trusty team to help out. Just deliver a few parcels, Santa asked me. Just help out on your local patch. Just for one night…

Another romantic and amusing collection of heart-warming Clare London characters for the winter season! Including:

(With A Kick #6 – can be read standalone)
Nuri’s expecting a quiet Christmas, driving his cab, doing some studying, enjoying good food and drink – and devoting some serious loving to boyfriend Eduardo. But what with Eddy’s distress over his new role at the local comedy club, interference in their love life from Nuri’s irrepressible brothers, a disturbing number of costumed Santas on the street, the dangerous slush on the roads, and then the portly, bearded man dressed in red, in need of an urgent cab ride… It doesn’t look like things will be that quiet after all!

Chris has been hired as the new Santa at Danny’s store, and he’s just the guy Danny wishes he had on his personal Christmas gift list.  When Chris has a crisis of confidence and Danny finds him hiding in the stock room, it looks like Danny’s Christmas wish will be granted by a Santa who’s very real.
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In recovery after a serious car accident, Dan struggles with pain and depression until it becomes an ingrained part of his life. His most important support has come from his best friend and boyfriend Aaron, yet Dan knows he’s not giving as much as taking from the relationship. When he and Aaron are snowed in at a winter sports resort, Dan has to face up to both his physical and emotional restraints. It takes a particularly bitter Christmas — and the weirdest of dreams — to give Dan the courage to grasp what’s important to him, and find the way back to health and love.

Baby, it’s cold outside! Beat the chill with Winter Warmers—a seasonal anthology. Mulled wine. Butterscotch kisses. Hideous sweaters. Candy at the beach, or a trip to a sex shop in Amsterdam. And the man of your dreams, wrapped around you… Winter warmers come in many shapes and sizes, from the tongue-in-cheek to the hot-as-hell. Enjoy a quintet of heart-warming tales of men loving men from Clare London, Chrissy Munder, JL Merrow, Josephine Myles, and Lou Harper that are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face. One thing’s for sure—it’s going to be a red-hot Christmas!

The cast and crew of WrinkleTheSheets Productions are back with a special seasonal production. As Gerry, the Director says, “Santa thinks he needs more positive PR this year. His market share has been seriously threatened by Amazon. He’s in trouble, and needs to re-establish himself with his adult clientele. This is just a short promo for the client, okay? Some fun with the elves, an X-rated update on the fat old man with the beard. Snow, sleigh bells, reindeer, plenty of bling.” Jack and Grady continue on their merry way, engrossed in each other, in having fun and sex — and usually both together — and happy to be nothing more than extras in the movies. But this season, the mystery client appears to have rewritten the script for them!

Teddy realizes he drank too much at the office Christmas party when he wakes up in a hotel room with confused memories of a night of fierce, fabulous sex and a man asleep beside him. He doesn’t know how his outrageous behavior will be judged by his boss, but he’ll find out soon… when his boss wakes up.

Jack’s stressful, high-powered life leaves no time for anything except a casual friendship-with-benefits with his neighbor Henry, a laid-back, outdoors type with excellent computer skills. It’s the perfect arrangement for two men who are attracted to each other but don’t have much else in common. Then a few days before Christmas, Jack’s holiday plans are thwarted, leaving him home with just his volatile PC for company while Henry—his usual tech support—is on his way to a secluded Christmas hideaway. So what’s Jack to do when, to his horror, weird pop-ups start appearing?


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