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HalloweenKissTry my titles with a paranormal twist: from Horror to Humour, from Vampires to Visions, there’s bound to be something that takes your Flight of Fancy …
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Paranormal erotic menage a trois

There’s that joke, where the ghost doesn’t go to the party because he has no body to go with? Well, I’m in no position to find it funny. Nowadays, I’m caught in a spirit limbo, unable to touch, and my only entertainment is to watch lovers together. Like this cute couple Jake and Benjy, having a few problems with their relationship. Nothing some honest talk and good loving wouldn’t put right, I reckon. I follow them home, led selfishly by curiosity, mischief, or maybe just loneliness. But I stay around for far more personal reasons.

Gothic erotic horror

Outcast by his Victorian family because of his homosexual nature and disobedient ways, Nicholas Spencer is indentured as a secretary to a successful businessman, Simeon Allan. He’s no better in that job, but a relationship builds between him and Simeon, in which Simeon becomes his mentor and sexual master. However, Nicholas is still restless, looking for opportunities to indulge himself, rather than appreciating the sensitive but strong bond between him and Simeon.

When Simeon’s attractive nephew Benedict comes to stay, Nicholas loses all perspective in the name of what he believes is love. In his mind, the only thing that stands between him and the pursuit of that love is his possessive master, Simeon. Nicholas contemplates the most horrible action to gain his freedom, even though he fights his own conscience – and finds that the mind is a powerful foe.

Paranormal, vampire, historical romance

Is immortality a dream or a curse?

Ambrus travels in space and time, a mature and confident vampire, not looking for any permanent companion.

Then in the bloody trenches of WWI, he meets Edward, a beautiful young soldier turned vampire against his will and fighting his fate with bitter anger and resentment. Ambrus is irresistibly drawn to him but Edward rejects him at first.

What then follows is an anguished and erotic courtship throughout the century, as Ambrus seeks to help Edward find his own way to peace as an immortal, and Edward learns what real love – and a real lover – is.

Paranormal erotic romance

Steven Macklin wakes up in a ditch one morning in foul, wet weather with no idea where he is or how he came to be there. Seriously injured, he struggles across bleak heathland to find shelter. The only house he finds is weather-beaten and deserted, although he’s too sensible a guy to fall for the cliche of a haunted mansion. Isn’t he?

When he collapses and is taken in by the handsome Eliot, Steven finds himself in a very disturbing situation — and in the bed of this strange, possessive man.

Humorous contemporary romance (non-explicit)

There’s a mixed up reception for Joey and his lively friends, when they go Trick or Treating at the exclusive Grosvenor Square Hotel – everything form hostility to humour to handfuls of caramels. But at the final door, a horrific masked figure tricks Joey into finding maybe the best treat of all. 


James is surprised when co-worker Vic disappears, but even more so when Vic shows up again months later as James’s manager. James never used to think Vic was hot, but something’s changed. In fact, almost everything has. Vic’s like a new man and he wants James. James should be flattered…shouldn’t he?

Paranormal, angel/demon romance

One wet, freezing night, a beautiful angel and a monstrous demon seek each other’s secret company. Yoshiel and Labal would never be allowed to meet on normal terms, but they’re desperate: they’re both trapped in the human world, and have had a horrific penalty extracted from them by their masters. Only they know what they’ve done to deserve punishment, and only they can appreciate just how ironic and cruel that punishment is. Will they be left to suffer forever in this strange limbo state, or is it a test to see how they may learn from each other? Their forbidden meeting will either prove their undoing – or their release.

Paranormal, vampire, historical romance, non-HEA

Lucas Fides has inherited his Victorian Family’s auction house, good looks and a passionate mind. But the hides and illicit devotion to his friend Valentine and suffers shocking, erotic dreams. When Valentine introduces a new client, Gideon Arnaud offers important financial help and the opportunity for Lucas to realize his other desires. But Lucas will have to pay the price.

Paranormal, contemporary/historical link romance, HEA but not traditionally

Gavin McGrath’s art career is in ruins, his health is failing, his wife’s left him because of his promiscuity, and he’s alienated people in the industry with his aggressive and arrogant behavior.

But when a full pot of red paint falls on his current canvas, apparently ruining it, it brings a change in his life he never expected. A strange, beautiful young man appears in his studio as his companion and Muse. Matteo is from another time but he understands artists all too well—and now his place is with Gavin.

Matteo brings devotion and inspiration across the centuries, forcing Gavin to take stock of his life and his behavior in the months he has left to him. Eventually Gavin realizes he must reconsider the capacity for love he’s always scorned—before it’s too late for both him and Matteo.

Humorous contemporary romance

Sensible Tobias doesn’t believe in ghosts, possession, fate or even happy ever after. Past experience and a cheating boyfriend have taught him so. But all that changes after he has the Monday morning from hell and bumps into his new neighbor Flynn and his dog, Charlie, in the hallway. After all, it’s not every day one hears a dog chuckle.

Paranormal, historical romance, non-HEA

Edward takes a young mill worker under his protection, fascinated by Mori’s ethereal beauty and the intriguing tapestry work that consumes his every free moment. Gradually, Edward is drawn out of his quite introspection into a web of love and mystery. But what bittersweet price will he pay for the delight and passion that Mori brings him?

Paranormal, contemporary mystery romance

Kevin knows his crush on his gorgeous but impossibly aloof boss, Marcus, isn’t going anywhere. But it’s actually Marcus who brings them together when he appears mysteriously one night in Kevin’s bedroom. Marcus acts very differently outside work, feeding Kevin’s romantic hopes—until they’re back in the office and Marcus has no recollection of their tryst….


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