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Did you read The Accidental Baker? Were you intrigued to know what happened to each of the four couples who got together over Donnie’s accidentally spilled Easter chocolates?! Or does that just sound like your kind of story, anyway LOL?

Well, now is your chance to read more, starting with … Donnie and Will.

When Donnie met Will, it looked like a real recipe for love. But Happy Ever After took just a bit more work.

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Donnie’s new romance with silver fox veterinarian Will looks like a real recipe for love. But first he has to deal with the problems of his job, his friends’ demands, and worries about Will’s privileged background. To say nothing of Donnie’s thwarted dreams of a catering career—and baking something that doesn’t come out a disaster.

Will is fascinated and entranced by Donnie. A mature, professional businessman, he’s far less confident in romance—and in the bedroom. Yet his eagerness to look after Donnie and show him a better life are misguided, and have a disastrous effect of their own.

Donnie is everyone’s friend. He’ll help anyone out. But who’s there to help him when he needs it?

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Will insisted on dropping Donnie back at the parade, but when they arrived, he turned off the car and sat quietly for a moment. Donnie listened to the car ticking away as it wound down, wondering what was coming. Hoping for… he wasn’t sure what. Will barely moved beside him, staring forward through the windscreen, his hands tight on the steering wheel, the hint of his cologne in the air, the warmth of his body only a central console away from Donnie’s. He was frowning: it made his glasses slide farther down than usual.

Did he have indigestion? They’d both been pretty greedy with the fish and chips, and Will had put extra vinegar on his. Or was he embarrassed that Donnie had upset the last inch of his beer all over the table when he wriggled out from his seat to go to the toilet? The bartender had laughed it off as no problem, and Will’s smile at Donnie hadn’t wavered—he had his own story about accidental spillages, though his involved a nervous kitten weeing on his surgery floor, and the barman backed away quite speedily on hearing it.

Or—so much worse—was Will regretting getting more intimate in the pub? He didn’t seem to care about people knowing he was gay, but you never knew. If Will had a conservative upbringing, a posh, traditional family, and Donnie was hardly much of a catch…

Oh well. There’d been an opportunity, Donnie thought with an internal sigh, but maybe it wasn’t to be. He was startled at how disappointed he felt.

But then Will turned to him, with a determined set to his mouth, and asked to kiss him again. “Properly,” he said, huskily. “I’m struggling to keep my hands off you.”

Wow. No one had ever asked Donnie’s permission. Not about kissing, and not about very much at all. Donnie couldn’t stop grinning as he slipped an eager hand around the back of Will’s neck and tugged him in for a proper snog. The windows steamed up pretty quickly. If they hadn’t been stuck in their seat belts, and Will’s car had been anything larger than a new model Mini, who knows what might have happened? Could have been arrested for indecent exposure, if Donnie had his way.

“Do you want to come in for coffee?” he asked when they broke for air.

Will looked despairing. “I want to. Believe me, I do. It’s just… I have an early call I promised to a client, and I need to do some reading up on this particular cat’s problem before we meet.”

Donnie nodded slowly, watching the expression in Will’s eyes. It certainly looked like genuine regret. There was no mistaking how aroused he was under those expensive trousers. He ran his palm across Will’s chest, shamelessly feeling Will’s nipples harden under the cool fabric. He slid a finger cheekily in between two of the buttons. Then, sighing, pulled his hand away again.

Will gave a heartfelt groan. “Donnie?”


“Tomorrow? Can I see you tomorrow? Is it too soon?” He laughed, a tremble in the sound. “Am I coming across too needy?”

“That’s okay by me,” Donnie said. Oh, but how!

“We can have an early supper again. Don’t let them bully you into working late.”

Will had been listening, possibly too closely, to Donnie’s work woes. Or Donnie had been complaining too much. “No,” he said. “I’ll try.”

Still he was reluctant to let go. His fingertips kept tracing Will’s cheek, his ear, the edges of his neatly trimmed beard, the line of sinew to his throat. And when Will leaned his forehead against Donnie’s and kissed him again—sexy, even though it was with a closed mouth, and despite the fact the gear stick must have been jabbing him in the belly—it looked like Will was just as reluctant.

Donnie stood at the doorway into his building watching Will drive off until his car vanished around the bend.


Looked like he had it bad.

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