New Release – Inside Man


A new sexy paranormal short story from me (also previously published in the Myths, Moons, and Mayhem anthology, now with some extra word count).

BLURB: “There’s that joke, where the ghost doesn’t go to the party because he has no body to go with?

Well, I’m in no position to find it funny. Nowadays, I’m caught in a spirit limbo, unable to touch, and my only entertainment is to watch lovers together.

Like this cute couple Jake and Benjy, having a few problems with their relationship. Nothing some honest talk and good loving wouldn’t put right, I reckon. I follow them home, led selfishly by curiosity, mischief, or maybe just loneliness.

But I stay around for far more personal reasons.”

Read on for an excerpt….


Okay, so… what exactly is happening here?

I’m in some kind of spirit heaven, inhabiting Jake’s fit young body, caressing a lover, feeling our hearts hammering in tandem. That’s what’s happening, and there’s no way I’m letting go while I can ride along. At last, I can touch—I can speak again! To prove it, I moan softly. I can feel the tiny cramp in my thumb from clutching Benjy’s belt, taste a drop of saliva on his lower lip, smell his sweat mingled with cologne and the hint of the after-work beer.

We stroke Benjy slowly but firmly, showing him how much we want him, but also how much we care. His dick is like rock, straining inside his clothes. We flip open his trousers and slide down the zip. He likes to be courted, but tonight we want to give Benjy the prize, not just the promise.

My God, but he needs this.

“Jake…” It’s no more than an aching whisper.

“Benjy?” Our voice is ragged, soft, pleading. “Need you too.”

Benjy’s trousers fall in a crumpled heap around his ankles; he toes off his shoes and steps out of the cloth. We push aside his soft cotton shirttails and gently squeeze his cock through his briefs.

“Wow,” we whisper again. He’s magnificent. “Come to bed.”

Our breath is hoarse, our fingers clumsy now. Desire is thickening Jake’s cock—my cock!—and weakening our limbs. We want to fall onto and into Benjy, to consume him, to swamp him with our hunger. We want to slide skin against skin, to rut our thick columns of flesh against each other. To laugh, to kiss, to growl, and to cry out his name.

I’m so entangled with Jake now, I feel just as clumsy with excitement. The glory of a body to caress with, a voice to groan, a cock to relish, hanging hot and heavy between my legs. Our balls ache, and a shiver runs down our spine. The hair on the back of our neck stands up with goose-bumps.

Oh, but this is how it should always be!

Benjy and Jake are so into each other, I’m bathed in pure emotion. It’s enthralling, empowering. Love. Lust. We’re losing control because, God, it’s been so fucking long, and Benjy tastes and feels so good, and we’ll take him here and now if we can’t make it to the bedroom. I’m merged with Jake, sharing his desire, his heat, the thrust of his leg between Benjy’s, the rocking of our hips, the friction, the pressure, the coiling burn, the grunt of pleasure that escapes unbidden—

Benjy tenses. He pulls away.

“I can’t.” His voice is ragged. “You know I can’t follow through.”

“Benjy, don’t—” Jake’s panting. We’re panting. God, the suspense, the want. Sweat pools in the hollow of our throat.

But Benjy’s retreating. He’s angry, and so upset. “How many times until you understand? How much more humiliation? I can’t keep it up! I can’t fuck you anymore.”

Dammit, is he going to cry? Jake—and I—are swamped with sudden pain at seeing Benjy so distraught. It’s horrifying. I’d forgotten how sharp emotional pain can be: how it can ambush you in a second, twisting the chest, bringing a lump to the throat so you can hardly breathe.

“Benjy, I’m sorry, but I just—”

“No! Get it into your stupid head. I don’t want it. I don’t want you.”

“What the fuck?”

Jake’s shock grips like a fist to our chest. Benjy’s eyes are wide, his mouth tight. We’re like tension made rock, staring at each other, frozen in anger and confusion. Jake makes a quiet sound of pain and takes a step back.


I won’t let Jake lose this connection! In the heat of this fraught, ugly moment, I’m not aware of making any conscious decision, I just act.

I slide out of Jake and into Benjy.

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