Amazon – s/he loves me, loves me not

The news from Amazon on Tuesday after my challenging for 2 months why they blocked the self-publication of my OWN story (with proof of copyright provided):

We won’t be making ”Say A Little Prayer (ID:10549064)” available for sale on Amazon at this time.
I’m sorry, but we can’t offer any additional insight on this matter.

The news from Amazon today:

We’ve published your Kindle book:
Say A Little Prayer by Clare London (ID: 10549064)
The book was recently reviewed again and successfully published on Amazon. We had incorrectly blocked your title in error. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

BLIMEY. You couldn’t make this stuff up, you know. And who knows if it won’t be yanked off the shelves again at any time?!

Still – for now – here it is. And it’s ALWAYS been available at Smashwords in all formats.

BLURB: Jonathan’s a hardworking student running a couple of jobs to fund himself through college and also help his Mum run her B&B on the Dorset coast. Despite his mischief-making Gran’s insistence, he doesn’t have the time or the nerve to chase potential dates. Then one day on the beach, after a hard day’s ice cream sales, he meets the mysterious and gorgeous Admael. Now Jonathan doesn’t need to do the chasing—Admael’s ready and willing to make Jonathan as happy as he’s ever wanted. And even if Jonathan’s too nervous to think of anything beyond how to smuggle Admael home on the No. 7 bus, Gran is always on hand to offer him some lewd suggestions. Now Jonathan just has to worry about hiding Admael’s wings…


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