Going Down Post Regulation

The header describes my author Mailing List/Newsletter post-GDPR :D.

Well, my Mailing List will continue, but much reduced, and – while I understand IT IS WHAT IT IS, and Quality is better than Quantity, please don’t lecture me on that any more, M/r/s Internet – it may not look or act the same as in the past.

This is a PERSONAL opinion piece, guys. Your mileage – as they say – may vary.

Authors INVEST in their Mailing Lists, and not just financially. We don’t throw them together in careless abandon, just for a selfish larff when there’s nothing on the telly, with little respect for the % of readers who open and read them. We CARE about you! we want to share news and fiction with you (not just sales!!!), and very few of us are professional content-and-web designers so it’s often difficult work.

THAT’S NOT TO SAY I don’t fully understand the need for careful consideration and care of the personal data I may hold on other people. Protection for us all is great. But…

  • I always HAVE BEEN aware and careful!!
  • I’ve always been accessible for anyone who had an issue or a query
  • I’ve always offered newsletter followers the option to leave/return at their convenience and by their own will
  • I’ve got a Privacy Policy HERE
  • Most people in my experience know enough to keep their closest details, well, CLOSE, plus
  • I STRONGLY suspect people who DON’T care about the misuse of other people’s data also won’t give a flying fig about GDPR, and
  • I’m upset that some small organisations/businesses – the ones I’m assuming that have always been as conscientious and hardworking as I am myself, and I personally know many like that – may have to close because they’re scared or under-resourced to cope with the requirements of new legislation.

I’m involved in 4 specific applications of GDPR with my other (accounts) work so I’ve been up to my ears in the whole thing for several months now. And

  • YES, I know I should have started planning for this many eons ago, before I joined the crowd of businesses seen as harrassing consumers with their email re-opt-in requests, and
  • YES I’ve suffered identity fraud at least 3 times personally, so I know how crappy it can be, so I wouldn’t ever advocate LESS protection.

But… Well. I’m knackered with it all :/. My newsletter will continue afresh in the summer with Much Love from me to the Muchly Reduced but Muchly Appreciated people who’ve made the effort amongst all this hassle of remaining in positive contact. I LOVE YOU ALL *lol*.

Gingerly Demonstrating Personal Renewal
Going Decisive with Perky Relief
Getting aheaD with Positive Revitalisation
… or things like that *wink*.

Now, I should be writing today and Sue Brown‘s giving me a Death Glare over the Writing Table for distracting her, so I’ll stop opinion-ising ;).


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