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ScottTo celebrate the new release of his MM Sci Fi book LANDERJ. Scott Coatsworth is visiting with an *exclusive* interview for us.

Do you have any strange writing habits or superstitions?
Hmmm, not sure how strange it is, but when I get ready to sit down to write, I go into the kitchen and break up four squares of a Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bar into eight pieces total. It’s my “writer food” and incentive to finish scenes. 😛

I also like to be alone when I write, though it’s not always possible. It’s not like Mark looks over my shoulder or anything – LOL. It’s more that I don’t have to worry about any distractions.

What fantasy realm would you choose to live in and why?

Oh, there are soooo many. But I think it would have to be Lothlorien. I lost my heart there the first time I wandered through the Golden Wood when I was maybe ten years old? Galadriel stole it…

What’s your writing process?

Butt in chair, write. Oh and outline. And re-read what I already wrote so I don’t miss anything. And lots of daydreaming time to figure out plot knots. And a ton of dark chocolate and caffeinated iced tea.

Do you ever base your characters on real people? If so, what are the pitfalls you’ve run into doing so?

Usually not, but yes, in River City. I found that it’s a tricky proposition. If they don’t know, it’s not a big deal. But if they do, they can feel that your character is how you feel about them, and that can lead to problems. Some characters were based on a person personality-wise, but not in biographical details, and when the character made a bad choice, I got a bit of blowback for it. So yeah, you have to be careful, at least if you want them still to be talking with you afterwards. LOL…

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

Generally I only read my “professional” reviews – those done by reviewers on established review sites. But every now and then I’ll wander into the Amazon or Goodreads reviews – and that’s a rabbit hole most authors are better staying out of. Even with professional reviews, one bad review can wipe out the happy fluffy feelings from ten good ones. We authors are fragile creatures, after all.

I did get one that was so horrible it made me laugh (and possibly squirt iced tea out of my nose). It said I was a terrible writer, and in no way worthy of the fancy name “Coatsworth.” Or something to that effect. You just gotta smile sometimes.

What are you working on now, and when can we expect it?

So many things.

After “Lander”, the next up is “The River City Chronicles,” the book form of my successful web serial about a group of friends (mostly queer) in Sacramento. It will be my first self-published work.

In October, “The Rising Tide” comes out – book two of “Liminal Sky” (after “The Stark Divide).

Sometime this year, Mischief Corner Books should start releasing “Marionettes in the Mist,” a four author serial I participated in over there, as a trilogy.

I’m already writing my 2019 releases – “Ithani” will be the last book in the Oberon Cycle, and “The Shoreless Sea” the last in the “Liminal Sky” trilogy.

Oh, and I have a bunch of stories coming back to me from anthologies and the like that I might either turn into an anthology, release as self-published stand-alones, or expand to full novels. Or all three!

Thanks for sharing your news and insight with us, J!

LanderBOOK info: LANDER by J Scott Coatsworth

Sometimes the world needs saving twice.

In the sequel to the Rainbow-Award-winning Skythane, Xander and Jameson thought they’d fulfilled their destiny when they brought the worlds of Oberon and Titania back together, but their short-lived moment of triumph is over.

Reunification has thrown the world into chaos. A great storm ravaged Xander’s kingdom of Gaelan, leaving the winged skythane people struggling to survive. Their old enemy, Obercorp, is biding its time, waiting to strike. And to the north, a dangerous new adversary gathers strength, while an unexpected ally awaits them.

In the midst of it all, Xander’s ex Alix returns, and Xander and Jameson discover that their love for each other may have been drug-induced.

Are they truly destined for each other, or is what they feel concocted? And can they face an even greater challenge when their world needs them most?

The Oberon Cycle: Book Two

About the Oberon Cycle:

Xander is a skythane man whose wings have always been a liability on the lander-dominated half world of Oberon.

Jameson is a lander who has been sent to Oberon to find out why the supply of the psycho-amoratic drug pith has dropped off.

What neither knows is that they have a shared destiny that will change the two of them – and all of Oberon – forever.

Dreamspinner – eBook | Dreamspinner – Paperback

Author Bio

Scott lives between the here and now and the what could be. Indoctrinated into fantasy and sci fi by his mother at the tender age of nine, he devoured her library. But as he grew up, he wondered where the people like him were.

He decided it was time to create the kinds of stories he couldn’t find at Waldenbooks. If there weren’t gay characters in his favorite genres, he would remake them to his own ends.

His friends say Scott’s brain works a little differently – he sees relationships between things that others miss, and gets more done in a day than most folks manage in a week. He seeks to transform traditional sci fi, fantasy, and contemporary worlds into something unexpected.

He runs Queer Sci Fi and QueeRomance Ink with his husband Mark, sites that bring queer people together to promote and celebrate fiction that reflects their own reality.

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