My Flash Fiction – Evaluation

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=Is he dead? He’s lain there for almost two of their hours.

=His chest area is moving. That’s where the lungs are, that supply air and keep the body shell alive.

=You think I don’t know that?

=Of course you do. I just thought—

=I needed a reminder of my scientific role?

=Please do not take offence. Your qualifications are as good as mine. It’s just… fear.

=What of?

=Not of, but for. Fear for you.

=You know there’s no need. I can deal with anything we discover. Haven’t I proved that on other missions?

=I don’t doubt your capacity for our research, your evaluation abilities. What I fear for is your… reaction strategy.

=Which I won’t talk about now.

=Which… is apparently now your favourite reaction strategy.

=You must trust me to know how to behave.

=I must, must I?

=Is that sarcasm? Maybe you’re the one who needs his strategy examined.

=And maybe your empathy with the specimens has contaminated me as well.


=Yes, your reprimand is right. We should pause and re-connect. Our emotional balance appears to be off-kilter, our language protocols slipping into their casual idiom—

=No, I mean wait because he’s moving.



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