Fabulous reviews for Branded

I’m so thrilled at the responses received in reviews for BRANDED. After all, it’s a whopping book, and fantasy i.e. not my more familiar genre :). But the overall readers’ impression seems to be that it’s worth the investment.

It has a new home at DSP Publications nowadays, where they appreciate and welcome genres, themes and pairings beyond a central MM romance.

My heartfelt thanks to all readers!


The most recent review is from Brandilyn at Prism Book Alliance:
EXCERPT from review…
…Along the way, however, you get a fantastic story from which you will not be able to walk away.   There is action, adventure, friendship, betrayal, loyalty, and so much more.  There are fights to the death and jealous frenemies.  There is a lot of soul searching and heart searching.  There are the opening of eyes and opening of minds.  There are servitude and the status quo.  There are rebellion and hope.  There are love and passion.

And a previous review from Joyfully Jay:
EXCERPT from review…
…Overall, this is a well-planned story with plenty of themes to keep you rooting for the OTP and plot twists to keep you turning pages. Branded has a wide cast of characters that support the action and themes well. London does a fair job at making supporting characters clearly have lives not just to further the plot because the main character requires it, but are shown to have their own independent reasons and motivating factors. The prose isn’t particularly challenging, which helps the 400-odd pages fly by without those awkward moments of forgetting who is doing what and why. I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants an involving story that won’t require you to take notes just to keep everything straight. It’s got a great mix of sex and love, power and politics, and self-discovery and acceptance.

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