My Rainbow Snippet Jan 10

rainbow snippets

The inspirational and fun Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook invites authors to post 6 sentences of their work each weekend.

From my romantic suspense 72 HOURS where agents Tanner and Niall used to be devoted lovers until they let their personal arguments spill over on a mission, and everything went sour. Tanner’s reminiscing here how they first met.


I may have been an acting coach at work, but no one had ever accused me of being difficult to read when it came to sex, in all its forms. I slid both my arms around his waist and pulled him in even closer, tight against my body. My lips pressed back hard against his and I gasped my willingness into his mouth. I felt his body tighten and the muscles slide against my own, all the way from torso to knee. The door eased open behind us and we half-fell into the hallway, laughing, groaning, still nipping at each other‘s lips.

“Which floor?” he gasped.


I‘d never cursed the broken elevator as soundly as I did that night.



At Amazon HERE (link to your local store).


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