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Putting more Do in my To-Do List.

Hello 2016! I’m excited to once again be part of Clare’s amazing January Birthday Blog Tradition, and glad she took time out of her crazy schedule to let us come play.

Today is January 2nd, my annual posting day for this event. The Swarovski ball has dropped, the confetti swept up, and hopefully, most of the hangovers have been left behind along with our not-quite-accomplished goals from 2015. Time now for that exciting moment at the start of each New Year – New Planner Time!

As a certified, card-carrying member of Office Supply Products/Stationery Lovers Anonymous I’m all a tingle. Digital calendars may abound, but there’s nothing like the rush from cracking open a fresh paper planner and setting down with a cup of coffee to dream big.

Lovely-Candy-Color-Diary-Notebook-Fashion-MINI-Paper-Planner-Book-Office-Supplies-5pcs-lot-SH574Next to the satiny feel of 140 gsm paper, big dreams and blank pages are the best part of the New Year celebrations. They offer a chance to lay out our hopes and visions for the uncharted days ahead and fulfill our love of checkboxes, to-do lists, goals, and personal reflection.

What type of planner is an individual decision. It’s almost as hard to shop for a new planner/agenda as it is for a new purse, or my personal nemesis – a new sports bra. And while 3, 6, or 7 ring binders (think Filofax, Carpe Diem, or Kikki-K), and the Midori-style Traveler’s notebooks are all the rage, I’m more of a spiral bound gal myself.

I’m not alone in my coiled love. There’s been an explosion of options in the last couple of years. Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are full of planner reviews, picks, hacks, DIY’s, and other tips on getting more out of our pages. Do you want a Monthly or Weekly option? How about a true One-Page-Per-Day? Will you track Fitness? Work items? Homeschooling or personal projects? Do you need a 30 Day planner? 90 Day? Yearly from January to December, or Academic from July of one year thru December of the next? Not sure? A lot of companies offer free downloads of their pages so you can try before you buy.

Forget the old days of the businessman’s black and white Day-at-a-Glance or a simple .49 cent notebook from the kids’ back to school pile. Feast your heart and eyes on the kaleidoscope of choices from *deep breath*  Plum Paper, Limelife Planners, Inkwell Press, Erin Condren, Ashley Shelly, Rifle Paper, Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Ban-do, May Designs, Day Designer, Simplified Planner, Purposeful Planner, Living Well Planner, Daily Action Planner, Get to Workbook, The Happy Planner, The Happiness Planner, Top Down Planner, Passion Planner, Tools4Wisdome Planner, 7 Minute Life Planner, and the Inner Guide Planner to name just a few. (Seriously, the list goes on … and on!

Less More RedSomewhere out there, a whole lot of people are planning their hearts out. But how much is actually getting done? Is all this planning merely another form of procrastination? An excuse for why we don’t achieve our goals and dreams? Should we be planning less, and doing more? The question is one I’m considering this new year.

How about you? Are you a paper planner person or are you digital all the way? What’s your favorite planner/agenda/digital calendar? Do you think it’s easier to focus on the planning rather than the doing no matter the format, and what will you do more of in the coming year?

About Chrissy:

Chrissy Munder writes a variety of romance filled with everyday people and extraordinary passion to transform readers into their personal world of love, laughter, and desire

She is an avid reader, a wanderer of Michigan’s wilderness, and, while not in any particular order, a lover of lists, zombies, and bad sci-fi. She’s also perpetually behind on everything—except feeding the cat. There are those who might tell you she started writing LGBTQ romance as a way to justify her office supply addiction, but shhhhh! don’t listen to them.

After too many jobs in too many states she’s eagerly awaiting a far too distant retirement and the chance to become a full-time Lake Michigan beachcomber. Until then, she’s excited to share her love of romance, laughter, and happy-ever-afters.

To learn more about Chrissy and her work you can find, friend, and follow her:

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18 thoughts on “Birthday Blog Month Jan02 – Chrissy Munder

  1. I really liked your Less/More chart. I like paper calendars (more than one) with post it notes abounding & paper lists along the way. My paper calendar is always there staring me in the face with no worries of losing/ misplacing my electronic device or having low/no power. Also, I can see easily what is coming up in terms of weeks or months for planning purposes. I’m glad there is someone else that likes paper too.


    • Hi! I leave the Less/More chart on my desk to remind me how my day should go. I’m glad you like it. My brain just seems wired for paper planning and the more tangible reminders. I’ve also found as I’ve gotten older I’m drawn to the larger size planners.:) Thanks for commenting. I hope all your plans come to be in the New Year.


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  3. I have to have both! Calendar on my phone to remind me of whats coming up but I use paper for everything! I have to many different lists that I have to do and can’t be forgotten!


  4. I use a paper calendar for most things since I have it on the fridge and I notice it more. I try to put some stuff into my phone’s calendar, but it doesn’t always work out that I remember to update it with everything.


    • Another hybrid planner! We keep a dry-erase “family” calendar on the fridge as well – that really seems to be the best place to keep us all informed and it sounds like it works for you too! I have the same trouble with my digital calendar you do. I like the alarm reminders, but never seem to have it around when I need to update info. Happy 2016!


  5. I have two paper calendars. One is the communal one downstairs, so everyone in the house can strategically plan around the other people. The other is on the back of my bedroom door, so I can go to bed knowing what I’m supposed to be doing the next day. There’s nothing worse than staggering downstairs to the kettle only to be reminded you’re meant to be out the house for an appointment already.

    Beyond specific day events, I have a List. It’s a list of time independent events (some weather dependent) that, health permitting, can get crossed off. I don’t put them on the calendar as my health is erratic and I’d feel awful if I didn’t make my self imposed deadline. This is why I put them in an order, rather than a time frame. And mostly I’m hiding from the task “organise digital storage” as I amalgamated two 1TB external hard drives and two laptops onto one drive, and it’s scary in its size and duplication. Thankfully, I know I only have to do it once. Unlike the washing up.


    • The joys of planning around a family! That’s one of the hardest things to do along with working around health issues. The best plan is one that works for us and you have it covered. I like that your List is capitalized! 🙂 I’m right there with you hiding from the “organize digital storage”. I have it at the bottom of my list … we’ll see how the year goes. Happy New Year!


  6. I feel so bad I don’t have a planner just the Calendar in the kitchen marking appointments I’m technology challenge and don’t even have a moblie phone just my desk top computer calendar which has disappeared again today!


    • Oh no! Bad calendar! Bad calendar! 🙂 Hi Shirley, if the kitchen calendar works, it works. We’ve hauled the same dry erase fridge calendar around through 4 different houses/fridges now. And don’t feel bad – I don’t have a mobile phone either. Happy 2016!


  7. I guess paper planners will never truly go away. I just found 3 more to add to my “Ooooh!I want! List:

    1. The Creativity Planner – I love that each day of the week is color coded and there’s room for tangle drawings or sketches:

    2. The Ideal Life Planner – A true page or two for each day! I love this.

    3. The Law of Attraction Planner – don’t let the name fool you. This one offers goal setting and the power of your thoughts to improve your day to day.


  8. Stationery!!! *lustful groan*

    From here I can see last year’s calendar – it still on May. God knows where my 2016 diary is. I know I bought one. But I do love notebooks where I can scribble down plots and characters etc and I have a whiteboard where I make a note of reviews I must write, people I’m hosting and betas to finish. As for day to day life – work, mum, home, easy peasy. I don’t really need a planner for that.


  9. I do tend to make a lot of pro/con lists, but I tend to get lost in the minutiae if I’m not careful…


  10. Just catching up after month of work travel and being sick. I think I need to write down more. I’m WAAAAAY to easily distracted and by the time I look up, the day is gone and I’ve barely gotten anything done. I seem to be developing some sort of ADD and can’t remember half the time what I even need to do when I walk into a room! It’s like the first thing I see distracts me and I’m totally off topic.


  11. I write everything on my paper calendar… My kids always check it because if its not on the calendar i’m not doing it…


  12. I recently have seen a few authors that I follow expound on their using a paper calendar. My first thought, why? Don’t get me wrong. I loved my old paper calendars to the death. However, digital is where it’s at for me now. I don’t have to worry about carrying it around with me since I always have my phone. And it sends me reminders. That’s pretty much the most important thing for me.


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