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Hugs to Clare for letting me visit!

There is nothing quite as exciting as the possibilities in a new year. The whole concept of starting afresh means we all get to think about brand new projects, or to plan the whole year with military precision. Of course, it’s likely that the plans will go awry by January 13th, but hey, we all tried! If you follow me on Facebook ( or read my blog ( then you’ll know I love to start something new. And 2016 is no different. I have a brand new series spin off from Texas coming in the summer, lots of new books in current series, but one of the things I am most excited about is the new police series I’m writing with Meredith Russell. So today I thought I would talk about where some of my inspiration for this series will come from, and on the 3rd, Meredith will talk about her inspiration as well.

I’m a huge fans of ‘cop, good guy/bad guy, action’ shows and my fascination started way back with a British TV series called The Professionals. This was two *heroes* who sometimes went outside the law, kind of maverick, but also restricted by the fact that they had to answer to a boss who kept them in line. One was ex-SAS, the other an ex-cop, and they worked for CI5 (Criminal Intelligence 5).

“… CI5 is a fictional British law enforcement department, instructed by the home secretary to use any means to deal with crimes of a serious nature that go beyond the capacity of the police, but are not tasks for the security service or military. …” (Wikipedia)

I am sure the Professionals, with their sometimes blatant lack of respect for the law, was in part the catalyst for Sanctuary, LOL.

Anyway back to the series with Meredith. This will be very different to Sanctuary, more based in and around cases and people at a precinct. With ongoing cases to solve we want to focus on an arc that tracks all the books, but with individual love stories in each book. We both watched Rookie Blue, which we loved; apart from the fact we wanted a couple of the guys to get together instead of finding girls! I also love Criminal Minds, and NCIS Los Angeles… so much inspiration to choose from!

We already have some cover ideas (and when I say that I mean, Meredith, the cover artist, has some wonderful ideas… watch this space for more news in a couple days from her).

So yes, I am excited at this new project, and hope you’ll love it when it comes out (hopefully April/May time.

Happy New Year to everyone, and I ‘hope it’s a good one’.


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15 thoughts on “Birthday Blog Month Jan01 – R J Scott

  1. We haven’t tuned our TV in since moving to Batchelor 10 years ago. So what I have watched is DVD copies of selected shows and now getting aquainted with streaming online.

    Top would have to be the Cumerbatch/Freeman Sherlock, not least because of writer Mark Gatiss.
    I also own the original NCIS series and Bones. both are worth re-watching as I am prone to do.

    Can I be wordy (again) because there are two Aussie one’s worth mentioning.
    Phryne Fisher’s Murder Mysteries again from books by Kerry Greenwood; and Doctor Blake Mysteries, I’ve had a thing for Craig McLachlan long before he played Fran ‘nFurter.


  2. My favourite series are what could be considered the ‘classics’. Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Midsomer Murders, Sherlock Holmes. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the newer series, but I always find myself returning to the old familiars.


  3. I almost cried when I saw that you are continuing the Texas series it is my absolute favorite. But then so is Sanctuary , Body Guards but really I don’t think there is a book RJ has written that I didn’t like . I am excited about this upcoming year and what new books are coming out.


  4. I love The Blacklist! And any of the NCIS shows. This new series sounds so good and a spin-off of the Texas series…Can’t beat that!


  5. I love NCIS. Thank you for the great post. I really need to catch up and read the Texas series so that I can read the spin-off too!


  6. I don’t watch many series but I really like Bones. I haven’t watched all the seasons yet, I’m currently on season 5.
    Thanks for the post and the giveaway. =)


  7. My favourite has to be “Bones” the characters are so well played and I have to watch it because of David Boreanaz fell in love with him in when he was “Angel” in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


  8. The new series sounds exciting and I’ll keep my eyes out for it. We’re big fans of police shows as well. Mr. Munder and I were just talking about how we’ve never really watched medical or lawyer shoes – always the crime ones. Happy New Year!


  9. I’m looking forward for the new series. I like friends and how I met your mother. There’s not really any news series that I have gotten into yet.


  10. I still love MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES, even if Season Three wasn’t quite as good as the first two…


  11. My favorite – and it will take something amazing to knock it off – is still Homicide: Life on the Street – a 90s series that took place in Baltimore. I LOVED the cast of that show – Yaphet Kotto, Andre Braugher, Richard Belzer (who went on to play the same character for years on Law & Order: SVU), Melissa Leo, Kyle Secor, Daniel Baldwin, Isabella Hoffman, Zeljko Ivanec. It was a brilliant show – beautifully written and incredibly acted and based on a non-fiction book written by a Baltimore Sun reporter about a real Baltimore Homicide squad. Probably the most realistic police-procedural ever on network television. I still miss those characters. NYPD Blue was pretty good, but I still think Homicide was better.

    To be fair, I’ve watched very little TV in the last 10 years, so maybe something as great has come along – but I doubt it 😉


  12. Oh gosh, I pretty much only watch crime shows! I just finished season 2 of Broadchurch and am watching the newest season of Foyle’s War!


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