Telltale – free draw at Stumbling over Chaos

My new short story TELLTALE is on offer this week at Chris’s fabulous blog and home of all linkity goodness, Stumbling Over Chaos.

Just leave a comment – AT CHRIS’ BLOG, NOT HERE *g* – to be entered for a chance to win a free copy. You have until NOVEMBER 20 to enter 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: Gothic horror, obsessive erotic love, gore, no HEA.

telltale-lgOutcast by his Victorian family because of his homosexual nature and disobedient ways, Nicholas Spencer is indentured as a secretary to a successful businessman, Simeon Allan. He’s no better in that job, but a relationship builds between him and Simeon, in which Simeon becomes his mentor and sexual master. However, Nicholas is still restless, looking for opportunities to indulge himself, rather than appreciating the sensitive but strong bond between him and Simeon.

When Simeon’s attractive nephew Benedict comes to stay, Nicholas loses all perspective in the name of what he believes is love. In his mind, the only thing that stands between him and the pursuit of that love is his possessive master, Simeon. Nicholas contemplates the most horrible action to gain his freedom, even though he fights his own conscience – and finds that the mind is a powerful foe.
Gothic Horror

Buy Link:  at your local amazon / ALSO AVAILABLE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED



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