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header_leftThis post is to announced the opening of the nomination period for those wanting to run for a seat on our Rainbow Romance Board.

Our Board consists of 4 elected positions, but for continuity purposes, next year’s president is this year’s president-elect, our Vice-President Taylor V. Donovan.

According to our bylaws you can nominate yourself for the following board positions:

  • Vice-President/President-Elect: This is a two year commitment (if you are elected). In 2016 you will serve as Vice-President to learn the ropes from our President, so you can take the position of President in 2017.

This is your job description for the next two years:

Vice President/President-Elect. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President and preside over all meetings of the Board and members in the absence of the President; shall be responsible for planning and overseeing all official chapter communications tools, including the chapter guides and articles, website, and public relations; and fulfill any other obligations designated by the Board. In the following year, Vice President will automatically take office as chapter President.

President.  The President shall serve as spokesperson for the chapter; call, set the agenda for, and preside over all meetings of the Board and the members; appoint, with Board approval, such committee chairs as may from time to time be necessary; serve as a nonvoting ex-officio member of all committees; execute chapter business as specified by the Board; appoint, with Board approval, qualified members to fill any officer or director vacancies; and coordinate all activities and fulfill any other obligations designated by the Board.

  • Secretary: This is a one year commitment which can be extended for another year if you choose to nominate yourself again the next year.

This is the secretary’s job description:

The Secretary shall be responsible for membership applications and updating the Membership List showing all RRW Members in good standing; record attendance; record the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and the membership; keep chapter records, including copies of articles and guides written for chapter distribution, RWA communications, chapter business correspondence, committee reports, and all other official documents; mail notices; and fulfill any other obligations designated by the Board of Directors.

  • Treasurer: This is a one year commitment which can be extended for another year if you choose to nominate yourself again the next year.

This is the treasurer’s job description:

The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting dues; notify the Board of delinquent members; supervise the collection and disbursement of chapter funds; notifying the President and Secretary of delinquent members; keep the financial records of the chapter in good order; work with the Secretary in maintaining the list of chapter members; provide an accurate and up-to-date financial statement to the Board at least every six months; present the annual audited report to the members and, if required, to RWA; and fulfill any other obligations designated by the Board of Directors.

Eligibility:  In order to be eligible for a Board position (whether elected or appointed), a candidate must: (1) have been a General member for at least one year; and (2) not have a material conflict of interest that would disqualify the person from holding the intended office, such as concurrently serving on the RWA Board, or holding another position within the RRW board.

There is an addition qualification for the position of treasurer:  A candidate for Treasurer should possess a strong business and financial background.


Interested in any of these positions? This is what you have to do:

Contact the Secretary (secretary@rainbowromancewriters.com) in person or in writing and state your intent to serve, if elected, for a specific position on the board. Do this before October 30th as the nominations will be announced at the chapter meeting the first weekend of November so voting can commence in November.

Voting will be open for a full week and every general member is allowed one vote for every position. If there is only one candidate for every position, and no objections are recorded, the secretary will vote for all of us.

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