Toothgate: the saga continues

katie-price-lipsNo, I *don’t* look like Katie Price – but I had the next stage of my tooth surgery yesterday and woke up this morning with my top lip swollen *just like this*!!! Do you think someone will offer me a glamour modelling job? (PLEASE, no answers on a postcard … *g*) Here comes a long ,self-indulgent post.

Anyway, the op went well, I was just unprepared for how much of an Op it was, and how it’ll take a few days for my mouth to recover. Meanwhile I’m determined not to miss meeting Melanie Tushmore, Kat Merikan, Agnes Merikan, Aleksandr Voinov, Anna Martin ( if I remember right) for lunch today. I may just have a bag over my head and a “drinking problem” when it dribbles down my chin…

For those who blanch at these things, ignore the details that follow I’m posting for posterity!

This was the worst and longest stage of the implant procedure where he set the base (or the “Rawlplug” as I call it *g*) in the bone, ready for the tooth itself to be implanted in the next stage. I apparently had marvellous and robust bone (!) and it all went very well. I had more injections that I can ever remember having, even for the extractions, but it meant I didn’t have much pain. We were all gowned up like a hospital surgery! and as usual I kept my eyes shut most of the time, visualising the latest advert of George Clooney’s smile to cheer me up. The worst bit was the stitching back up of the gum, though fascinating at the same time.

Now I have to wait until April for it all to settle down, when I’ll be measured up for the actual tooth, which should be fitted in within the next month. Jeez, this has been going on for years, it seems. Cindi Lehker Sulken, my beloved expert in these things bless her, told me it would take months and couldn’t be rushed . I’m just impatient to get a decent working tooth back!!
Thank God i didn’t do this on a Monday, then have to go into work for the next few days! Their teasing is merciless LOL

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2 thoughts on “Toothgate: the saga continues

  1. You’ve probably already had your luncheon – hopefully a straw helped with the drinking problem! It does seem as if it’s been going on for years already. 🙂


  2. A nice soggy lasagne went down well, followed by soft cheesecake and hot chocolate :). But today I’ve woken up with a bruised cheek and even more swelling so I’m still feeling v sorry for myself :(. God, but things could be much worse, right? I’ll get over myself!


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