Red Carpet Post: Sue Brown + (cheeky) Giveaway

Welcome today to the talented and very popular author Sue Brown, on one of the stops of her blog tour. Sue has had some tricky times with her new, and apparently somewhat controversial cover art! Want to know the whys and wherefores?? Read on … 🙂

Sue Brown’s A COCK IN THE WINDOW Blog Tour

Hello, my name is Kit Stone and I’m taking A Cock in the Window on tour for Sue Brown before its publication on Friday 20th December. You haven’t met me before. I’m thirty-six years old, grey eyes, have most of my hair and am just under six feet tall. Brad Pitt I’m not, but I don’t crack mirrors. I own a gift shop in a seaside town which hasn’t made it into the twentieth century and hand carve the cocks of gorgeous porn stars. That’s how I met Steve. He spotted his dick in the window of my shop and the rest is history.

On this tou
r I’ve mentioned very little about the murder. It would hardly be a mystery if I told you all about how the unfortunate victim met his demise. One of Sue’s problems was how to kill the victim. For a while her web browser was full of methods of killing people. I tell you, there are some scary sites out there. In the end she got the information she wanted from a NaNoWriMo site. If you’ve ever seen the start of Castle where the very lovely Nathan Fillion talks about two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: psychopaths and mystery writers. Well, writers have murder sussed, I can assure you. Sue says she’s not on Richard Castle’s level of income but she’s aiming for it.

<<<< If you’ve been with me on the tour you’ll know this
was going to be the original cover, and winners of the blog tour will get an ebook with this cover. Sadly booksellers are throwing a wobbler at the moment so a less suggestive cover will be on the book that is for sale and will be unveiled tomorrow.

Steve grunts as he rests against the wall. I smirk because reducing a guy to grunting by sucking his brains out through his dick is a great feeling.

I rest my cheek against his groin as we both recover, feeling my arousal push painfully against my jeans. It can wait until he can return the favour. He weaves his fingers through my hair, a gentle soothing touch. I could go to sleep in this position and for a minute my eyes do close, then he tugs on my hair again.

“Quit with the tugging,” I grumble. “It bloody hurts.”

“Shhh.” He claps a hand over my mouth. “I can hear a noise.”

I listen intently but I can’t hear anything at all, and I pull away to speak, but then I hear something, the sounds of voices in my shop. I look up at Steve and he nods, taking his hand away from my mouth. I stand and he tucks himself away.

I pick up the cricket bat besides the stairs.

“What the hell?”

Before I can go down the stairs Steve grabs my arm. “What the hell?” he hisses, “Where are you going?”

“To save my shop.”

“Call the police and let them deal with it.”

“The place will be destroyed by the time the plod get here.”

I tug my arm but Steve hangs onto me. “They could have knives, guns. You could get hurt.” He stares at me, still flushed from his orgasm, but worry clear in his eyes.

“It’s probably a bunch of drunk kids hitting the junk shop for a dare. I’ll be fine.”

I tug free and run down the stairs. I don’t tell him this isn’t the first time I’ve been targeted. There’s an element of kids around here who think picking on the queer is Friday night entertainment.

 I slam on all the lights to the shop at the bottom of the stairs, not wanting to encounter anyone in the dark. There’s a startled exclamation from the shop. I rush in waving the cricket bat, yelling something stupid, aware that Steve is hard on my heels.

The two guys in the shop wearing masks stop what they’re doing – smashing up the ashtrays – and stare at us, then they bolt for the door. I’m left with the bat above my head, staring at an empty shop. I whirl around as someone touches my shoulder and Steve narrowly avoids getting a cricket bat to the skull.


Sue can be found at her website,
er blog,
and her Facebook,


The blog tour finishes at on Friday 20th December and prizes will be drawn at 10pm GMT. Leave a comment with your email address here or anywhere along the blog tour to take part.

My previous stops on the tour were at:

·6th Dec. Sue Brown

·7th Dec. Talon PS

·8th Dec.Lou Sylvre

·10th Dec.Sara York

·11th Dec. Patricia Logan

My next stop is on Saturday 14th December at: Queer Town Abbey


1st Prize – Wooden Cock

Plus a copy of A Cock in the Window with original cover (mobi, epub or PDF)

Plus $10 Amazon gift voucher

2nd prize – Wooden Cock

Plus a copy of A Cock in the Window with original cover (mobi, epub or PDF)

3rd Prize x3

A copy of A Cock in the Window with original cover (mobi, epub or PDF)


From Clare: I can tell you, dear readers – *I’VE* entered 🙂


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