Hello and Welcome from Clare London!

I’m an author of male/male erotic romance, published
for many years in both print and ebook, including
novels and shorter stories. My official bio says I enjoy both
reading and writing about strong, sympathetic and sexy
characters, and I believe that’s always going to be my way.

On this site you’ll find all the details of my fiction,
published and free, available now and coming soon.
I publish as a hybrid, that is, both through publishers
and on my own account, as Jocular Press.

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PLEASE NOTE: this site contains adult content.

My fiction features male/male romance and erotica, and is
adult in nature. Before you visit, please make sure my work is
truly something you’d enjoy, and that you’re old enough both
legally and emotionally to visit.

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JAN 2020: please note I’m in the process of regaining the rights to some of my books and will be re-publishing them in the coming months. This means my website may not be up to date and, for a while, certain books may be unavailable at your usual stores. Please contact me if you have any queries, or are having problems buying any book of mine. I will happily make things happen for you!

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