I’m an author of male/male romance, published for many years in both print and ebook, including novels and shorter stories. I enjoy both reading and writing about strong, sympathetic and sexy characters, and I believe that’s always going to be my way.

I publish through publishers and also self-publish as Jocular Press.
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Check out my new pen name Stella Shaw and my series of Rent Boy romances: Love at the Haven, launched in 2021.

When Rick Thatcher’s beloved aunt leaves him the run-down Haven Hotel, he’s amazed to find a group of young men running an escorting business out of it. Intrigued and impressed, he allows them to stay. The guys are sexy, fun, loyal friends, and not often expecting a happy-ever-after – but who knows what will happen at the Haven!

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My fiction features romance including erotic scenes, and is adult in nature. Before you visit, please make sure my work is truly something you’d enjoy, and that you’re old enough both legally and emotionally to visit.

NEW RELEASE / Nov 2021

One Christmas, two lonely hearts, and five portions of sparkle!

Gray isn’t enjoying December. The weather’s grim, his job’s a struggle, and his useless boyfriend dumped him months ago. He’s a walking Mr Christmas Grump. And then he delivers a parcel to Alec, a bright, sparkly, over-earnest vlogger who’s going through his own hard times. Over the course of five days, accompanied by an irritating but relentlessly cheerful pop song, Gray and Alec share secrets, kisses, regrets, triumphs, some truly awful fashion—and maybe a love that will last far beyond the new year.


Watching CCTV was meant to be a relaxed summer holiday job. Ken never imagined there’d be so much drama!

Ken’s student summer job is manning the CCTV screens for the new London shopping mall. But instead of spotting criminals or vandals, he becomes fascinated by a cute waiter from the local bistro who sneaks out to the backyard for his break—and plays sexy to the camera. Is he an old friend, or just an anonymous exhibitionist? Should Ken be excited by this naughty peepshow, or will people think he’s a voyeuristic pervert?

Poor Ken’s confused and thrilled in turn. It’s like living in one of the movies he’s studying at university. He knows the man can’t see him, yet Ken feels a connection of some kind. It all encourages Ken to continue with his guilt-ridden Waiter Watch.

He bears the suspense as long as he can, until a chance meeting and an abortive blind date provide the explanation to the secret assignations. But will this guide Ken to a real-life chance of romance?