I’m an author of male/male romance, published for many years in both print and ebook, including novels and shorter stories. I enjoy both reading and writing about strong, sympathetic and sexy characters, and I believe that’s always going to be my way.

I publish through publishers and also self-publish as Jocular Press.
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Check out my new pen name Stella Shaw and my series of Rent Boy romances: Love at the Haven, launched in 2021.

When Rick Thatcher’s beloved aunt leaves him the run-down Haven Hotel, he’s amazed to find a group of young men running an escorting business out of it. Intrigued and impressed, he allows them to stay. The guys are sexy, fun, loyal friends, and not often expecting a happy-ever-after – but who knows what will happen at the Haven!

PLEASE NOTE: this site contains adult content.
My fiction features romance including erotic scenes, and is adult in nature. Before you visit, please make sure my work is truly something you’d enjoy, and that you’re old enough both legally and emotionally to visit.

Latest Release

Compulsive neat freak meets chaotic slob: Can their living space survive the conflict?

Martin Harrison keeps himself to himself and his Central London flat as neat as a new pin. Maybe he should loosen up and enjoy more of a social life, but in his mind, that’s tantamount to opening the floodgates to emotional chaos. He agrees, however, to join the flat-sitting scheme in his building and look after another tenant’s flat in exchange for a similar watch over his when he’s travelling for his work.
A floor away in the same building, Russ McNeely is happy with his life as a freelance cook and a self-confessed domestic slob. He also joins the flat-sitting scheme, both to be neighbourly and to help keep his flat in order, as Russ also travels for his work.
For a while, the very dissimilar men never meet. Martin is horrified at the mess at Russ’s flat, while Russ finds Martin’s minimalist style creepy. But in a spirit of generosity, each of them starts to help the other out by rearranging things in their own inimitable way.
Until the day a hiccup in the schedule brings them face-to-face at last.

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